Liberation is at hand for some: The Jupiter-Chiron-Pluto Yod

Druid Aed FireIn some ways the pressure has definitely been on in 2015. But now you could succeed in breakthrough. there’s the possibility of you experiencing that the energy for liberation is at hand. Read this very worthwhile and thoughtful blog so as to fully understand what’s at stake!

Get on track! Get a sense of direction!

This new energy is because Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto move to form a Yod aspect shape in the heavens. A Yod is a ‘Finger of God’ aspect shape – and it’s in the skies from 14th February 2015.

Chart Shape Yod 3What is a Yod? Well, basically a Yod is when three planets form into a long, thin finger-like triangle in the heavens that looks like this:

The upcoming Yod is formed as follows:  Pluto is at 14 Capricorn, and Pluto is sextile Chiron at 16 Pisces. This forms the short blue sextile base of the Yod Triangle. And both Chiron and Pluto are at an inconjunct angle of 150 degrees to the apex planet Jupiter at 15 Leo.

So, to simplify: in the heavens, Chiron is sextile Pluto, that’s the short blue base of the triangle, and Jupiter is the apex planet.

And what interested me personally, is that the Apex planet of the Yod, Jupiter, is right on Pluto in my birth chart!

I have Pluto unaspected in the first house, so I feel that the Yod apex planet Jupiter on top of my natal Pluto will bring (huge) tense opportunity to me for coming more into my own power and creativity if I can understand the meaning and timing of the Yod and respond fully to the energy of liberation it is bringing me.

In what way do Yods affect people? Well, basically, if the Yod interacts with planets in your birth chart or relevant Houses in your birth chart, then the Yod will bring you a period of mounting tension. This will implacably lead to a fated decision. It’s a tense alignment for giving you the chance to make the needed decision in your life and to let go of your woundedness. In fact, to remake yourself anew.

If you understand the process, you will expand your consciousness, and you will develop deeper insight into your true life-goals and your true creative potential.

But it can only be born of a willingness to truly recognise and fully respond to the actual energy that is forming in the heavens, and not be blocked on the one hand, or proud or flaky or escapist on the other.

But before I go into more detail of the call of the Yod coming up now in your life, I do need first of all to look at two oppositional powerful ongoing influences that we have all felt so far in 2015 (depending on where our planets are in our birth charts) that are very different from the intense creative imperative energy of a Yod. This background we are approaching the Yod from has two characteristics: feeling blocked and anger! That is the restrictive backdrop we have to get out of, to respond to the coming drama of the Yod.

BLOCKS: First of all, there’s the blocked restrictive background so many of us have been experiencing: The fact is that the ‘pressure has been on’ for many people. Many people have found they have been making a lot of effort but the effort has widely felt slow and blocked, for three reasons:
Firstly, things have been blocked because Saturn has been square to Mars in the heavens (Saturn at 2 deg Sag; Mars at 2 deg Pisces). Saturn conjunct or square Mars is a sort of implacable ‘concentration-camp’ energy.
Now, I say this albeit that Neptune is conjunct Mars at 5 Pisces. This conjunction has been bringing spiritual effort (or deceptiveness) depending on your level of consciousness. And I say that the effort has had an underlying spiritual or visionary goal because the signs involved are Sagittarius and Pisces. The fact is that the implacable pressure joined to Neptune should help us develop a clearer vision of our goal and help us apply hard consistent effort to effect the achievement we need to make.
And I also say the pressure has been on, because Saturn’s motion in the heavens has been getting incredibly slow prior to his turning retrograde on 14th March at 4 Sagittarius. A planet is felt ever more powerfully the slower its apparent motion in the heavens, and Saturn brings patience, effort and golden reaping (or blocks, separations and sadness).
And there has also been pressure for us to sort ourselves out because two planets have retrograde motion in the heavens:
Jupiter has been retrograde from 09 Dec 2014 and will be until 09 Apr 2015, making us strongly question the applicability of our spiritual frameworks and beliefs, and check whether our gurus or teachers are right for us.  Jupiter’s retrograde is from 22 deg to 12 deg Leo.
Also Mercury is retrograding from 21 Jan 2015 to11 Feb 2015, making us improve our act on communication, posts, IT and business procedures. Mercury has been retrograding from 17 deg Aquarius to 1 Aquarius.

