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This blog explores the charts and the full astrological detail, as well as the revolution and spiritual challenge, and also the pressure to understand our Self – who am I?  for the New Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Age that we are in from Winter Solstice 2020, with Pluto, Uranus and Rahu Astrology, all tensely mixing in. If we understand the chart for the new Jupiter-Saturn conjunction Age stemming from Winter Solstice 2020, we understand SO MUCH about the violence, weird tensions and vast spiritual openings of the time we are in now

Please Note: If you don’t want to focus on this level of astrological detail, you may just wish to focus on the partner blog and Video, which just explores the astrology at the personal level, entitled:
Who am I as Jupiter Saturn Pluto and Uranus all now clash?

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Part 1 General Overview – The Times they are a changin

Due to huge planetary energies since the Jupiter Saturn conjunction chart at the Winter Solstice 2020, we are now living in a New Age.

On Winter Solstice 21st December 2021, Jupiter and Saturn came into a great conjunction in the Vedic sign of Capricorn. When Jupiter and Saturn come together, as they do every 20 years, a New Age is created: a new context for each of us to work out his destiny and understand him/her self.

Basically, arising out of the ‘bottoming out and crisis’ of 2020, we are all now in a tense and driven period where we are each having to grasp the nature of a New Age that is arising out of the abyss now, and decide who we are in relation to that new current, and cope with stresses and decide where we stand in relation to the big changes in the societies we live in. The challenge of this New Age on the personal level – who am I? and of course our societies will have to re-form now, too.

So, the key point is: it is really important that we, each of us, takes stock now, of how we personally are feeling about the New Age which started 21.12.2020. And how we might have to change, now. And also we need to decide on how our society will have to change now – and where we stand on that.

The fact is that Jupiter Saturn conjunctions always create a New Age. This is because the overall balance can shift from a ‘Saturn domination period’ to a ‘Jupiter domination period’ – or vice versa.

In fact, the very important point to note is that the Jupiter Saturn conjunction chart of the 2020 Winter Solstice chart, includes some unusual and very exact echoes of the planetary configuration at the 1961 Jupiter Saturn conjunction chart for the start of the Sixties – but plus some very important differences – difference that we do have to understand.

Importantly, the special feature in both Jupiter-Saturn conjunction ages is that that there was a shift from a strongly Jupiter-ruled period, to a strongly Saturn dominated period, with a very weak Jupiter.

This is because Jupiter was in Vedic Capricorn in both charts, and Capricorn is the sign of Jupiter’s Debilitation.

So, with both charts, we have Jupiter Debilitated at the start of that particular new age – the chart for the chart of the start of the Sixties, and the chart for the start of the present New Age. The charts for both dates are shown a few paragraphs below.

Debilitated Jupiter is one of the key factors. Jupiter is Blessing, guru-energy and sense of purpose and meaning. In a Debilitated Jupiter Age, as was the case the sixties, and as is the case now, the divine Jupiter energies are very weak. We all need Jupiter. We all need Jupiter’s energies received in as pure as possible a state. This means we have to do something about the situation. We have to strengthen our connection with the Divine Jupiter energies. We have to shine light onto our Selves now, and onto our Societies, now.

In just the same way as the chart for the Winter Solstice 2020 brings in a New Age now, so the chart for the 1961Jupiter Saturn conjunction brought in the New Age of the Sixties.

We thus now have the imperative to understand and define what this New Age means for us and for our societies.

How we experience this present New Age which started Winter Solstice 2020, will of course depend on how these planets impact on our particular individual birth chart – and how they impact on our societies.

So, the key point is this: it is really important that each of us takes stock in a careful and enlightened way now, of how we are feeling about the New Age which started 21.12.2020, both for us personally, and for how we might have to change, but also, for how our society will change, and also how we feel about that and cope with it.

What I want to explain at this stage is that for both the Sixties New Age and for this one, there are some important add-on planet energies, in addition to the Jupiter-Saturn dimension:

In The Sixties: The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart at the start of the sixties was accompanied by Neptune in Libra as the add-on x-factor special addition.

But in The Present Age: there are four x factors special add-on x-factor additions: Neptune and Pluto and Uranus and Rahu North Node).

