Let the Love in: Heart Wall Clearing with Maggie Pashley Astrology and Healing Newsletter June 2019 Pt. 9

Heart Wall Clearing

Do you ever feel there is some sort of barrier separating you from the things you would like in your life – whether that’s love, success, or your own self-expression or creativity. Then you probably have a Heart Wall, and clearing it could make a big difference to you.

We have all encountered disappointment, rejection, criticism and lack of love to some extent and this can lead to us putting up an energetic wall to prevent further feelings like this.

This protective layer we can call a Heart Wall and while its original intention was positive, in the long term it ends up cutting us off from ourselves, cutting us off from love and support. Some might ask ‘if it was put up to protect us, won’t removing it make us more vulnerable’. My experience is quite the opposite as it puts us more in touch with our true instincts and stops us filtering the world through the pain of the past. We have far more resources available to us.

In Heart Wall sessions I use muscle testing to uncover and then energetically clear those trapped emotions that have overwhelmed you from some point in your past. Some of them are yours, some of them are what you have absorbed from other people and some of them are inherited from your family line. I especially like clearing inherited trapped emotions as it breaks old ancestral patterns and more people get to benefit as it clear all the way back to the ancestor it started with and all the way down to your children (if you have any).

See my video and then read on below:

I have witnessed so much healing occur as part of Heart Wall clearing and ripple out in people’s lives. One wonderful example I describe in the video is of a young woman, now happily married, but still affected by a difficult upbringing with an alcoholic parent. In the time I was working with her she found her ‘dream home’ after searching for eighteen months in vain and then finding herself happily pregnant and finally being able to let in love and support. I have seen it allow people to be more real and turn up as themselves rather than hiding behind a mask.

Most of my sessions are in fact distance sessions and I love working on-line with people from all over the world although if you are near Sligo I’d be most happy to see you in person at Sligo Wellness.

So if any of this resonates with you, you can find out more on my website: //www.bodycodehealings.com/heart-walls.html/

or if you’d like to have a free 15-minute consultation with me to find out whether it would be suitable for you, you can book that at www.calendly.com/maggiepashley.

I look forward to working with you,

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