Learn to read the Vedic Birth Chart Pt 2: Lisa

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

This is the second webinar in a wonderful and empowering series.
Michael Conneely shows how to analyse the Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

Michael is analysing the charts of members of a study group within the Master Vedic Astrology Course. This is part 2 in the series: Lisa’s chart

Two important principles of the Master Vedic Astrology Course demonstrated here are as follows:

* The value of including crossover into Western psychodynamic astrology


Applied astrology involves using the wonderful perception of Vedic and also western psychodynamic astrology, as a gateway to stabilising the mind, to healing and empowerment: applying a Healing Modality.

In this case EFT is used (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Maggie Pashley.

N.B. There is a brief technical glitch around the fifty minute point, but please ignore this and persist with watching to see the wonderful healing at the end. The YouTube video link is:
The course website is: www.mastervedicastrology.com

Here is Lisa’s comment on the reading:

Thank you so much Maggie and Michael.
The reading from Michael is so spot on it really is incredible and thank you Maggie as your EFT session was very helpful and a great new technique I will play with as the issues are very much about balancing with Husband, the work I love and Guru.
I look forward to the next session. Much Love and Light to you both.