Learn to Read the Navamsha Chart: The Soul and Marriage chart of Vedic Astrology

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Our Soul and our Marriage Issues:
The Navamsa Chart is the utterly exalted statement of the message of our soul for this incarnation, and it is also the depiction of our scripts for marriage this time. See:
This starwheel webinar class by Michael Conneely includes three vital and enlightening approaches:
1. How to read the Navamsa Chart
2. Use of the Rashi Tulya Technique: apply this to your Navamsa and Vedic Birth/Rasi
Chart to discover the message our soul is sending us in this lifetime.
This includes a simple presentation of the Bhava Suchaka Analysis definitions as a
powerful statement of your soul’s message this time.
3. How to arrive at a definition of your Ishta Devata, your ideal form of the divine to relate
to and to protect you. How do we use this technique in a way that is not literal but is
empowering and authentic? My Ishta Devata is Lord Rama. And this ties in with the fact
that in all my novels there is a young hero setting out on his hero’s Quest.

Rama and Sita
Rama and Sita

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The upcoming webinars run from February to November 2016 and there’s an enrollment earlybird of January 16th 2016. Please see the relevant website for your interest.

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