Ketu conjunct Venus What does it mean to have this in your birth chart?

What does it mean to have Venus conjunct Ketu South Node of the Moon in your birth chart? This conjunction causes big problems for love.

Actually, as I am writing this Blog Post, Venus and Ketu are drawing closer in the heavens.

Ketu is the South Node of the Moon.

The conjunction is exact 3rd December 2019. This means that a lot of humans will be born around this time who have a past-life originating script of Ketu conjunct Venus which is difficulties in love.

Ketu dematerialises anything he touches – violently: but the deep purpose in this is in finding the spiritual enlightenment that the difficult experience offers.
Venus’ energy is primarily one of love, beauty, sexuality and pleasure.
So, Ketu dematerialises Venus in this person’s life. Most particularly, this is the person who will melt love down.

Vedic astrology shows accurately that the Nodes of the Moon are one of the most significant indications of our incarnational life purpose and destiny in this lifetime.
We come in from past life issues where Ketu is in our birth chart.
We are thrown across our Chart towards the qualities of where Rahu is in our birth chart – but due to the dark obsessional nature of Rahu, we do have to purify his energy if we are to arrive at our destination.

To have Ketu conjunct Venus in our birth chart means that unresolved issues in love from past life have come forward into this life for resolution. Lots of emotional baggage. Melting Love down so as to ‘get in there first’ due to hurt from previous and past life rejection in love. Multiple relationship issues. Being driven to feel one must be the renunciate.
So, have an astrology reading with me so as to understand more fully the nature of your issues in love, including what your ‘love profile’ is from the Nakshatra (the 27 Lunar Signs) that your Moon occupies in your Vedic birth chart, the issues of your 7th House of marriage.
We also look at the issue of timing: how do Dashas the powerful Vedic Predictive periods affect the issue, Transits, psychodynamic astrology predictive Age Points, etc.
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However, there is a twist to the tale, to also look out for. Ketu does trash other planets, but he can also perfect them in some odd way, so maybe the person will have a special spark of artistic talent in addition to the relationship issues. Maybe love will tend to be platonic or mystical. Pain in love could lead the person to a path of ambition to succeed elsewhere. And of course, in these twists to the tail, too, there is so often need for healing.

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