Jupiter Transit troubles from 2019 to 2021 but Spiritual Opportunities

Jupiter will have his much-needed blessing benefic energy compromised to varying degrees all through the period from 15th February 2019 to 5th April 2021.

This will affect everybody.

We all need Jupiter – received in as pure as possible a state.

But it will especially affect you if Jupiter is the ruler of your Ascendant, Moon or Sun’s sign, or if Jupiter is the ruler of the Nakshatra that your Ascendant, Moon or Sun falls in (The Jupiter-ruled Nakshatras are Nx 7 Punarvasu, Nx 16 Vishakha and Nx 25 PurvaBhadra), or if Jupiter is your Atmakaraka (your soul indicator), or if you have Jupiter square the nodal axis in your birth chart (missed step in previous life), etc.

The full range of the situations where this debility to Jupiter will have most effect, is set out in more detail below. But this debility will affect everyone.

There are three time periods for this Jupiter debilitation during 2019 to 2021, and we all need to be alert to this Jupiter damage affecting our consciousness, our beliefs and our behaviours, during these three periods.

So, first of all, in this Blog post, I present the three periods of damage to our receptions of Jupiter’s divine blessing energy. I then conclude by discussing the question of: what can we do about it? How can we find spiritual growth and advantage for us within it and because of it?

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Period 1: Jupiter crossing the Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta Zone:
The first problem is due to Jupiter’s crossings of the Scorpio – Sagittarius Gandanta, see the dates for this below. Basically, in the ordinary sense, Jupiter is messed up by his Gandanta crossing.

Messed up – that is unless we can tap Gandanta type inspiration.
So Jupiter who is our purpose and our enlargement and our guru, is rendered insubstantial because he is in the Gandanta.

So, our reception of Jupiter’s needed blessing energy is compromised to varying levels, as he is transiting through the Gandanta zone which spans the end of Vedic Scorpio / Jyestha Nakshatra, and the beginning of Sagittarius/Mula Nakshatra.
It’s made worse at the moment because Jupiter also receives malefic aspects from Mars in Aries (until 22nd March), and Jupiter receives a malefic aspect from Rahu in Gemini.
AND do note that at the moment there’s loads of instability and change at present due to the change of sign of the Nodes, and because the great conjunction has now formed in Sagittarius, the sign Jupiter soon enters, and Ketu has just joined in with this ‘great conjunction’.

Date ranges: The two date-ranges for the occurrence of Gandanta damage to transiting Jupiter are as follows:
From 15th February 2019 to 5th June 2019
And then again from 14th October 2019 to 3.12.2019.

Peak Dates: And note that the peak dates for the most intense damage to Jupiter’s spiritual gift and energy within those two periods are:  29.3.2019 and 5.11.2019.
I find that Gandanta effects are felt up to four degrees either side of the zero point that is the transition point from the water sign to the fire sign, though obviously the closer the planet is to the degree either side fo the zero point, the stronger the effect of the Gandanta on that planet. And note that this exceptional year, Jupiter is actually within 4 deg of the zero point for two very long runs of time.

The trick is to find the inspiration and intuition and special perception that can be there in the Gandanta Zones: During the two Jupiter in the Gandanta periods, we do need to develop our awareness, and craft our actions and our rhythms, our directions and our goals, so as to most fully embrace and go with the Inspiration potential that is there in the difficulties of the Gandanta.

Looking Further Ahead:
But looking beyond Jupiter’s passage through the Vedic Scorpio to Sagittarius Gandanta zone, in fact, looking into the longer term, I don’t think Jupiter is actually totally clear of trouble until 5.4.2021 when he enters Vedic Aquarius. Here’s the detail of the second and third phase of ‘Jupiter in trouble’:

Period 2: Jupiter Transiting Vedic Sagittarius:
And note that Jupiter’s problems continue all the while he is in Sagittarius because of the ‘great conjunction’ that’s formed and gathering there of Pluto, Ketu and Saturn, though note that the Jupiter Ketu conjunction can be very inspirational. And note that the Jupiter Pluto conjunction can be good in an explosive and often gainful way, too.
The actual timetable of this second period is as follows:

27th December 2018:  Jupiter transits into Jyestha in Vedic Scorpio.
29th March to 23rd April, 2019:  Jupiter transits in first degree of Vedic Sagittarius, Mula Nakshatra.
11th April 2019:  Jupiter turns Retrograde.
23rd April 2019:  Jupiter leaves Mula and Vedic Sagittarius, to retrograde back into Jyestha/Vedic Scorpio again.
11th August 2019: Jupiter turns Direct.
5th November 2019: Jupiter finally leaves Vedic Scorpio and re-enters Vedic Sagittarius/Mula Nakshatra.

