Jupiter Transits Vedic Sagittarius:

This is a special feature add-on to my November 2019 Astrology and healing Newsletter and its video. Jupiter’s transit in Vedic Sagittarius offers us possibility for blessing, learning and enlargement and purpose at a time of otherwise difficult and complex energies, so this is why I have decided to make a special add-on video about Jupiter in Vedic Sagittarius.

Jupiter has been transiting Vedic Scorpio since October 12th, 2018, but Jupiter now leaves Scorpio and enters Vedic Sagittarius on 5th November. So, during November, Jupiter transits from 29 Vedic Sagittarius to 5 deg Vedic Scorpio.

It is so good – very important –  to have an idea of the details of this Jupiter in Vedic Sagittarius Transit, and consciously cooperate with it. Note what it seems to be creating in you and your life. Boost that.

Galactic Centre:The first thing to note is that Jupiter is transiting in alignment with Galactic Centre from the end of October until the second week of December, as he was, briefly during his brief earlier entry into Vedic Sagittarius from March 29 to April 22. He went retrograde then, but now he’s full direct again, and moving steadily forward in alignment with Galactic Centre.

 Gandanta Transit: a second thing to note is that as Jupiter enters Vedic Sagittarius, he is thus transiting the immaterial but potentially inspiration Gandanta Zone, let’s say +/- 4 deg of the transition point that is 0 deg Sagittarius: the transiting point for water sign to fire sign in Vedic Astrology (there are three: Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius). Look out for needed inspiration at this time.
Also look out for immaterial energies that might undermine you – and don’t just easily give in to them or be weakened, without examining what they are about. A feeling of chaos maybe.

Jupiter-Ketu: Thirdly, Jupiter is, of course, transiting towards transiting Ketu in the heavens, now; their conjunction will be exact around 6th January 2020 at 13 Sagittarius. And the Ketu-Jupiter combination can betoken spiritual awakening and inspiration, so do become open!

Eclipse January 2020: And on 10th January 2020, Jupiter is opposition the lunar eclipse on that day. Jupiter Ketu is good for astrology. But be careful of any tendency for this energy to lead to financial carelessness or loss.

When Jupiter-Ketu was last in Vedic Sagittarius: Jupiter and Ketu were last conjunct in Vedic Sagittarius in 1899, when the energy fuelled and inspired the Celtic Revival in Ireland: W B Yeats, Lady Gregory, Ella Young, AE. plus in England: the Theosophical and spiritualist movements. We’re having that again: the next notch up in Consciousness!!!

Jupiter enters Mula Nakshatra: the next thing to note is that when Jupiter enters Vedic Sagittarius, at the same time enters Mula Nakshatra. This is on 5th November, transiting in Mula Nakshatra until 4th January. The energy of Mula is transformation, confrontation and change and getting to the root. Mula’s ruling deity is Niritti Goddess of Death and Destruction. Transformation. And Mula’s planetary ruler is Ketu. This means that the other Mula-ruled Nakshatras will benefit from this Jupiter transit through Mula: So, Ashwinis and Maghas will feel a creative surge.
Throughout this Jupiter transit consider: what should you make a positive considered strategy of? What should you discard?

Intuit and feel in what area and direction the blessing and expansion and purpose of Jupiter is actually flowing for you.

Tend to the seeds you want to grow and flourish.

Jupiter is conjunct Venus in the heavens on November 24th, at 4 deg Vedic Sagittarius. This means that Venus and Jupiter are ‘at war’ in the heavens for two days.

Jupiter moving towards a December Eclipse: There’s a solar eclipse on 26th December, and Jupiter is caught up in this, conjunct Ketu, Sun and Moon (all in Mula Nakshatra), with Saturn and Pluto also in Vedic Sagittarius.

Looking ahead for Jupiter: From 29 March to 29 June 2020, Jupiter is transiting in Capricorn. But from 14 May to 12 September 2020, Jupiter is Retrograde, so that from 29 June to 19 November 2020, Jupiter is back in Vedic Sagittarius, conjunct Pluto at 28 Sagittarius!

What will Jupiter and Ketu in Vedic Sagittarius mean for you??? Check out what this Jupiter transits means for you: what house is Sagittarius in your Vedic natal chart? Sagittarius is Jupiter’s moolatrikona sign, and Jupiter rules Sagittarius as well as ruling Pisces. This means that when transiting Vedic Sagittarius, Jupiter is stronger and more expansive and beneficial.

So, what factors do you consider to assess what this Jupiter in Sagittarius transit means for you in your life? Here’s a basic list:

What House in your birth chart? So, for example, in my case with Cancer Ascendant, I believe that work and health issues will ease when Jupiter enters Sagittarius on 5th November. This is because Vedic Sagittarius is my 6th House.

What Dasha are you in? Dashas are the unique predictive periods of Vedic Astrology. accurate and more powerful than transits. And I entered Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu Dasha on 10th October, so this will amplify Jupiter: Respite and Success. Note that Dashas are actually more influential in our lives than Transits.

Jupiter Return: in my case, Jupiter transits over my natal Jupiter on 10th November. This is my Jupiter Return. We each have a Jupiter Return once every 12 years: we each enter a new spiral of connection with Jupiter’s enlargement and blessing, purpose and grace.

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