Learn about EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Maggie Pashley and Michael conneely work together to bring EFT healing and empowerment to both astrology and the Runes.
In this post, Maggie Pashley explains about the basic EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: what EFT is and how to use it. See Maggie Pashley’s worldwide healing website: http://maggiepashley.com/
This is Maggie Pashley’s basic introductory video where she describes the foundation method of EFT.
And after that lower down in this post, Michael Conneely describes how EFT can be then powerfully brought into use, both in his astrology work and also in his runes course.

First of all, here is Maggie Pashley’s basic EFT instructional video:

EFT is used as a powerful and easily accessible healing and empowerment technique. It’s a simple way for transformation. It involves tapping on the body’s energy points whils speaking healing and transformational formulae.
We describe a bit of the method: how actually to do EFT, below.

EFT and Astrology: But before we do that, I’d like to say how I have used EFT in connection with my astrology for many years:
For example, if a difficult challenge is identified by your astrology birth chart, you can use EFT to heal and transform it.
Secondly if your Predictive astrology identifies a difficult transit ahead, your can use EFT to heal the distress and bring you to a position whereby you can come out of the period with new power and standing.
See Maggie Pashley’s EFT and Astrology YouTube video.
My worldwide Astrology Readings website is: http://www.starwheelastrology.com/
My worldwide Astrology Courses websites are: http://www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com/ an http://www.mastervedicastrology.com/

EFT and Runes: Also, before we go on to the detail of how to do EFT, I’d also like to say how I I use it on my runes course so as to add a further dimension to the healing and empowerment that working with the Runes always brings.
See Maggie Pashley’s EFT and Runes work YouTube video.
See My worldwide Runes Course: http://www.rune-path.com/

rune fehu 3For example the first rune, Fehu, is about value issues in your life. EFT can help you add to the power of the rune by healing the issues of value in your life and empowering you thereby and making you open to vaster opportunity in issues of value.

rune uruz2For example, the second rune is Uruz, the rune of strength: have you got the strength you need for the Journey. If there’s a wound, EFT can help you heal and empower.


rune thurisazFor example, the third rune is Thurisaz: can you adequately defend yourself?

rune ansuz 4The fourth rune is Ansuz: the rune of prophetic utterance: do you need the healing and empowerment of EFT to enable you to make your utterance?
And so on through the rune alphabet…

So, now, let’s go on to the actual technique of EFT itself: How do I actually do EFT?

Well, basically you could start by attuning to yourself:
Take a deep breath ……….
Close your eyes ……….
Settle in to the awareness:
Of your physical body ……….
Of your mental body ……….
Of your emotional body ……….
And also your spiritual body  ……….

EFT 1Next, you do the EFT Tapping Sequence. Here’s the summary:
Side of hand:
Crown of Head:
Side of the eye:
Under the eye:
Top lip:
Under lip:
Collar bone:
Heart point:
Stomach point:
Side of chest:

Basically, the 5 point plan you are following is this:
–  I have found this way of explaining our transformation process particularly helpful when I am building EFT sequences.

please note that it is important to start to change your wording as you work through the EFT sequence. Use words that add opening, change, possibility and hope. 5+ minutes.

“Even though I feel really lost right now, I am open to the possibility of answers arriving.”
“It may be possible for this to change and I am open to seeing how.”
“I have seen support show up in my life before and have had experiences that remind me it’s possible. Maybe it is possible again.”

There’s the three Baseline Statements:

I sense …….. (what are you sensing?)
I feel ………. (what do you feel right now?
I imagine …….

If a body part is involved, ask: what is the metaphor for this body part? What is the functionality of this body part?
e.g. hands, grab and let go, they hold and let go
e.g. spine = flexibility, mobility uprightness
e.g. feet = stepping forwards, grounding
e.g. left side is receiving
e.g. right side is giving
e.g. heart is opening and closing, boundaries, our giving life force rhythm

Make a written record of these three baseline statements, above. See how you are progressing working over time with the issue using EFT. Be kind to yourself.

Release/Growth: The final part of the tapping allows the release and growth to occur. You should notice a new ease, acceptance or a sense of opening, hope and possibility. Often a new determination to take some sort of action step arrives.

And then there’s the important issue of Tracking: you track how you are wounded, then moving to being healed and empowered.

Of course there’s more to it than as described here. Obviously! This is not an EFT Training Manual. It’s an attempt to give you some idea of what EFT has to offer, and how you can do EFT.

But I am sharing this framework so you get an idea of what you have on offer!!! Want to know more about EFT? Get in touch!

Maggie Pashley’s EFT and many other worldwide healing modalities can be seen on her website: http://maggiepashley.com/

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