Learn Vedic Astrology : Enroll on my wonderful worldwide Master Vedic Astrology Course

I invite you to enroll on my wonderful worldwide Vedic Astrology Course.

When I first learned Vedic Astrology I was amazed that it so accurately predicted the unusual circumstances of my birth and the consequences of that in my life. It did this in a way that Western astrology didn’t and couldn’t. It did it in a way that Western astrology could not even touch! And this has led me on to years of study and teaching, many students and thousands of readings, the fruits of which I now share with you.

This does not mean that I think Western astrology does not have vast and numerous irreplaceably valuable powers and features: it does: Chiron and the outer planets, just to name two examples; its psychodynamic dimensions, its Evolutionary Astrology.

But it true to say that Vedic Astrology accurately and surely presents our incarnational life purpose, the circumstances we will experience at birth, and the unfoldment of our life – all with an accuracy and vastness that western astrology can not touch. Its capabilities for the astrology of health, the astrology of relationships and family generational astrology are immense, as is its sense of the huge cycles of unfoldment in which our lives are caught.

So, the techniques and capabilities of Vedic Astrology are quite literally awesome. And I would love to teach my Vedic Astrology Course to you. The course is carefully supported to take you from beginner to Master’s level.

And a special feature of my course is that there is a very clear backbone and direction to the path of study, and to Learn Vedic Astrology

1. The Planets: The first strand of the Master Vedic Astrology course approach is that we study Vedic Astrology planet by planet. We do this study with reference to focus on two charts: yours and mine. The nine planets of Vedic Astrology are:
Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
Ketu (South Node of the Moon)
But, in addition to these nine Vedic Planet modules, I also recommend that you additionally do modules on the four Western Astrology Outer Planets in our two charts:
Chiron, the Wounded Healer

I give you links to my videos about each planet: A Presentation and then a Meditation Journey. So what you do is this: referring to your course guide material, to my YouTube Videos, and also very importantly also referring to your favourite Vedic Astrology books, you quite simply write about each of these thirteen planets, one after the other: first in relation to your chart, then to mine. This process keeps the interpretation grounded, caring and authentic because it is rooted in the lives of two flesh and blood real people.

2. Techniques of Analysis: The second strand of the Master Vedic Astrology Level 1 approach is that In-between your study of the thirteen planets one after the other, you cross over into working on my modules about Vedic Astrology Techniques. These teach you the vast provision of tools, techniques and meanings which Vedic Astrology provides. You work on the rule consolidation documents a section at a time, in between your planet studies. The course structure is as simple and effective as that.

My approach as your Course Tutor is based on the Oxford University Tutorial system that I myself benefited from in the 1960s. This is a system of skilled individual teaching that is designed to bring out the special spark and excellence of each student to the extent that they are prepared to do and sustain their work of study. My personal wish is to be as caring as possible as your Tutor.

3. HEALING and EMPOWERMENT TECHNIQUES: This is key. I do know from extended and deep personal experience and vast study that Vedic Astrology does not assist you in your life if it is taught at a level that is formulaic or fated or legalistic. I say it must generate perception that can be transformative. I say that it must be geared to healing and empowerment, and so our study is assisted by awareness of the many healing modalities used by my partner Maggie Pashley. See her website: www.maggiepashley.com.
See also:  www.bodycodehealing.co.uk , www.changeforlife.co.uk  and www.metamorphicwings.com

4. Visionary Techniques:
I do recommend the value of doing vision journeys to enhance your understanding of the nature of each planet. We can first journey to gain clear appearance of the pure or divine nature of each planet. We can then do vision journey so as to perceive how the planet manifest in our chart and therefore in our life, through the filters of sign, house and aspect – usually a very different entity from the divine nature of the planet. See: blog.starwheelastrology.com/visionary-astrology/  and blog.starwheelastrology.com/visionary-astrology-east-meets-west/

4. Avasthas: There is an optional third strand of study I do recommend you build in to this course at whatever stage feels appropriate, but after you have completed study of the sun in our two charts. This optional third strand is offered at no extra charge and is my Avasthas course, which is complete with Videos and full supporting collection of techniques Appendices. Avasthas are the most wonderful statement of the standing of each planet in your chart (and therefore in your life) and also how the planets in your chart treat each other.

Extra Study: Please note that you are also able to pursue and develop your own particular interests as you go along, if you wish. I am glad to support you in investigating topics that catch your mind into greater depth, all with my support. And you are supported and advised by me in a thorough, learned, wise, informed and helpful way that is genuinely quite different from any other Vedic Astrology course.

