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Learn how to Predict using Astrology. Learn Astrology Prediction !

My worldwide Astrology Prediction Course is very special – for the following five reasons:

1. You learn a full range of Astrology Prediction Techniques
2. You get individual caring tuition
3. You can study Western Astrology prediction OR Vedic Astrology Prediction, OR you can combine both
4. It’s learned.
5. You learn by focussing authentically on two charts: yours and mine – and that way the discussion is genuine.

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And Very Special Note: If you are wanting to Rectify your Time of Birth, you can do no better than do it through my Astrology Prediction Course.


It is such helpful perception and understanding of your life ahead to have good understanding of the energies that will be entering your consciousness and your life in the year ahead.

Pt. 2 Video: Prediction Case Examples drawn from my Have an Astrology Prediction Year Ahead Video:

Let’s look at some practical examples:

1. Take the example of Rahu North Node transits the Moon in your birth chart in your year ahead: You Have Rahu in the heavens transiting towards your natal Moon. You see that Rahu will hit exact in June ahead. Well, that warns you to expect more obsessing or mental turbulence, etc. it wards you that you might have to handle weird dreams. It tells you that the turbulence will be worst in the applying phase but will then reduce after the exact hit. It warns you that if your Moon is unsupported in your birth chart, then the mental hurt and over-thinking will be worse. AND there’s also the more positive gift that (depending on other indications in your chart) this might be a good time to do shamanic journeying or healing, this might be a good time to engage in intuitive healing, etc,

2. Take the example of: you are in Jupiter Predictive Period or Dasha in Vedic Predictive Astrology, now: well that could be wonderfully expansive and give you needed purpose in everything you do. But you need to hear if your natal Jupiter is in the 6th House in your Vedic Birth Chart (Rashi Chart), in which case one of the things you need to be aware of is that you could attract enemies, so you need to think out really carefully of doing anything that may attract enemies, and then consider all the difficult issues of how you handle enemies in your life if you have attracted them! And is your Sun strong enough to handle a vast Jupiter expansion and direct and manage and contain such in your life now?

3. Let’s say Uranus is going to transit conjunct your Sun in the year ahead: well, be open to wonderful Revolution. Be open to inspiration – and this may come in ways you don’t expect, but take care not to be totally driven and hurt others.
And if you are around age 21/22 or 42, 64 or 84-year-old, then you will be experiencing your Uranus square or Opposition or return, and I can so help you be open to the best in that!

4. Individuation Age Pont and Nodal Age Point: And note that age 42 is the 8th House low point. And I use the wonderful Age Points: the Individuation Age Point of Psychodynamic Western Astrology, and the Nodal Age Point of Evolutionary western astrology, and when your 8th House low point is predictively activated, you will really benefit from a Reading to understand this huge time of life-change.

5. Saturn is transiting Vedic Sagittarius in the year ahead: this is Vedic Sagittarius using the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac. What will this mean? Well you have to look at what House Sagittarius is in your Vedic birth chart.
If that house is the 8th from the House occupied by the Moon in your birth chart, this will be Ashtama Shani: Saturn transits 8th House from Moon, and you really do need to know what this means and how to handle it!
And, another example:
if your Moon is in Vedic Sagittarius in your Vedic Birth Chart, well, you are in the middle of Sade Sate and you really do need to know what that means and how to handle it, and it is such a good idea to get a timetable of your Sade Sate energies from me to see: when are the really difficult times? when are the phases of ‘fool’s paradise times’? what does Sade Sate mean for you individually and particularly in your life? It’s a time of separations and despondence and being cut off from God’s grace with the divine purpose of thus being made to see yourself as you really are, and do something about that.
If your Moon in your birth chart is in Vedic Scorpio, then you are now entering the final two and a half years of Sade Sate. Learn how to handle that.
If your Moon in your birth chart is in Vedic Capricorn, then you are starting the seven and a half years Sade Sate, and you would do very well indeed to get a reading of guidance about that!!!
And note that if you are around age 28 or 59, you will be having your SATURN Return, and I can give you great guidance about that that means.

6. Jupiter is in Vedic Libra for your year ahead: well, you need to hear what sign this is in your Vedic birth chart. If its your first house, consciously cooperate with the energy of Jupiter by making strategy fro your expansive projection in the world.

7. Another example: Neptune is opposite your natal Venus: well make space to bring in the ideal love into your life, that your soul will be sensing and yearning for, bet beware Neptune has his dangerous side: the issue of money in your life could be dissolved.

