Jupiter transits Vedic Scorpio Oct 2018 to Nov 2019

Jupiter transits Vedic Scorpio October 11th 2018 to November 4th 2019
What will this mean in your life?

I personally found Jupiter’s transit through Vedic Libra as an utterly beautiful and empowering transit. There was opposition from Uranus of course, with Uranus transiting in Vedic Aries. But Libra is my fourth house in my birth chart, where I have Sun and two other planets, I moved to a new house and my home, deep in ancient countryside on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the West of Ireland, became so wonderfully more beautiful and fulfilling.

Maggie too has three planets in Vedic Libra, her first house, and Jupiter’s transit through Libra has brought her success. Particularly as Jupiter transited through Vishakha Nakshatra, her Ascendant Nakshatra, where of course Vishakha is ruled by Jupiter.

We are both in Jupiter Dasa. The Dasas are the Vedic Predictive Periods, and it is totally crucial to realise that they are actually more influential and potent in our lives, in a vast backdrop sense, than the Transits are.

But now Jupiter enters Vedic Scorpio on October 11th. And he remains in Vedic Scorpio until November 4th, 2019. What will this mean in your life?

Here is my video on Astrology October 2018, below that includes loads of detail for you to read about this very significant transit, and especially something of what it will mean for each Ascnetat sign or Lagna:

For most people, Jupiter transiting Vedic Scorpio goes better than Vedic transiting Vedic Libra, even if Jupiter is not an especially good-standing planet for them personally, given their Lagna or Ascendant or ‘rising’ sign in their Vedic birth chart.

How can you work out the standing of Jupiter in your birth chart, and also how your other planets treat your Jupiter???

Well, there’s feature on a couple of interpretative methods for this month: Sub-personalities in your birth chart and predictive Age Points and Nature versus Nurture interpretation that I do in my astrology readings and courses. And also Avasthas: the status of your planets in your birth chart, and how they treat each other.

And you have to consider the standing of Jupiter in the heavens too at the time we are focussing on. Unless Jupiter is afflicted in the heavens its transits are very good, bringing expansion, growth, studies, sense of purpose (which si so needed in life), spiritual perception, magnanimity and success. Jupiter in Vedic Scorpio adds interest and advancement in the Occult and in Astrology; can be forensic or divinatory, intuition, research and transformation.

Negatively Jupiter can bring speculation and glitz, over-expansion and indulgence.

Scorpio brings to the Jupiter transit such as issues of DEATH AND RESURRECTION
Also: Inspiration
The Occult
Deep hurt feelings and vulnerability surfacing
Shared possessions, sex
Taxes: time to do the annual Tax Return in Ireland!
Loyalty and betrayal.

But, remember, you also have to consider the House that the sign Scorpio is in your Vedic Birth Chart
Scorpio is 5rh Hosue in my Vedic birth chart: so the inspiration to continue writing my current visionary novel is fierce and demanding now.

You also have to consider the standing of Scorpio’s ruler, Mars in your chart; how Mars treats your other planets; how your other planets treat your Mars. See my Blog Post on the Avasthas system that I use in my Readings, and teach in my courses.

And as I said, You have to very much take into account the Hosue that Scorpio is in your Vidic birth chart. And the Hosue number is derived from your Ascendant sign, or rising sign or Lagna: So, here are some ‘one size fits all’ hints of what Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio might mean for different Vedic rising signs:

For Aries risers, Scorpio is their 8th House, so they can expect possible sudden events or inheritances.

Taurus risers have Scorpio 7th House, so they can expect enhancement in their relationship.

Gemini Lagnas have Scorpio 6th House and so will have a health focus and may have to defend against enemies.

Cancer Ascendants have Scorpio 5th house so will have expansive creativity and/or more involvement with children.

Leo Ascendants with Scorpio 4th House could have a favourable move of house or upgrading of heir existing home.

For Virgo Lagnas, this 3rd House Jupiter transit might mean ‘self-improvement’.

Libra Lagnas have Jupiter transiting their 2nd House and will experience financial improvement.

Scorpio ascendants will have a first house transit of Jupiter, so (unless other factors intervene) will experience enlargement and success, expansion and going out into the word with more confidence.

Sagittarius Lagnas will have Jupiter transiting their 12th House and so will be more reclusive and need to guard against financial loss, and may connect to foreign parts – and of course, Saturn is transiting their first house.

Capricorn Lagnas will have some financial rewards, although they do have their sign ruler Saturn transiting their 12th house at the same time.

Aquarius Lagnas have career success from their 10th house Jupiter transit.

And Pisces Lagnas with Jupiter transiting their 9th House will have luck, and spiritual and mental expansion.

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