Learn to Let Go and how a Psychic Reading with Elizabeth Hendricks can Help

Today more than ever the world stands at a crossroads.

The new levels of consciousness, like an incoming tide, are beginning to sweep up the beach.

Because mankind has the mental capacity to forecast into the future, the stress of rapid change is greatly magnified.

We know that things cannot remain the way they have been, but we do not see a way into the future. We cannot predict the form these rapid changes will bring to our lives, our social systems, our banking systems, and the planet.

It is no surprise therefore that people are going crazy in ever increasing numbers. With enough stress, our personalities begin to break down and become more primitive and fearful.

It can be incredibly hard to stay calm when everyone around you is losing their minds, but it is the spiritual challenge of this time.  it’s crucial to learn techniques for rapidly calming yourself so that you aren’t swept up into this tide of mass hysteria that is raging worldwide.

Be alert for any situation in which people are extremely angry, because under anger is always either pain, fear, or both. One of the quickest ways to calm yourself is to practice being “in the now”.

To do this simply redirect your attention to what you are seeing right in front of you. Whether you are jogging by a tree or washing dishes, this attentiveness puts you in the present. The more you practice this the more you will notice it begins to calm you.

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In the long run, everything is going to be fine, but we first must swim through this choppy water.

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