ANGER: Second, at the same time as the blocks, there’s the background of anger: At the same time as the blocks, it absolutely must be said that some of us have also been feeling a very different explosive furious energy as well. Depending on where it falls in your birth chart, many will have been feeling the violent angry and revolutionary prophetic or intuitive energy of the ever closing Uranus – Ketu conjunction. This has been felt by many even from September 2014, and has even led to violent assault. Well, this Uranus – Ketu conjunction finally became exact at 13 Aries at the end of January 2015. A lot of people felt the anger of this, but if we look at the cause of the anger, this can in fact be helpful in putting our life on track. Anger can be prophetic. It can be a sign-post for liberation is perceived correctly.
And it is a stormy energy because actually Venus and Mars are moving to join it more and more, as February progresses.
And it is also deep and rough on us because actually it’s also the final of a long-running series of ground-shaking and revolutionary Uranus – Pluto squares. This becomes exact on March 16th with Uranus at 15 Aries and Pluto at 15 Capricorn. Uranus brings revolution into your life. Uranus can be the planet making all hell break loose. And remember Uranus is conjunct Ketu at this time. Ketu is the South Node of the moon. It’s energy is suddenness, meltdown, windfall gains, all for the purpose of bringing spiritual revolution and enlightenment, what in Hinduism is called Moksha or salvation. Its energy is very psychic. It’s innovative. It will intensify the effect of retrograde Jupiter. It will cast doubt or uncertainty as to the way you are going about your quest for inner connection and enlightened self-realisation.

However, the news I’m sharing in this Blog is that it’s not all a case of ‘anger pitted against blocks’.  THERE’S SOMETHING NEW. Liberation is also developing. This Liberation is the energy of the Yod or the ‘Finger of God’.

 And you will feel the energy of this Yod if you have significant planets in your birth chart conjunct the Yod. So have a look at your own birth chart. The Yod is now forming from the three planets Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto.

So, from 14th February 2015. There is a new kid on the block: and it’s the Jupiter-Chiron-Pluto Yod.

Now, let’s look deeper into the true nature of a Yod so that you can understand it to the fullest: As I said, a Yod is the finger of God.  This is a relatively rare aspect consisting of a sextile (a short blue aspect line = 60 degrees, the base of the triangle) and two quincunx (green aspect lines = 150 deg).

Now the point is that the apex planet of a Yod represents a highly significant principle in our life requiring clearer and more purposeful focus of expression in our consciousness before this pattern can become actively triggered at some point in our life.

A Yod operates with a very tense imaginal and even visionary energy. Often we only relate to the Apex Planet initially as the Yod activates, through images and visions and illusions, rather than concretely connecting to it.

In terms of timing, the nature of the quincunxes, the two long green sides of the Yod, means that we will go through periodic phases of mounting tension in relation to the quality of the apex planet, and the unbearability of the mounting tension will lead to an enforced life-decision.

It’s a matter of walking along your life pathway getting more and more tense, until you can walk that path no more. This is because the path exists no longer! You realize you have come to a fork in the road and you must make a (fated) choice of either left or right! There’s no other option (other than becoming an ostrich!

Indeed, the fact is that you have to make this choice without securely knowing where either route is actually going to lead to! The new direction, once embarked upon, may appear abrupt and unaccounted for!

So, the challenge of a Yod becomes clear at a crisis in self-awareness, a crisis in self-expression. New alternatives are presented. When this cross-road moment develops, either you are either ripe and ready for a very fated change or a destined new outlook in your life, a course of action that can completely re-program the entire focus of your life pattern and separate you from limiting situations and associations. Or you turn away from the highlight decision of your destiny and embrace the life of a shadow – living with regret!