Let’s check these out:

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart for the Winter Solstice 2020:

Here is the chart for the Winter Solstice 2020:


See what I mean about the Jupiter Saturn conjunction which always brings in a New Age, AND see what I mean about Jupiter being debilitated (and assessed across all the Varga/Divisional charts, Jupiter’s Debilitation is horrific):





Here’s the Western Chart for Winter Solstice 2020

Note that Neptune is fated and imperative, square the Nodal Axis:

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which brought in the present Age is accompanied by Neptune in mystical and occult PurvaBhadra Nakshatra, with Neptune moving into Vedic the intuitive visionary waters of Vedic Pisces on 18.4.2022. PurvaBhadra Nakshatra is all about the expression of death, destruction and the path to rebirth: the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through the destructive storm. This offers many of us an increase in visionary potential, though the downside of Neptune is illusion, drugs, etc.

b. Pluto:
Pluto is conjunct Saturn: Pluto joined Saturn (and Jupiter) on 31.12.202, creating a real ‘Battle of the Titans’. Pluto smashes against Saturn’s blocks and restrictions, both at the personal level to do with your definition of yourself and your life-path, but also Pluto smashes at blocks on the social level. Pluto at his highest calls us to come into our own true power. And a special twist to the tale is that the USA Pluto Return is growing to is first peak in April 2023. The Darkness. The Shadow. These will have to be faced. And if we heal our shadow, Pluto becomes Kether – the light of the divine flooding to us from above.

Here is the chart for 31.12.2020 when Pluto joined Jupiter and Saturn in Vedic Capricorn. The Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction arises in the new arena of Vedic Capricorn, where it has not been since the start of the Sixties:




Uranus’ transit through Vedic Aries. And the last time this occurred brought in the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and his start of World War 2. And there are a lot of war hot spots now: Iran’s involvement in the Israel-Palestine war; China versus USA, UK, and Australia over Taiwan; Russia and Ukraine and the Black Sea; the Turkey situation; Kashmir. But at the personal level, Uranus is our needed Revolution. And Uranus is transiting square Saturn now, so the forces of Revolution are smashing against Saturnian repressive structures, now.

2. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart for the start of the Sixties New Age:

And, thirdly, here is the chart for 19.2.1961 which was the last time that a Jupiter-Saturn age started with Jupiter at its point of greatest debilitation – and this was when the New Age of the Swinging Sixties ushered in, and swept the old restrictions away, with a New Age of ‘Peace and Love Man’.
Here is the chart:




So, what are the planets impacting us with especial force NOW since Winter Solstice 2020? Having seen the charts, let’s look at the key energies in a little more detail to consolidate our awareness.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Vedic Capricorn at that date, where Jupiter is weak and Saturn super-strong, thus bringing in a reversal of the previous expansive blessing of Jupiter to Saturn-dominated time.

The vast arrival of Pluto into Capricorn to join them, and to smash at Saturn restrictions at the personal and social level on 31.12.2020.

Uranus transiting in Vedic Aries – where the last time that happened saw the rise of Adolph Hitler and his bringing in the World War 2 (and there are many war hot spots around our Earth at present). And Uranus revolution is smashing with a square aspect at, yes: Saturn at this time.

Rahu North Node:
Rahu’s transit through Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Gemini was the harbinger trigger energy for coronavirus epidemic. Measures to deal with the virus have radically changed our lives and societies. Lockdown has brought in a New Age.
Now Rahu has transited now into Vedic Taurus where he is casting a super-tense concentration-camp style energy onto – yes: Saturn.

What is the Challenge of this New Age?
We each now have an inescapable special challenge to understand the meaning for our life and for our society of the energy the planets are bringing into our life and into our society. Understand this New time that YOU are living in NOW.
What do you feel the new keynotes are for this time?
Let me tell you how you really do have to think outside the box and bring in Revolution now, in the way that is right for you, as your society faces inescapable change.
I feel personal sovereignty is a major issue of this New Age, and the call to take good care of yourself (at various levels, in various ways), and create a space of peace and strength for yourself.
No more Victimhood.
Ancestral Healing now definitely – clearing ancestral wounds.
I feel the call is to make especially strong and loving and spiritual, your own little corner of your home and your family and your community.
Importantly, the Coronavirus lockdown offered each of us a new focus and purging. Study that. Develop clear understanding of its lessons for you. That is part of the ushering in of this present New Age.

