Learn the Kabala with Elizabeth Hendricks

Learn the Kabala with Elizabeth Hendricks

What is the Symbolism behind a Triangle?

The Triangle is a powerful symbol that speaks directly to your unconscious. all symbols have that ability to communicate to the deepest levels below everyday thought. This is why symbols are useful and why symbols are used in corporate logos.  a triangle indicates a release of tension into a stable condition.   Delta airlines, Google Drive and Reebok all have triangles as their logos. In this case the triangle is used to indicate stability to the customer who uses the product. A symbol is a kind of shorthand that communicates its meaning directly to you, without your having to think about it.

In entertainment, the triangle is frequently found when a comedian tells a joke. There will be three parts to the joke with the punchline coming with the third element. the tension is resolved when the third element is brought in as the punchline.

In addition, a triangle often represents a higher perspective.

It in terms of spirituality the triangle represents a path towards enlightenment or a connection to the All.

In the Celtic religion, the triangle represented Mother, Maiden and Crone. In the Kabbalah, the top triangle represents they all that existed before creation and the differentiation of the All into feminine and masculine energy. Taken together, these three energies represent the highest levels before manifestation into more specific energies.

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