5. Videos and Blogs: I have prepared for your reference a Blog on each Planet and also a Video to present that planet plus a video Journey to meet each planet. There’s also a Blog on each Nakshatra.
please see:
Blog: blog.starwheelastrology.com/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/michaelconneely

Further Study: My Master Vedic Astrology Course comes in three Levels:
Level 1: The first level (this Level) is introductory, and this in itself can be vast depending on how much depth you choose to go into the study. In some areas, this course actually goes as far as some Level 3 courses I know. See: www.mastervedicastrology.com
Level 2: is dedicated to expert focus on the Nakshatras, the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology. You learn the nature of each Nakshatra both from the sort of ‘novelistic’ perspective of meaning that so accurately depicts the personality characteristics of each person. And you also learn the meaning of each Nakshatra in terms of the depth spiritual unfoldment characteristic each Lunar Sign uniquely possesses. Moreover, you study the many key techniques of Nakshatra Analysis of the Vedic Birth and predictive charts that are quite unique to Indian or Vedic Astrology and are of genuine and unique utter power of declaration, analysis and spiritual understanding. These techniques include for example the use of Nadi Nakshatras and Special Nakshatras. See: www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com
Level 3: is the Advanced Vedic Astrology Course. Here we learn a vast range of higher analysis techniques like application of the Navamsha chart and mapping it into the Rashi (birth) Chart to assess soul-gifts/messages (Rashi Tulya) or expert analysis of the strengths of your planets (Bala) just to name two out of literally dozens. There are five Level 3 Course Options. See: www.advancedvedicastrologycourse.com

For my Western Astrology Course, see: www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com

I would say that unfortunately much Vedic astrology can be a matter of expert ranting through rules of interpretation that although they are complex, sure and valid, will do little or do nothing to generate your powerful, individual and true perception or assist in your personal healing and empowerment. They can lead to mentalism. Intellectual and formulaic consolidation of the rules of Vedic Astrology will not get you very far on your life-time work for this incarnation. Mantra can have a strong validity, but my experience is that they can only take you so far along the path you need and ought to travel. Remedies are fraught with problems and a new consciousness need to be brought to this area. For these reasons, I take my Vedic Astrology Teaching and Readings into areas of Healing, Empowerment and Transformation. The principle underlying my courses is ‘Applied Astrology’: the course involves using the perceptions of Vedic Astrology as a gateway to liberation and expression of your incarnational essence through use of linked healing modalities and empowerment techniques and other approaches such as art therapy and embodiment, as well as means of managing and stabilizing the Mind such as Mantra.

And a further principle of my Astrology Courses is that the true pinnacle perception, empowerment and healing of astrology actually comes from a combination of both Western and Vedic Astrology, where the branches of Western astrology that I especially teach are psychodynamic astrology and evolutionary astrology. For this reason, you are welcome to pursue crossover into the other astrology discipline as much as you wish as you work your way through the study of our astrology charts.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I have studied advanced courses in both Vedic and Western Astrology for many years. I have an MA from the University of Oxford and a total of five degrees including psychology, sociology, counselling and teaching. I have completed an invaluable five-year university-based social anthropological ethnographic field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Utopian Community. And I have also resided for long periods in a Hindu Ashram.

All these skills and qualities I now place at your service, as your Vedic astrology Tutor. I do this to further your own perception, to vastly expand your understanding, to promote your awareness and self-development, and to assist you to your enlightenment. I will enable you to draw on that immense ancient ocean of sublime understanding that is Vedic Astrology.

The Certificate Awarded on successful completion of the Course is The Master Vedic Astrology Level 1 Course.

At the foot of this Blog Post I set out the

So, I hope you will enroll on my worldwide course, and I look forward to working with you. All Blessings to us on this Journey.


As a footnote, here is a list of the documents you receive on enrollment:

My Charts in Vedic and Western Astrology
Your Charts in Vedic and Western Astrology
The Main Course Document
(see contents below)
Appendices – 12 Separate Documents:
1.  Nakshatras
 2. Aspects
 3. Planets
 4. Signs
 5. Houses
 6. Planets in Houses
 7. Planets in Signs
 8. Tithi: Moon Phase
 9.  Planets in Houses, Rulers in Houses
10. Vedic Grahas Perception – Vedic perception of planets
11. Starwheel Nakshatras Quick Guide
12. Useful Guide to Basic Chart Reading

1. The Organisation of the Course
Vedic Astrology Introduction (32 Pages)
3. Reading List
4. Approaching Module 1: Sun
5. Background info on Vedic Astrology
6. Module 1: How to
7. List of Supporting Videos and Blogs
8. Advice to Students