Kundalini Initiation and Self Realisation Course

Steven Sadlier photo 2Saturday, May 10th, Steven Sadlier will be leading a Kundalini Initiation via teleconference to people all over the world. It’s free. You just dial in and find a quiet place to sit and Steven will guide you, 1 hr with Q&A afterwards.
8:00 am Pacific, 11 Eastern, evening Europe.
Dial 530-881-1400 pin 762617# or Skype freeconferencecallhd.5308811400 pin 762617#
Please invite a friend.
For more info click this http://www.selfawareness.com/INITIATION—SRC.html

The following week we are starting the last Self Realization Course of the year. This course is life-changing. Steven’s transmissions of the energy of source also called Kundalini energy or Shaktipat has to be felt for its strength to be believed. It will heal your life. Please don’t miss this!