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Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Learn Vedic Astrology with Michael Conneely

I had a fascinating statement from one of my Vedic Astrology Course students: ‘We must know the rules and the traditional meanings of Vedic astrology but we must also go beyond the rules while making the interpretations: paying attention to our intuitions and gut feelings.
I would agree with this lady. I offer my Vedic Astrology courses in a way this is open and ready to use the ancient and powerful declaration of Vedic astrology to empower us, in a way that will deliver for us our special spark.
Vedic astrology has the deepest and vastest system of techniques, but this is not meant to be used in a way that will chain us in formula, make us passive or cut us off from our divine potential.

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A great principle that underlies my Vedic Astrology courses is that we journey together to utilise the supreme techniques of Vedic astrology in a way that recognises that malefic, challenging or adverse circumstances are to be viewed tantrically: they are to be viewed as gateways to power and healing, they are to be used as gateways to divine connection.

When difficult transits are on the way, some people even get afraid to bring in the new or even to ask a question (prashna). But difficutl times are not to be treated as circumstances were we numb out or even roboticise ourselves by wrong use of mantra and remedies.

Instead they can be glorious gateways to the new you as we use each challenge as an opportunity for magic and breakthrough.

good fortune 4In my Vedic Astrology Courses, I also foster cross-over into Western Astrology if that is what the student wants. In fact, I believe that Vedic Astrology can and is rescuing Western Astrology from what can be trite psychologising. But I also believe that the psychotherapeutic dimensions of Western Astrology, with its incorporation of the Outer Planets and Chiron as ‘Gods of Change and Healing’ can actually revolutionise the use of Vedic Astrology. Similarly, the ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ of Western Astrology is a most valuable extension to the ‘Incarnational Life Purpose’ Nodal Astrology of Vedic Astrology, because Western Evolutionary Astrology can permit a most useful psychological exploration of the egoic psychological dimensions of our destiny and our unfolding – where statement of our incarnational life purpose is one of the key statements that Vedic Astrology provides.

I have personally so very much benefited from the sublime level of insight that Vedic Astrolgoy has given me in my life – but I would not be without the insights of Western Astrology, and above all I know that the insights of astrology must lead us to Healing and Empowerment.

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