Ketu South Node of the Moon Your Past Life based Fates and Destinies in Life and Love

This is post 1 in a three-post series.

These three posts show you the meaning and super-importance for each of us of South Node Ketu’s transit through Vedic sign of Libra.

Secondly, they demonstrate the importance of understanding your Nodal Ketu Return – the ‘fated scripts time period’ and ‘unexpected events and insights’ when Ketu in the Heavens transits across your natal Ketu.

Thirdly they show methods of interpreting the effect of Ketu South Node of the Moon in your birth chart – and in your Life and Love scripts.

Fourthly they demonstrate the super-importance to being OPEN to HEALINGS and INSIGHTS of your Ketu South Node: your life-fate and relationship material – especially at the time of your Ketu Return.

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And by the way, please see also the upcoming follow-up post after this three-part series focusing on Rahu North Node of the Moon: it’s on the subject of the power and destiny of Rahu North Node’s transit through Vedic Aries now, plus the fated time period now of the Rahu Return.

What is Ketu the South Node of the Moon?

Let’s start first by understanding the nature of the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart, Rahu North Node and Ketu South Node.

The nature of Ketu in our birth chart depicts a major theme in the total karmas we incarnate to deal with in this incarnation: particular scripts brought over from past life – for us to gain insights about, to solve, to heal and to work with now.

Note by the way, of course, it’s not just Ketu that shows our karma that we were born to work with in this life. Each of our planets’ energy, is a part of our total karma. It’s not just Ketu. But Ketu is the supreme Past life indicator.

The energy of all the planets in our birth chart accurately describe a facet of the circumstances of our birth, the personality we will have, the love scripts plus the nature of our fate and destiny in this life.

And we are of course here to grow in spiritual awareness of this past-life originated destiny. We are here to develop more spiritual awareness and to heal.

But, focusing on the role of Ketu South Node in the creation our life purpose and destiny: note that each of us comes into this life where Ketu is in our chart.

This is because Ketu is a central depiction of the karmas our soul especially chose to incarnate with and work with this time. Ketu’s energy is cutting and fierce.

And note super-importantly that each of us is thrown across our chart to Rahu North Node is. Rahu is always opposite Ketu. Rahu is a statement of our incarnational life purpose, the direction of our fate and destiny in this life time.

Now, it’s important to realize that the energy of Rahu is strong and driven and even dark. But note that if it wasn’t, we would not get impelled to the other side of our destiny direction. If it wasn’t we would not arrive at our needed imperative Karmic Destination.

And note also that we absolutely need to realize that if we don’t purify Rahu’s energies in our life, then we will experience him as dark and driven. For example, Sun conjunct Rahu people can be so driven and ‘me first’ and can be so full of verbal justification of their me-first darkness.

So, how are the Nature of the Nodes of the Moon analysed?

OK, so let’s give a very simplified example of how to analyze the Nodes of the Moon: by Sign, House and Aspects, plus the Nakshatras placement, plus the Varga chart placement:

Sign: Someone born with Ketu in Libra will come into this life from a past life of too much codependence in relationship, and so is thrown across the chart to Rahu in Aries in this life.

Life events will out-turn in a way that forces him to become more assertive and responsible.

House: If Libra is his 4th House with Ketu there, mother will not be there for him, so he will be impelled to work away like mad towards where Rahu is: in the 10th House of career to find value that way – and that of course is doomed to failure because we can’t find value from career: he must learn to value himself.

Aspects: For example, if Ketu is in Libra 4th House conjunct Sun, his fathering will be weak and lacking, producing a weak person, and indeed Sun in the 4th House of mother and ancestry will mean that ‘Mother will do the Fathering’.

Father will be absent of weak, and he will be harmed that way.

(And you’d also need to examine the standing of Venus in this chart, as Venus rules Libra).

Nakshatras: You’d also need to examine the effect of which of the three Nakshatras that are within the sign of Libra the person’s Ketu is within: Chitra, Swati and Vishakha.

For example if the person has their Ketu in Swati Nakshatra, well that’s complex, because Swati is ruled by Rahu, so past life issues and present life issues will be very tangled in this life.

Swati behavioral scripts will be very important for him to leave behind in this life.  

Varga Charts: The Varga Charts are the wonderful Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology, each of which says something quite wonderful about a particular area of our life.

The Navamsha, the 9th Harmonic Chart is the most important focusing on our past life issues, our relationship issues in this life and also defining our ‘ideal ashram’ (our ideal way of life) in this life.

So if you have Ketu and Pluto in the 3rd House of your D9 Navamsha you will have the most explosive siblings issues: sibling issues which call you to become reborn and empowered, and you are born into this lifetime to find empowerment through creative effort and expression in this life.

And with Rahu opposite in the 9th House of the Navamsha, you are impelled to achieve spiritual realization thereby (partly through fathering yourself).

So you can see from this quick simplified sample analysis, how crucial and vast the position of the Nodes of the Moon is in your life (focusing especially in this post on Ketu).

And you can see how powerful the Nodes are in creating your personality, your way of relating, your fate, your destiny in this life.

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