Jyestha Nakshatra Number 18

Jyestha Nakshatra Number 18

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The 18th Nakshatra is Jyestha Nakshatra. It is the final Nakshatra of the second or Tamas group of nine Nakshatras, and it terminates in the very difficult Gandanta Zone: 2 deg either side of its transition to the next Nakshatra which is: Mula.

In brief, Jyestha Nakshatra occupies 16°40′ – 30° Scorpio

Symbol: the ear ring, which denotes superior social position.

Deity: Indra, king of the gods.

Keywords: wealth, courage, the eldest or founder.

Dasa-Ruling Planet: Mercury (17 years)

Favorable: Most successful of their family; keeps friends and builds a good support network; generous, self-reliant, eventually wealthy; takes charge of the family; passionate response to love; acts respectable; receives fame and honors; takes control; gets things done when they want to

Unfavorable: Angry; has family frictions; too intense to keep friends; hides their feelings and intentions; religious or peaceful on the surface while impatient or immoral underneath; acts religious to get regard; scheming; makes others dependent on them to gain control in the relationship; dramatizes illnesses and troubles to gain sympathy; subject to many illnesses

The temperament of Jyestha is Rakshasa – demon | eccentric and individualistic and its sex is Female. Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Jyestha allows for rising or conquering and gaining courage in battle. Its heavenly basis emanates for attack, which results in defense, through which one becomes a hero.

Elementally, and through Ayurveda (the medical System of India), Jyestha is related to Vatta – (air) motion. Its nature is to be sharp and dreadful in an active way. It is closely associated with dissolution – Shiva.

The Ruling Deity of Jyestha is Indra. Indra is the King of the Gods, a noble role, but he is often portrayed as one who is drunk with power, often risking and losing the kingdom through foolish, egoistic bets and battles.

The truth is both possibilities are there with Jyestha Nakshatra. We must choose our battles wisely, and when we do, we can be a great, even heroic presence. Obviously, the key factor, as with all the Nakshatras is to develop a higher consciousness perception of what the energy is all about. In fact, it is often the case that through experiencing the lower characteristics of a Nakshatra, our sadness and regret can help us to manifest the higher possibilities.

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