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Foxford 2Learn Shamanic Journeying and Healing : working with Power Animals.

Power animal retrieval is one of the shamanic healer techniques I teach in my worldwide shamanic healer Level 1 course. This is a vital aspect of Shamnic Journeying. Please See my website: http://www.earthstarweb.com/shamanic-healer.html

Last night my partner Maggie Pashley and I did a power animal retrieval journey to shamanic drumming.

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

We had just moved from England to the West of Ireland ten days before, so as you can imagine the time before and after the move was very full of packing and unpacking, ferry bookings and dealing with our new Irish Authorities. One difficulty after another was encountered, but so far all of them were sorted out like magic. There’s a picture of the nearby beautiful Lough Conn in this post.
We are still waiting for internet to be installed at our home. Vodafone failed to turn up as promised on Tuesday and this has made things very difficult because all my worldwide readings and courses depend on internet. Vodafone now say they are coming on September 1st!

So the shamanic journeying I did very much reflected the situation I am in at the moment – and this is the important thing: it healed me and guided me and strengthened me.
Shamanic journeying is done to trance drumming, and the first animal that I saw in this vision journey was a clam. A clam!?! Well, yes, that’s appropriate because I have been ‘clammed up’ unable to do most of my work and unable to find the time to communicate.

And then I saw that the clam was living on the bottom of the ocean and being fed by the waters there; and we are now living near the ocean.

We are living in the beautiful historic village of Foxford in County Mayo on the lovely River Moy, a great location for Shamanic Journeying and in which to further develop my own specialist Shamanic skillset, between two ranges of Mountains, and it’s really is close to the sea. A few kilometres to the West, there’s beautiful Clew Bay at the foot of Croagh Patrick Mountain near Westport which was the site of the retreat Saint Patrick did where he bested the spirit of place: Corra consigning her for eternity to the Lough below the Mountain (or so he thinks) and then he set out to convert Ireland to the new universal Catholicism. It’s the site that inspired my novel Druid which you can get from Amazon.

And a few kilometres to the North there’s miles of lovely beach near Ballina: I am going there this weekend to do a journey to contact the ancient Irish God, Manannan for a student of mine in USA.

So what this first power animal taught me is that the clam was being fed by its reclusive time hidden away at the bottom of the ocean, and I was thankful for this guidance but felt very much I wanted to spread my wings and go back to developing my work

Then I saw a second power animal. This was a lovely white horse. And then I saw it had wings. A few months ago I saw the film a Winter’s Tale in New York and this meant a real lot to me where it teaches that we are each here to manifest our special spark. The heroes of the Tale were beset by forces of darkness, but at each crisis a winged white horse came and rescued them or vanquished the gangsters. And I saw my winged white horse in my shamanic journey head into the rays of the sun and this really helped me to take charge of my focus again and manifest the destiny I came here to do.

So to do my shamanic healer or other courses, get in touch. You can register at the foot of my shamanic healer website page: http://www.earthstarweb.com/shamanic-healer.html . For each module you receive audios to journey to. You send reports of your journeys to me and we share on the issues in these. I also look at your western and Vedic astrology: both for your birth and predictively, and this can give such powerful guidance and insight to further empower the journey work.

And Maggie’s website is: www.maggiepashley.com

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you

Michael Conneely