Gandanta: Learn the special power of Vedic Astrology

Gandanta: Learn the special power of Vedic Astrology: When Mother will not be there for you

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

This post tells you about three dangerous zones in the zodiac called the Gandanta zones, and also tells you about my caring and expert worldwide Astrology Predictions and Astrology Natal chart Readings, which always combine western with Vedic Astrology. We connect using Zoom anywhere in the world. And you get charts and reports and audio and video recordings of the Reading including screen share. Get a Prediction for 2017 click on the Readings buy button for the reading of your choice.

So, what are the Gandanta zones? There are three especially dangerous zones in the zodiac. These are the couple of degrees either side of the three transition points from the Vedic water signs to the Vedic Fire Signs: Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius. In terms of the western astrology zodiac, these three Gandanta zones are the couple of degrees either side of 24 degrees western Aries, 24 degrees western Leo and 24 degrees Western Sagittarius.

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It is particularly a problem in your life that you need to know about and learn how to deal with if you have your Moon or your Sun in one of these three Gandanta zones in your birth chart. The Sun you can learn to do something about, but the Moon creates a fate that you have to learn the very difficutl task of living with. Other planets in the three Gandanta zone too need to be learned about, understood and worked with.

When planets in the heavens transit through the Gandanta Zones, this creates a difficult unstable energy for the mind and in worldly affairs. For example, Saturn will transit through the Vedic Scorpio – Sagittarius Gandanta zone three times in 2017: Saturn crosses the Gandanta zone at the end of the Vedic Sign of Scorpio into Vedic Sagittarius 26. 1.2017; Saturn turns retrograde at 3 Sagittarius on 6.4.2017 then Saturn to re-enters vedic Scorpio, crossing the Gandanta zone 21.6.2017. Saturn then turns direct again on 25.8.2017 at 27 Scorpio and Saturn re-enters Sagittarius crosses the Gandanta zone 26.10.2017. It is worth knowing that these will be three difficult times, and so be prepared for them. This is especially so if you have a planet (especially Sun or Moon) in the Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta zone, which is very difficult and is known as Abhukta Mula. To have Moon in Abhukta Mula is a problem for marriage, and one’s children can feel very agrieved.

In Vedic astrology there is a wonderful, powerful and accurate system of Predictive Periods called Dasas. They unfold from the position of your Moon at the moment of your birth.

One of the big problems with Gandanta Moon is that the person experiences early Dasa change (predictive period change) at a very tender very young age when they are ill-prepared and ill-equipped. And so when this happens, bad energies are felt by the baby. Yes, the child realises that mother is not there for us. Yes we realise that family is not there for us. Yes we realise that the world is not there for us: it’s not there for us enough! And so actually through this very difficult time, a seed is planted in the child’s awareness that meaning to life is found beyond the material.

These qualities are the result of the great sensitivity of the Gandanta child, and because of the effect of the very early dasa change. If you have Gandanta Moon especially, but if you have any Gandanta planets, what happened to you around the date of the dasa change? I have Moon at the end of Vedic Pisces (24 western Aries) and I was put in a convent orphanage. This is how the innate high sensitivity clicks into place. The Lunar signs at the end of each Water sign (Nakshatras are the wonderful 27 Nakshatras of vedic Astrology) are all Mercury-ruled, so thsi makes the person very critical and mentalistic.  Remember: Revati, the last lunar sign of Pisces is ruled by critical Mercury, so this makes the person even more sensitive and they need to learn to be less critical. So, I hope this Post has been some helpful information. If you do have planets in a Gandanta Zone, i really will be able to help your life. I combine all my astrology readings and courses with awareness of healing and empowerment. So to all of you: get in touch.
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