Let the present ‘Saturn-Neptune square’ in the heavens bring concrete realization to long held dreams and wishes.

Druid Arianrhod 3The ‘Saturn square Neptune’ aspect, 2015

A ‘Saturn Neptune square’ (90 degree aspect) is in the Heavens. It will become exact in November 2015.

At its very best, this transit of the ‘Saturn-Neptune square’ in relation to your birth chart will bring concrete realization to long held dreams and wishes.

A day or two ago, I did an Astrology Reading yesterday for a bright, inspired young lady who is coming up to her prestigious Oxford-Cambridge entrance examination. And this Saturn Neptune square turned out to be one of the key things in her reading.

The young person was nervous about how studies would go, given the hundreds of applicants for each place.

I myself remember sitting this exam in 1966, with 300 applicants for the place I got. Pretty well all of them were from public school and had had special coaching – except me. Indeed, I was studying the same subjects as the young person, it eerily turned out! It was such a strange experience for me to be waited on by a ‘Scout’ (servant) in a great hall, where the other candidates were talking about their recent shooting holidays in Kenya. Then how strange to write a vastly difficult exam paper on Yeats and Elliot and Utilitarianism, and then be interviewed by a board of dons wearing full sub-fusc (academic robes). I remember I surprised them by talking about my unusual personal studies at that time in Teilhard de Chardin’s ‘Omega Principle’ and Jessie Weston’s theories in ‘From Ritual to Romance’.

But to return to the present time: what turned out to be key in this young person’s Astrology Reading just now, was how the present Saturn – Neptune square which is transiting in the heavens, was aspecting the planet Mercury so strongly in this young person’s birth chart.

At the moment, Neptune was forming the closer, more exact square to her natal Mercury. But by the end of 2015, Saturn will be forming the closer, more exact square to her natal Mercury.

And this proved to be so useful for her to understand and have dated as well!

This is because at the moment she is pursuing quite inspired, intuitional, sensitive studies, and my prediction was that this valuable phase would convert later in the year, to grounded, disciplined and ordered studies: both of which are needed to achieve excellence in the subjects and pass the exam.

Here are Reinhold Ebertin’s gestalt of meaning for these two transits to her natal Mercury:

Neptune to Mercury

+                      imagination, rich fantasy, intuitive thinking, perception of the most intricate and profound correlations, creativity, stimulating exchange of ideas, acquaintanceship with those of similar thinking, extensive travel.

–                       © false thinking, poor judgment, confused ideas, hypersensitivity, over-active fantasy, insincerity, inclination to lies or pretence, uncontrolled emotional life, nervous disorders, undermining of reputation, defamation, danger of swindle, take care signing documents.

Saturn to Mercury

+                      powers of concentration, careful thinking, diligence, logical thinking, objectivity, love of order and thoroughness, patience, success in scientific work, long trips, business enterprises.

–                       © mental and spiritual backwardness, occupational difficulties, tedious work, estrangement, separation, disadvantageous news, tendency to illness (esp. head and nerves could be speech defects or hearing disorders).

And the interesting thing was I also used Swiss Huber School predictive astrology, where the ‘Nodal Age Point’ which depicts ‘the whispers of our soul to us from the astral’. This Nodal Age point starts off at the North Node of the Moon in our birth chart and takes 72years to circumnavigate our birth chart. And this feature too predicted exactly the same thing about Neptune and Saturn experiences at this time, as well as adding in all sort of other useful clarification and advice.

But to return to the detail of the ‘Saturn – Neptune Square’ in the Heavens: By late November 2015 Saturn will be in an exact square to Neptune at 7 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces. The Square started when Saturn entered Sagittarius on 23rd December 2014, but it was triggered on January 15 2015, when Mars squared Saturn in the Heavens: frustration, irritation, even cruelty! And on January 19, Mars then conjuncted Neptune in the heavens. And the Square was triggered!

By mid-February Saturn reached 4 degrees Sagittarius, and Neptune was at 6 degrees Pisces giving it a close 2 degree orb.

(However, do note there will be an interlude: note that Saturn will remain in Sagittarius only until June 16, 2015 when it transits back into Scorpio for a final three months, but then Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius to remain there from September 18, 2015 until December 20, 2017).

So: what is the energy of the Saturn – Neptune square?

Neptune and Saturn are like ancient enemies.

Neptune is the visionary dreamer: the mystic or the Pied Piper depending where we are at in terms of the level of our consciousness. Neptune will bring confusion and lack of clarity, and even deception, denial and illusion. You may suffer a long period of ineffective energy or putting your energy into the wrong direction, clarity, even deception, muddle and lack of resolution. Hidden weaknesses will be revealed in groups, individuals and situations. Neptune is boundaryless. You could find yourself sucked into an all-encompassing group and lose yourself. It can’t bear separation and one-ness. Neptune is mirage. Infinite and melting. It promotes cult-like behaviours.

Saturn on the other hand, rules structures and imposes discipline, responsibility, separation, deaths, hard-learning, hard work, karmic discipline and blocks to be dealt with for our spiritual good. Saturn seeks form and certainty. It provides boundaries needed for growth. You must meet Saturn with patience, humility, commitment and willingness to endure. Apply common sense. Ensure the needed foundations are in place.

Neptune transits promote intuition and the correlation of seemingly unconnected phenomena, and Neptune transits dissolve situations over time. But Saturn will create new structures.

Of course, the energy of this Neptune – Saturn Square will manifest at the global level as well, for example in politics.

On the personal level, expect structures, situations and relationships to begin to evolve and dissolve into new situations in your life, if this Saturn-Neptune square is aspecting key planets in your birth chart. situations, ideas, groups and individual will dissolve from your life. The old will fade away to make room for the new!

AND THIS IS THE THING TO REALLY NOTE:  The key is to recognise what needs to be changed so that your essence can express itself. Then Saturn will bring the ability to see reality and bring in needed new structures and disciplines and ways of life so as to build a stronger base for your vision.

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