Period 3: Jupiter transiting Vedic Capricorn:

And his problems don’t get better by the time he moves into Vedic Capricorn on 30th March 2020. This is because Capricorn is the sign where Jupiter is debilitated, and also because Saturn and Pluto have changed sign into Vedic Capricorn, too. Jupiter finally leaves Vedic Capricorn and enters Vedic Aquarius on 27.11.2021.

Jupiter’s Divine Nature and how to work with it when it’s blocked:

So, what is Jupiter’s energy and what do we do during periods when his reception is diminished in our lives and consciousness?
Well, trouble to Jupiter affects everyone.
We all need his divine grace, expansiveness and sense of purpose and meaning.
But the trouble affects people worst if the following situations apply to their natal charts or current predictive astrology:
Those people with ascendant, Moon, Sun/planets in the Jupiter-ruled signs Sagittarius and Pisces
People in Jupiter Dasha (predictive period) or Jupiter Bhukti (Predictive sub-period).

The Houses that Jupiter represents in some way in your birth chart (2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th Houses).
The House that Jupiter is transiting through when he transits Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
(for guidance on this see my blog post on how to interpret a Transit: https://blog.starwheelastrology.com/how-will-a-transit-affect-me/
The special life area that Jupiter represents in your individual life as Charakaraka or ‘moveable indicator’.

And this situation affects everyone in the life areas and the things that Jupiter is karaka or indicator for: such as: Knowledge, wisdom, devotion, philosophy, learning, wealth, teacher, children, banking, respect, religious perception, family, fortune, elder brother, husband, body fat, holy places, donation etc. Husband in a woman’s chart.

See my blog post and video on how to interpret the effects of a Transit: https://blog.starwheelastrology.com/how-will-a-transit-affect-me/

So, during these three periods when Jupiter can not manifest at his best in our lives, we all have to recognise the malefic facets in the energy matrix, seeking to make more enlightened our perception, and seeking to try to be less egoic and reactive and in denial.

It can be very useful to develop clear appearance of the God. I love doing vision work to Deities. I do find this raises me above my otherwise lowered emotions and consciousness. see the blogs and videos where I present the planets and heir divine natures. In my Foundation Vedic Astrology Course, students actually also get a vision journey to meet each planet as he appears through the filters of sign, hose and aspect in our lives, and also as his Divine Nature, unsullied by the ‘filters’.

See the useful Blog post I wrote recently on this Jupiter 2019 transit, all about Jyestha, Jupiter transiting through Jyestha, and Jupiter in the Gandanta: https://blog.starwheelastrology.com/jupiter-big-transit-2019/

The accompanying video is: https://youtu.be/1Xu4J59Qavk


Here’s the Vedic chart for the moment Jupiter first crosses the exact Gandanta point on 29th March 2019:




And here is the Western astrology chart for 29th March 2019:

Jupiter finally leaves Vedic Sagittarius, and enters Vedic Capricorn on 30.3.2020, only to find himself in with Mars, Saturn and Pluto!!! Here’s the chart for 30th March 2020: Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn:




Jupiter eventually enters Vedic Aquarius, 6.4.202. however, Jupiter does soon turn retrograde, and he re-enters Vedic Capricorn on 15.9.2021, to finally become established in Vedic Aquarius on 27.11.2021 and his troubles studied in this blog post finally end. Here’s the chart for 27.11.2021: Jupiter enters Vedic Aquarius:





So, because Jupiter is indeed conjunct malefic planets in Vedic Sagittarius, and then moving into Vedic Capricorn its sign of debilitation, as detailed in this Blog post, what’s the remedy?

Some would find yellow topaz helpful; above all perception is helpful. It’s very much a time to check how your inspiration is actually running.

Going back to the ‘great conjunction’ that’s just finally formed in Vedic Sagittarius now: Pluto, Saturn and Ketu all in Vedic Sagittarius, well: Reformation in our lives is the key. The great conjunction last occurred here, at the time of Martin Luther, it’s very much a time to make sure that Reformation is running in your life. Check out very carefully the life areas represented by the Houses that Jupiter is transiting through over this time.

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All Happiness