Be open to what this New Age that started at the Winter Solstice 2020 may make you become, may make you do. Try to take stock and understand now:

I can give you a personal example of the unimaginable change that the last New Age with Jupiter Debilitated brought to me: The Sixties: I am a ‘child of the sixties’ that was brought in by the last Jupiter Saturn conjunction that saw Jupiter so debilitated in dignity as he is now. I started off life in a Convent Orphanage and I was brought up essentially and with no reference to my nature or destiny, enforced to be a Catholic Priest.
But at age 17, everything changed.
Everything changed in a way that was quite outside my previous imagining. I had won a prestige scholarship to Oxford, and had organized delayed entry so as to have a ‘gap year’ doing Voluntary Service Overseas teaching in the Chesamisi Secondary School, Broderick Falls Kenya. But then the Mau Mau uprising occurred, and they were crucifying Europeans to trees, so VSO said ‘Now bother’ – and assigned me to a Kibbutz in Israel, instead.
But then the Arab-Israeli War broke out and VSO gave up trying.
So what happened instead, was the for me unimaginable: a former teacher got me a Christmas job washing up in the kitchen of a Country Dancing Centre in Devon. And it so happened that the chef there was the lead figure in a spiritual community in Glastonbury.
And she told me not to return home but to come to her community, instead.
And there, I was introduced to a New World that I never could have imagined. It was very hippy, and I seemed to be the only one doing hard work building and growing organic vegetables amid all the ‘peace and love man’.
But there Gareth Knight and Geoffrey Ash took me under their wing and told me all about the Arthurian current and Jessie Western’s From Ritual to Romance.
Also this time was indeed the centre of my first Sade Sate period when Saturn smashes out life-path and we suffer unless we embrace the new path that is right for us. So, it was double whammy for me.

But it’s a similar New Age now. There’s a big and growing challenge to our social structures, now. There’s a big and growing impetus for a New Age, a new spiritual outlook to form, for new social structures. We can each find our new sense of Self within that.

And I do have to say, I do not foresee a new people-friendly, planet-friendly world coming out of this.
And I have to say that I do not see that Conspiracy Theorizing will create the needed people-friendly, planet-friendly world coming out of this. I feel that is more an indication for people to address their own disavowed psychological problems.
Some of the planets now are in some ways similar to the Sixties, but remember, all that ended – with Margaret Thatcher!

And also note that very importantly, the planets are similar to the Second Crusade of 1107 and the Norman Conquest of England that started in 1066, brought about the imposition of a completely new class structure and Catholic Hierarchy at that time. Here is the charts for that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction with Jupiter debilitated:





Part 2: Spring Cannot be Cancelled

We can feel the full-on currents and tensions. In some ways, a New You has to be created. In some ways, a New Society has to be created in the countries we live in.

So the call is for you to look within now and identify: What changes for me, for my identity, for my beliefs, for my lifestyle? What changes for my Society?

Here is a more detailed summary of the exceptional pile-up of planet energies bearing down on us in this New Age:

The Jupiter-Saturn Return cycle that started with the Winter Solstice of 21.12.2020. Debilitated Jupiter = loss of Dharmic connection, loss of Blessing – and Recession.
At the winter Solstice of 21.12.2020, a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle started, with Jupiter and Saturn at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn.
Every Jupiter Saturn conjunction creates a new age, but this one was very different and special and exceptionally vast for humanity.
The specialness this time was partly because Jupiter was conjunct its degree of greatest Debilitation at 5 Capricorn at this date, and so an age of Jupiter which had run all the while Jupiter transited Vedic Sagittarius was ended, and an age of Saturn began.
Note that the last time that a Jupiter-Saturn age started, with Jupiter at its point of greatest debilitation was 19.2.1961, when the Swinging Sixties ushered in and swept the old restrictions away with a New Age of ‘Peace and Love Man’. Saturn and Jupiter were exact at 1 deg 56 mins Vedic Capricorn.
The Old was Swept Away. The New Era was Ushered In. Now, we are there again!

Sun aligned to Galactic Centre at that time. Connection to the great inspiration that emanates from there. The Sun was at 6 Sagittarius in other words, aligned conjunct to our Galactic Centre at 3 to 4 deg Sagittarius, which emits a constant stream of spiritual energy

Pluto arriving amid the Saturn Jupiter conjunction on 31.12.2020.

The USA Pluto Return starts – it will come to its first head in April 2023.

And on 31.12.2020, Pluto entered Vedic Capricorn and joined Jupiter and Saturn.

Pluto-Saturn: This issued in a war of the Titans, where Pluto pitted itself against the restrictions and blocks and traditions of Saturn.

Pluto-Jupiter: And where Jupiter and Pluto combined to form an explosive expansionary even plutocratic energy – except that Jupiter is Debilitated and the last time Jupiter was transiting here, it created Recession. The Celtic Tiger Bubble burst, for example.
Note that this Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction is all in an Earth sign – Vedic Capricorn, so people will be wanting practical actions and practical solutions, at this time.

