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Michael Conneely introduces this wonderful and moving post from Dr Elizabeth Hendricks: Let Us Be Kind:

In consideration of upcoming world events, it’s time to focus on advancing your spiritual growth rapidly.

We all vibrate at specific frequencies. For example if you hit it a tuning fork, it vibrates in a specific frequency depending on how the specific metal and the size of the fork.

Humans vibrate as well. Most of humanity has a frequency of 40,000 to 50,000 Hz. By contrast, most spiritual seekers have a frequency of over 130,000 Hertz.

Did you know as you evolve, your hertz frequency increases? As your frequencies increase, you invisibly nudge your life into slightly better realities where you encounter less daily conflict.

The single thing to remember in these coming times is the critical importance of kindness. This is not the sticky sweet kindness from a fairy tale. This kindness comes from understanding we are all connected, so that if one of us is hurt, we are hurt as well.

Why is this so crucial this year?

When you send out a thought from your mind there is also an equal and opposite reaction going back into your own mind.

If the thought is kind, then your brain will be bathed in specific chemicals which have a high frequency on the energetic planes.

If you send out a hateful thought, you will also encounter an instant and opposite reaction into your own field.

So when we are unkind, we are literally poisoning ourselves with every single mean thought.

What can you do about this? Well, it rarely works to try to annihilate the negative thoughts, for they just pop up stronger later. It is a little like trying to push a balloon under water, it just keeps popping up somewhere else in the pool.

Much more effective is to take the Buddhist way of neutrality. This means you notice the negative thought without condemning or being horrified. You don’t try to fix it; you simply observe.

It may sound as if you’re doing nothing, but in reality the observation itself (think about the observer effect in physics) changes the outcome.

In this way you can purify your ego many times a day in a split second and without having to go into full meditation.

It’s lovely when a spiritual practice can be simple and quick because we all are facing challenging times these days.

Pay more attention to the things you do right, and forgive your own errors.

Forgiveness transforms the energy field.

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Let us by Kind – Psychic Readings from Elizabeth Hendricks


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