Kabbalah Course and The Power of the Spoken Word by Elizabeth Hendricks

Learn the Kabbalah.

What is the difference between silent thought and thoughts expressed aloud?  Quite a lot!

It’s true we humans spend most of our day thinking. We think about what we need to do next, we think about our daily concerns, we think about world events, and we think about our own goals.

In the Kabbalah, our thoughts exist  in the realm of mental energy.  On the Tree of Life this is the sphere of Yesod.

Yesod is the energetic level above the that of the physical world.

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Elizabeth Hendricks continues:

When you think, you form images in your mind.  Those mental pictures have an effect in the watery substance of Yesod.

It’s a little bit like taking a piece of chalk and drawing the sidewalk. With enough repetition those chalk lines become more and more solid.

So, our thoughts affect the causal realm of Yesod.  But what about the thoughts we state out loud?  Are they any different than silent thought?

When you state an intention out loud, you’re affecting the realm of Yesod more intensely. This is why  a life coach will tell clients to state their intentions aloud several times a day.  Saying it out loud helps focus your intent.

And because the Universal Field is conscious and listens to us, focused intent increases the probability of bringing your heart’s desire into your own reality.

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Elizabeth Hendricks has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  She has studied the Kabbalah for many years, and has a lifelong love of mathematics and science.  Psychic since birth, she has the ability to look into your energy field and see where the emotional blockages are held.
She also offers online healing/readings.

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