Let go of your Conditioning and your Structures and Look Inside by Lia Cruse

Here is a Blog Post from Lia Cruse, teacher of the Runes and the Ogham with the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish and Norse at The Druid Forest School and Rune-Path:

These difficult times actually call on each of us to Let Go of our Conditioning and our Structures and Look Inside:

1: Let go of your conditioning. Let’s look at that, because I feel like this message is just not getting through. Conditioning, is not some “woo-woo hippie horsecrap.” Its literally a psychological thing. I didn’t make it up. Our conditioning can be harmful, and very much so. Let’s say our conditioning makes us do things or hang onto things…anything…that causes us mental, emotional, or physical harm for us, that pattern of behaviour is bad for you. – Does not matter what it is. I’m going to say that last part one.. more.. time. If it makes you HURT you, it is BAD for you. Feel me? -DOESNT MATTER WHAT IT IS. Here’s the fun part about conditioning: It will even make you fight for the thing that hurts you. -You will defend yourself for fighting for it. You will defend the thing that hurts you and makes you hurt you…Isn’t that cute? What have you defended lately?

2: Let go of our structures: What is a harmful structure? Anything…Yes…Anything…But mostly things, people, to me beliefs can count too, that triggers you into doing number 1. These two things work together.

3: Look inside: Again. Not woo-woo. This is just straight common damn sense. That’s what I mean…Just use your head. On your own. Not because someone or something is telling you what that noggin should be used for. Not because you’re scared. Look at things. Investigate. Do math. Research. Read. Pay attention on your own. Outside your preferred means of information. You got brain in there…feed it…Feed it everything you can get your hands on about everything. -Outside of the opinions of others. Outside you’re preferred information channels. Stop caring what someone is going to say. And for the love of all things holy, stop listening to these people vomit their opinions all day. Opinions and facts are not the same. Don’t we know this by now?  We know better. Be a person. Please. Do it on your own. Ask questions. Lots of them. And then go find the actual, factual answers. All of them. Stop doing things or not doing things just bc you’re told to or not to.

Literally almost no one walking the face of the planet is incapable of thinking and making intelligent choices for themselves.

I can spell it all out how to get through it, but I cannot make any person who hears me understand and that is the most frustrating feeling in the world. – You have to understand on your own. I can’t do that part.

I’m js ya’ll, we each have individual brains.

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