Krittika Nakshatra Love scripts Post 4 in the Jungle Love series from Janell Renshaw

This is a presentation of Krittika Nakshatras Yoni or Power Animal and its Love Scripts.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing could describe the energies of this yoni.

This is Janell Renshaw’s fourth post on the wonderful Nakshatras, the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology.

One of the Nakshatras’ roles in Relationship Astrology – especially their Yonis or ‘power animals’ are as a guide to your: love scripts assessment.

If you have yet to read Janell Renshaw’s Introduction to the 27 Nakshatra Yoni’s, you can find it here

Janell’s second post in this series was on the first Nakshatra which is Ashwini, whose power animal is the Stallion. Her third post was about Bharani whose Power Animal is the Bull Elephant. This fourth post is all about Nakshatra 3: Krittika, whose power animal is: The Sheep.

So, Krittika Nakshatra is a feminine yoni that portrays itself as a passive sheep grazing in the field – that runs the moment you get near it.

However, be warned: piss this sheep off, and the warrior wolf comes out and can destroy everything in its path if it chooses!

Krittika’s ruling planet is the Sun, so there is a great deal of power, authority, intensity, and passion in this yoni.

How it’s directed depends on how they use their power!

As mentioned above, it’s a feminine yoni and can be rather passive, shy, and quiet.

They have difficulty opening up emotionally due to the warrior wolf inside.

They find it hard to trust others and are hard to pin down.

It’s their way of staying emotionally guarded and letting others show them that they are trustworthy.

They’re not one to put much effort into a relationship until you’ve shown them otherwise.

Krittika spans the Vedic Sidereal zodiac signs of Aries and Taurus, with padas in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Note that Krittika will act differently in each pada, but they all will have the same underlying traits of a warrior, leader, intense, and emotionally guarded.

Looking at the added traits from the padas:
Sagittarius pada in  the sign of Aries, will embrace their spiritual warrior and stand up for what they believe in and their lovers

Capricorn pada lands Krittika into the sign of Taurus, and here Krittika becomes more realistic in its goals.

Aquarius pada can is a bit more unstable and erratic not sure which direction they wish to go.

Pisces pada may tend to be a bit more detached and reserved.

If this is your animal yoni, or your partner’s animal yoni, know it’s scary to open up.

Commitment won’t always be easy for you.

But if you can find the right partner to cuddle with, be sure to use your warrior spirit to show them how much you really do care – not for destructive behaviour!!!

While the animal yoni describes your sexual expression, this is only one part of the chart. The entire chart must be fully examined to get a complete relationship analysis.

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