8. Chiron: transits of Chiron bring up healing issues. Chiron takes fifty years to orbit the Sun, so if you are in late forties / early fifties, talk to me, get a reading from me to understand the healing of Chiron in your birth chart: the healing of your existential wound in the healing of which you can become the Healer of others. Your Chiron Return: the time when Chiron returns to his natal position and thus transits conjunct your natal Chiron is big. Chirosis!

3. What Predictive Techniques do we Learn?

This is when a planet in the heavens aspects a planet in our birth chart now, or is transiting through a House in our birth chart now. We study the nature of the Transiting planet, and we study the nature of the natal planet or House that is affected by the Transit.

We study Secondary and Tertiary Progressions are in Western Astrology:

Secondary Progressions:
Day for a Year Progressions are a very reliable and robust indicator of what is going to happen in our life. These are also called Secondary Progressions. They are based on the principle that the chart for when we are one year old says crucial things about what will happen when we are in the year that starts when we are one year old. And of course, the chart of our second birthday predicts year two in our life, and so on. We note especially the position of the Progressed Moon, and what it aspects in our birth chart in terms of natal planets and House. And we note the effect of progressed Ascendant and chart angles, and progressed planets. This system works because of the fixed mathematical ratio between the Earth’s rotational period of a day and the Earth’s rotational period of a Year.

Tertiary Progressions:
These are similar to secondary progressions, but based on the principle of a day in the life corresponding predictively to a month in the life. These are powerful fine-tuning declarations, and are used in the astrology of death for example.

Predictive Periods: The Dasas of Vedic Astrology:
These are supreme and powerful predictors. They are unique to Vedic Astrology. From the moment we are born, a series of Predictive Periods starts to unfold, each period with a ruling planet, and there are sub periods within each predictive period, and each of the sub periods has a ruling planet, and there are sub-sub-periods within each sub-period. We learn how to assess what will happen when the ruling planet of each period/sub-period is activated, in terms of the standing of that ruling planet within our Vedic birth chart and also what the ruling planet is an indication of: The Karakas and Chara Karakas of Vedic Astrology.

Your Solar Return chart is also a good indicator for your Year Ahead. This is the chart for the exact moment the sun returns to the position it occupied at the moment of your birth. It’s usually on the date of your birthday each year. The Solar Return Cart in Vedic Astrology is called the Varshaphal Chart, and is such a robust indicator of themes that will happen in your year ahead.

Predictive Age Points:

I teach two wonderful Predictive Age Points within psychodynamic Western Astrology, using Megastar software, and I supply the chart of these two age points in respect of each of us. There is an Individuation Age Point which circumnavigates the chart in 72 years, starting from the ascendant and moving counter-clockwise. It is an indicator of the energies we will pass through in our journey to potential individuation, in our egoic psychological unfoldment, learning about all the parts of our egoic psychological identity, and learning how to manage them and fulfill their highest potential. This Individuation Age Point moves counter-clockwise from the Ascendant passing through the houses and signs as it progresses. This Individuation Age Point does not only pass through the signs and houses in your natal chart, it also forms aspects to the planets in your natal chart as it progresses, thus activating experiences in your life relating to your scripts for the energies of that planet.
There is also a ‘Nodal Age Point’ which charts the call from your soul to you from the astral. The Nodal Age Point charts your soul’s call to you through dreams, subliminality, synchronicity, intuitions, impulses and visions. The nodal Age Point starts from the position of the North Node of the Moon at the moment you were born. It circumnavigates the rim of your chart clockwise, thus passing at predictable dates through your signs, houses and in aspect to your planets. Fascinatingly the Nodal Age Point so often declares a similar strand to your Vedic Predictive astrology.
The Individual Age Point is shown by the black cross in a circle on the rim of your natal chart
The Nodal Age Point is shown by the red cross in a circle on the rim of your birth chart.
The Age Point declaration is sophisticated in that it includes advance techniques such as ‘House Intensity Curve’ etc.

4. Western and Vedic Astrology:

My Prediction Course is unique and very special in that it offers the option to combine predictive techniques of both Western astrology and Vedic Astrology.

You don’t have to study both western Prediction and Vedic prediction, by the way, though many people love to. Others prefer to study just one option.

Modern Western Astrology is largely a psychodynamic and evolutionary framework, geared to our study of our ‘egoic self’, our psychological self, and how we experience things psychologically. And we use the Tropical Zodiac to study Western Astrology, which is based on the position of the Sun on the first day of Spring: The Vernal Equinox.

