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Do you want to learn Vedic astrology? I teach a wonderful range of distance learning courses in both Western and Vedic Astrology. Full reports, course notes and tuition are provided. You study two charts: your own, and mine as tutor. The following courses are available in Vedic astrology:

Vedic Astrology – basic
Vedic Astrology – advanced
Relationship Astrology –  advanced: combined Vedic and Western.

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In Vedic Astrology I have completed advanced training courses and worked as an astrologer for nineteen years. Vedic Astrology is the astrology of India and of Hinduism. It is sure and declarative, depicting our incarnational destiny (why you are here in this life), with a powerful and accurate predictive astrology, as well as birth astrology and relationships astrology.
Vedic Astrology not only uses the 12-sign solar zodiac, but an even more ancient wonderful powerful and magical 27-sign Lunar Zodiac called the Nakshatras. It has a unique system of predictive periods of unfoldement called Dasas, a far better understanding of the transits than western astrology and an astrology of love and marriage that is incisive, sure, highly usable and scored. The Vedic astrology of the phase of the Moon on the day you were born is sure and decisive insight into your life learning. Find out what Vedic Astrology uniquely offers you.

Vedic Astrology – My basic-level course
Here is information about what you learn in my basic level Vedic Astrology Course.

Focus: The focus of all the Earthstarweb Astrology Courses is the natal charts of two people:


The Certificate Awarded on successful completion of the Course is The EarthStarWeb Certificate in Vedic Astrology Level 1 (incorporating the Starwheel School of Astrology).

I focus on the spiritual dimensions of Vedic Astrology especially.

We work through each of the planets in our Vedic birth charts, starting with the Moon in each of our charts.

As we work through the course, we also cover such topics as:

Tropical and sidereal zodiac, Ayanamsha, signs and elements, planets malefics and benefics, exaltation and fall, rulership, moolatrikona, planetary friendship neutrality and enmity, temporary and combined friendship, strength of planets, retrogradation and planetary speed, rashi Sandhi and Gandanta.

We learn houses, dharma, artha, kama and moksha houses, cardinal, fixed and mutable houses, Planets as karakas, Jaimini karakas, House Lordship, permanent and temporary benefics/malefics, kendra trikona dusthana trik upachaya and maraka houses, lagna and temporary benefics/malefics, aspects, planetary war, combustion, Mars Jupiter and Saturn special aspects, yogas, Predictive astrology: Dasas and bhuktis (introductory level only), The Nakshatras (Lunar Zodiac), planets maturing, Harmonic charts, Remedies, strengthening weak planets, The Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The Tithi Moon-phase system.

Note, however, that these course outlines are regularly altered to reflect the individual interpretative needs of your chart and your own special interests, needs and abilities.

The Course Process is this:

1. You study the course material relating to each module, and you refer to your own astrology chart and books.

2. Next, you complete the module and email it to me in respect of your own chart.

3. Once you have done that, we may hold some emailed discussion.

4. Then you analyse for me the same module in respect of my own natal chart.

Flexibility and Support:

Basically, you learn at your own pace and I take a pride in giving great attention to all the details that a learner wants to go into, in any one module, before going onto the next. My course takes on board the methods of a number of schools.

Course Aims:

The aim of the Level 1 Course is to provide a broad, basic working understanding of the components of the Vedic astrological natal chart, adequate to the purpose of accurate astrological natal chart interpretation.

My aim is your total satisfaction with this course. If you select one of my courses, I am honoured by you decision. I pride myself in supporting all my students to the fullest extent they ask for, at all points of the course. Your full satisfaction is my goal. My guiding lights are ethics, compassion and the desire to teach, serve, heal and empower.

I do not mind whether each module progresses fast or slowly, and we can always return to a module at any point if it emerges you want to look into it again, only more fully.

At any point in the course, please do not hesitate to email me if you wish for any further points to be clarified. I hope to answers your queries fully. You can be assured that I give learners all the support they need to fully explore astrology and learn at their own pace.

See my website for details of my wonderful readings and my deeply caring and learned courses, all of which combine western with Vedic astrology: www.starwheelastrology.com.

You can email me at: michaelconneely@gmail.com

My phone is 07799296821.

I also have a hugely valuable child astrology website called: www.child-astrology.com which combines child astrology with aura reading/healing.

All readings and courses are distance anywhere in the world.

Michael Conneely
M.A. (Oxon), DSW (Leics), CQSW, PGCE