Kal Sarpa Yoga & the challenge of Donald Trump now

donald-trump-1Kal Sarpa Yoga and the Challenge of Donald Trump now

It’s a difficult time for the stability of your Mind now, and it’s a difficult time for the world as well.
Kal Sarpa Yoga has started in the heavens now
– AND it dominates the birth chart of US Presidential candidate Donald Trump
– AND it will be in force until the end of January 2017.

What is Kal Sarpa Yoga?
Well, first of all, it is a difficult time that happens when all the Vedic planets are caught on one side of the chart: enclosed between the Nodes of the Moon: Rahu the North Node and Ketu the South Node.

This arrangement of the planets creates a terribly divisive energy.

And the second problem associated with Kal Sarpa Yoga is that for half of each Month the Moon is transiting through the line up of the planets between the Nodes of the Moon and getting affected by each of these in turn (whether the effect swings from malefic to benefic) BUT for the other half of the Month the Moon is out there in the unoccupied part of the chart all on its own, creating a very unsupported energy for our Minds.

Our Minds can be very fraught and obsessive etc during the time of Kal sarpa yoga.

AND – AND THIS IS THE BIG THING: Donald Trump has Kal sarpa yoga in his birth chart. So the terrible possibility for the world is that at the time of the upcoming US Presidential election, there’s Kal Sarpa Yoga in the heavens, AND one of the Candidates, Donald Trump, has Kal sarpa yoga in his chart, dominating his consciousness.

If you have Kal Sarpa Yoga in your birth chart, you need to take very special measures not to rant or project.
For example you could embrace access consciousness and use daily mantra.

This is the wonderful benefit of knowing what Vedic Astrology says about you. AND during this time of Kal Sarpa Yoga affecting everyone, we all need to monitor the state of our minds: are there fears or obsessions, are we blaming or scapegoating? Are we doing the spiritual practice that we need to do???

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