So it is helpful to realize that once the time for the Yod to be activated comes along, typically you simply drop or psychologically let go of certain interests or habits or courses of study or work or associations or belief systems or associations or whatever, in order to become involved in enterprising attitudes and activities coming up on the horizon that will better suit the expression of your essence.

In fact you may realize once you have made the choice, that in fact you have been making quite a bit of preparation for this step for years! You may become surprised at how much ability or know-how you actually have in this new area. It’s all a matter of how much preparatory work has been done, and whether intelligent and innovative adjustments manifest, or whether maladjustments surface at this time and you actively struggle with the environment. The level of consciousness you bring to the new revelations is crucial.

What are the actual mechanics of the Yod?

Well, the nature of the two sextile planets (Chiron and Pluto in this case) which are the substance and the manner in which one incorporates one’s experience of the apex planet (Jupiter in this case).

But usually one can’t easily grab hold of the energy offered by the apex planet.

In the case of Jupiter, well, positively, this is your enlargement and expansiveness, your worldly prosperity, the Divine Teacher, Ideals to mould one’s life by, inspired reasoning, avoidance of stagnation, luck and bouncing back from crisis. It’s goal-orientated and up-beat and buoyant. But negatively, shadow Jupiter is vulgar glitzy ungrounded unrealistic expansionariness, Leaving the work to others, gullibility, over-inflation and sugary optimism – all the New Age ungrounded hype and the totally ungrounded astrology postings! Giddy Face-Book speech, the Cult of the Celebrity, Pushing one’s luck and gambling. Ideally, Jupiter makes the Yod effect bigger in our life, more generous, more confident, playful, full of options!

So the point is that as the energy of the Yod develops, one actually contacts the nature of the Apex planet indirectly at first. One feels it at first by various means of projection or visualization. This is the case even though the apex planet contains the ‘whole story’ which unfolds gradually in the form of fantasies, projections, &c. It is important to realize that what one sees on the screen are one’s own projection, and not an objective reality, although the screen planets can help one to arrive at a more objective viewpoint and eventually see beyond the projections.

In fact projection needs to be handled carefully, but it is an extremely important function of the psyche which finds its expression in fantasy, imagination and visualization. These are functions which are particularly important for the child, for artistic and scientific creativity and for meditation.

So, the process of the Yod energy building is that you begin to discriminate between the projections coming from within, and the realities coming from outside. You hopefully bring a growing sense of self-awareness and conscious realization and you move on and begin to understand the true meaning and true potential of the apex planet.

Once this happens, you can begin to take conscious control and responsibility for this particular function of your psyche in your life. You can use this mechanism to project your own ideas and ideals and your own very special creative spark into the world in a constructive and creative manner. OR, if you fail to do this, you then become stuck: finding ‘escape’ easier than facing the reality of self-awareness, a hungry ghost!

The Yod is especially useful for artistic creativity: story-telling, singing, postulating new theories, &c, and when mastered in this way can produce in others a spontaneous reaction and enjoyment, something to which they can say “Yes! I can identify with that and understand what s/he means.” It is almost as if someone with this figure has the ability to bring forth some Universal quality which lies hidden in most other people. This is the ‘Finger of God quality’.

The Yod acts largely unconsciously at first. Images from our unconscious are projected outwards, which include undealt-with psychological factors and unrealised potentials. Before the Yod energy arrives, the person drifts along for a long time in the belief that he has no problems, maybe blaming those around for any mistakes. But then we can move on to Intellectual Results and we can develop the needed thinking level, and ideally we will bringing enlightened consciousness to this situation in our life. Now, we can be confronted with far-reaching decisions. The Yod figure points very clearly towards our personal spiritual destiny, just like a finger. Remember, it’s our unconscious that so often motivates us. And it can motivate us to embrace our greatness!

shaman realityAnd the Pluto – Chiron sextile is all about healing ourselves, in this case healing the wounds we have accrued to the power principle in our life: healing and manifesting our needed power to bring our creative potential into being! Pluto is an intense and deep healer. And when he works with Chiron, we can deeply be healed.

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