Let’s continue to explore a past life – by skilled dowser Ann Gildart

April 2022 Another wonderful Dowsing Insight Gift from wonderful pendulum dowser Ann Gildart

”Success is hastened or delayed by one’s habits. It is not your passing
inspirations or brilliant ideas so much as everyday mental habits that
control your life.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda ~

We battled with our winter holiday and new year’s temptations. We promised ourselves we would take better care of ourselves and if you are like me you made a resolution to lose weight. Companies pay big money to know all about us! No one appears to be concerned that we are constantly tracked to know likes or dislikes; there is no accident in colors, packaging scents or shapes. We are tracked on current fads, body images, and sites and searches we view or explore. (If I have to turn on cookies to visit a site.. .I simple exit.)

The reason I have mentioned this is the amount of sugar, additives and other chemicals that are being added to foods and drinks, flour and starches. The list content on packaging and cans are to me terrifying, and can sabotage one’s attempts at losing weight.!

Let’s continue to explore a past life and see if your resolve or failure to carryout certain things lie there.!

From my previous posts you know all the things you need to do to make this a successful dowsing session. Hydrate, go to Alpha state and have your questions written down to avoid confusion. I cannot emphasize the need to use the Dowsing protocol of “May I, Can I, Should I,” as we begin asking questions. A no for any of these just means not now, try another day. !

Ask if there was a past life experience that has carried over its energy and is impacting your ability to keep motivated to reach your goal of weight loss. (Do check that you do not have a thyroid or other medical condition that prevents your goals from being for fulfilled.)!

Use your 1 to 10 chart or create one with 3, 4, or 5, pie pieces, whatever, you are comfortable with.!

Insert the names of things that you might feel are contributing to your inability to lose weight.!

Some examples to put in your chart could be
•Not feeling good enough! – the rest of the list might be:



  • Hate!
  • Disappointment!
  • Rejection!
  • Betrayal!
  • Belittlement by family or circumstances!
  • Molestation!
  • Abuse!
  • Sugar!
  • Addiction!
  • Past life influences!
  • Did you die as a result of starvation in a past life?
  • Did overweight cause your demise? !
  • Was being overweight considered appealing and attractive?!
  • Did you have issues with health that prevented you from eating? !
  • Were you deliberately starved to death? ! Once you have identified the issue, you can

change the energy.!

Once issues have been recognized we and our dowsing support team give us the go ahead. We begin an anti-clockwise spin or your pendulum will immediately begin the spin.!

We ask for the situation that you pinpointed on your chart be neutralized and scrambled. Let all fears and traumas from that lifetime that is impacting your goal to lose weight in this timeline and all future timelines be transmuted.!

Wait until your pendulum stops.! With clockwise spin ask for that transmuted energy to become healing, supportive energy to assist you in becoming healthy and attaining the optimum weight for you height, age and health. Thank your system and guides.!

As part of a daily protocol for self you can, each day, scramble the energy of self sabotage and install the energy of self worth and determination to honor your self and body.!

Remember, there is no judgement if you slip off the proverbial wagon! Pick your self up dowsing in some self worth and determination, increase your ability to resist problematic foods up to 100% and try again.!

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