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Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Learn Vedic Astrology Today discover What planet is the Ruler of your astrology birth chart?

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The declaration of Vedic Astrology is awesomely powerful when in learned and trained hands. Receive such Learning. Become such a Vedic Astrologer.

Major insight into your life can be gained by studying your Lagnesh: The ruler of your Vedic Rising Sign.

In my Vedic Astrology Course, the course direction is very straightforwards. You study one planet after another. For each planet focus you study two charts: yours and mine. In between the planet studies you study Techniques Consolidation Documents. The tuition I offer you is completely personalised and caring

Here’s what a very able student of mine wrote for her first assignment: the Moon. Here she was studying the Moon in my Vedic birth chart:

moon-6‘Your Lagna or ‘Rising Sign’ in Vedic Astrology is Cancer. Cancer is your First House and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon in your chart is thus the Lagnesh or Chart Ruler.

In your chart, the Moon is in Pisces, in the 9th House.

The moon is therefore the lord of the 1st and Moon goes to the 9th.  Thus, being the ruler of the chart, it is very important to see where it resides as this house will show where the individual will be most interested in life.

Thus, 9th house implications will be of the most utter importance to you.  Spiritual studies and travel will be very important, being a teacher and having success/recognition in studies and publishing are possible.’

It is so valuable for someone to receive perfect and accurate advice.

The declaration of Vedic Astrology is so valuable to receive. The techniques of Vedic Astrology are so life-savingly valuable to learn. I always link astrology to techniques for healing and empowerment. Get a reading-  or enroll on a course.

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