But moreover, something utterly vast: this Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction ushered in the Pluto Return of the USA. This means that the USA will be compelled to face and heal its historical and present darkness, to come into true power. The first exact moment of this US Pluto Return will be around 4.4.2023.

Neptune  ushers in the New Era of Inspiration, vision and intuition (hopefully not denial, illusion and drain)

Uranus fights Saturn from Vedic Aries and the last time Uranus was here the world got Hitler and World War 2.

Rahu fights Saturn now with mind-bending tension and fears.

Mars has been so angry, lately, transiting in Ardra Nakshatra for example.

There’s an Eclipse season from May 26th to June 10th.

When did this happen before?

 I have to say, at this point in this presentation, that the last time that a new Jupiter-Saturn Age was ushered in with Jupiter and Saturn conjunct Jupiter’s Debilitation point, was actually in the early 12th Century. What was happening then?
Well, if I think back to what was happening in England at that time, the change was vaster than could be believed: The Normans had just totally and rapidly conquered the land, in an eyeblink, in 1066. A new Ruling Class was imposed. A new Catholic Clergy hierarchy was imposed. The Anglo-Saxon language was replaced by Norman French Upper class. Goodness, how could such change come so fast?

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. This Conjunction is Life changing! These three giants were last together in the same sign in 1145. In that year, the Pope launched the Second Crusade against the Muslims. Note the similar theme/energy to some of what’s been going on this time!

Here’s the chart for Now 15.6.1146, which clearly shows Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – the rare event of all three in the same sign:


So, what difference can we identify now, now that this Great Conjunction is back with us?

Well, the last time, in the ‘swinging sixties’, Neptune was in Libra an age of ‘Peace and Love Man.

This time, in the ‘terrible 2020s’, yes: Neptune is in the mystical Nakshatra of PurvaBhadra and in 2022 to enter intuitive sensitive Vedic Pisces.
But now, Uranus is transiting Vedic Aries and the last time this happened, Adolf Hitler rose to power and brought in World War 2, and sadly, note the extraordinary number of War Flash Points achieving prominence now, for example: Israel-Palestine, Russia-Yugoslavia, China-Taiwan-USA-Australia.
And note that at this time, Uranus transiting in Vedic Aries is sending a square aspect smashing away with Revolution at Saturn and his blocks and regimens in Capricorn.
And note also that, at this time, Rahu North Node transiting in Vedic Taurus is sending its fifth-house aspect to Saturn in Capricorn creating horrific terrible tension and anxiety of every flavour.

So, what will come out of all this?
The Dark is increasing with mass-medic manipulation of the masses.
Absolutist political leaders will prevail because of the poor social responsibility of the prevailing protest politics and civil riot and civil unrest.
But, so very importantly, I do feel also that these two trends will drive many to embrace the Light, instead.

Exploitation of the land will move the planet’s ecosystems closer to breaking point, with toxins providing health problems for the masses.
Economies will move deeply into debt (look at Italy, now).
War mongering will become more prevalent.
So, because of this, I personally do feel that there is a call to each of us to create our own spiritual state of consciousness and our own spiritual space for living. There is a call to each of us to create our spiritual networks and communities.

I would also make the call that each of the planets do actually hold a Divine Key for us, if we know how to turn it in the lock:
Visionary contact with the Divine Nature of these planets can support us, now.
For example, the special issue of debilitated Jupiter at these times. We can each make our own steps to boost our connections with his blessing and guru connection and sense of purpose. See my separate blog and Video about this.
For another example – and a key one: the Pluto Return of the United States calls for much Shadow Work and genuine individual empowerment. Have a look at the Journey to the Abyss that I offer.
Thirdly, Neptune’s transit through PurvaBhadra Nakshatra into Vedic Pisces next year can provide us with vision and sensitivity, though we need to avoid the negative side of Neptune with its illusion and delusion and drain and parasitism.
Fourthly, we each of us need to do work to become our own Divine Sun. our true Sun. our true reception of the divine Sun energy which rises above the reception of the Sun energy defined in our birth chart for this lifetime.
This shows just one way that Astrology can assist us with its potential for describing and analyzing the energy patterns, and with its potential to point us to do personal transformational spiritual work.

Vedic Astrology is a supreme vastness, especially if new dimensions of consciousness achieved since are added to it, for analyzing and pointing to spiritual response needed.

Western psychodynamic astrology is invaluable in revealing to us our sub-personalities and the nature of our egoic personality so that we can develop a more divine perspective onto our egoic Self that we took on in this incarnation.

Vision work to make connection with the Divine Nature of each planet is such a key issue to accompany your astrological awareness.

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