Vedic Astrology is largely Destiny and Life Purpose orientated, and our psychological self is but a part of our destiny, and not fully ‘real’ at that. Vedic Astrology must use the Sidereal Zodiac and Lahiri Ayanamsha for accuracy. The Sidereal Zodiac is anchored to the ‘Fixed Stars’: Spica in Chitra at 0 degrees Sidereal Libra. Due to precession of the Equinoxes, the Western Tropical Zodiac drifts in relation to the Sidereal Zodiac by a degree every 72 years. Currently the Western Tropical Zodiac is approx. 24 degrees apart from the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac.

The Nakshatras: And note that Vedic Predictive Astrology also gains vast declarative extra dimension from use of the Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology: the 27 Lunar Signs: The Nakshatras, which supremely declare our emotional self, our consciousness arising therefore, and our path to growth to better managing and aligning our emotional self to our higher and more spiritual connection and our openness to God.

5. Which Planets Do We Study on This Course?

The thirteen Planets of both Vedic and Western astrology that are encompassed by this course, are as follows:

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron the Wounded Healer, Ketu South Node and Rahu North Node.

6. The Focus of this Prediction Course:

As with all my Astrology Courses, each topic is studied in relation to two charts: yours and mine. The aim here is to keep the discussion real, grounded, authentic and caring, and to avoid ungrounded formula.

Natal and Predcition Charts: You therefore receive from me at the start of this course two sets of natal charts: yours and mine.
These charts will be in both Western and Natal Astrology and are drawn from four astrology software programs. In Western Astrology these programs are Astrocalc and Megastar. In Vedic Astrology, these are Shri Jyoti Star and Kala.

Other Charts: I am really glad to send you charts for family members in Western and Vedic natal and Predictive Astrology. I can’t undertake to discuss these with you within the framework of the Course, but I do find that giving students the opportunity to also take family members’ predictive astrology on board is a great and wonderful extension to their predictive astrology learning. If you want these, please let me know.

7. Predictive Reports – 2 yr. Period:

For your background consideration, you also receive from me two good quality computer-generated predictive reports for your year past year and also your year ahead in Western Astrology: yours and mine. These are generated using Soar Fire software

8. In what order do we study the planets for their predictive effects?

I find it is good to tailor the order of study to the individual student. And so, what happens is that I make a decision to prioritise prominent or important Predictive Phenomena that are happing in your or my life now.

So, for example, if you are in Sade Sate now, we would study Saturn predictive astrology first. If you were having your Chiron Return now, we would study the predictive astrology of Chiron the wounded Healer first. If you were experiencing a Uranus to Moon transit now, we would start with Uranus, as the first predictive planet to study. I always aim to make my teaching as individual, authentic and caring as I can.

9. Rectification of your Time of Birth:

The best way to rectify your time of birth is to try out the implications of different selected times of birth, to assess which time of birth most accurately predicts the timing event in your life, at the actual date that that event actually occurred.
We encompass this rectification of time of birth testing, where appropriate, as we work through the assignments of this Prediction Course, using different predictive phenomena such as Transits, Progressions and Dashas (Predictive Periods). We try out different times of birth in relation to a predictive phenomenon/method, to see which time of birth gives the most accurate prediction in terms of what actually happened at an earlier time in our life.
We can later fine-tune a Rectified time of birth through study of how different times of birth affect the declaration of our Varga Charts: the divisional charts of Vedic Astrology.

10. Your First Assignment:

We now select for first predictive phenomenon study: Transits.

And we also now select the transit of the first particular chosen planet.

And as stated above, we are now selecting one transit by this planet that has already happened in relation to your natal chart.
An we are also select a second transit by that planet which is yet to happen.

So, you now send me a prediction for both the past and the present transit of the selected planet, shown below, in your life.

And when you have heard back from me on this piece of work, you will then study a past and future transit by the same planet, but in relation to my birth chart.

To support you in this work, I send you our natal charts, also our charts for the moments of the two transits being studied for each of us,
PLUS two documents each with accompanying videos:
Presentation for the first planet of study: Video and Doc. Including Meditation journey to meet that planet in his Pure/Divine self, and also as experienced by us in our chart/our life through the filters of sign, house and aspect.
Karmic Presentation for the first planet of study: Video and Doc: My Lords of Karma Series, complete with presentations of many healing techniques.

And may I wish great Blessing upon all my students for our wonderful inspirational, healing and empowering work,

And I look forward to hearing from you,

Learn Vedic Prediction Astrology
Learn Western Prediction Astrology
OR you can learn to combine both.
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