Jupiter in the Astrology Chart and in your Life

Meet Jupiter:

Jupiter gives us purpose. we are lost if we have no purpose to our lives, no purpose to what we do.

Jupiter is Brihaspati in Vedic Astrology: Jupiter is Guru divine energy. In Parashara, Jupiter is described as follows: ‘He is intelligently and endowed with all th branches of learning.’ He is the generous spiritual teacher and guide. He cares for our Dharma, the law of our inner nature, he shows us the guiding principles of our life, our own personal guiding light of truth, such as is indicated by the position of Jupiter in our birth chart. He insists on following of the good, and he shares law, religion and philosophy.

He is different from and goes beyond the conceptual knowledge of Mercury, which allows for attention to detail and clarity of articulation. Jupiter by contrast offers towards us an Intelligence that goes back to the impetus of the Eternal, back to the cosmic Intelligence, and so he is our Immanent divine. And his being is a creative force, and thus Jupiter in our birth chart can tell us about our karma for our children.

He is different from and he goes beyond Venus, because Venus is devoted to beauty and art, but Jupiter projects expansive creativity growing out of cosmic principles. He delights in expansion and unfoldment and sharing. He impels us toward our own individual inner fulfillment, doing what we enjoy, our own special spiritual mission, and as such guides us to our ideal career in this life.

Jupiter is positive and optimistic, and thus if we hear him we can find in sorrow the hidden gem. His expansion is daring and can know no limits. He can give you luck and abundance, prosperity and success, winning even when you don’t feel you have the winning hand, the great and unexpected inheritance. He gives us health, vitality and good immune system. In the realm of colour, his is yellow abundance.

Jupiter is the Priest who embodies faith, inspiration and divine worship and radiates grace beneficence and love.

Jupiter is the husband who is devoted and provides and protects.

But if our own personal reception of the God, Jupiter, is incorrect and karmically skewed, we could lose through ungrounded fizzy over-optimism and inadequate attention to detail and truth, over-spend, over-borrow, and go wildly beyond all resources, if our reception of his blessing is overly materialistic, we create the gaudy cage to preen in, we glitter with spa town show rather than be a good person. We gorge on luxury and neglect the simple homely truth and beauty. We live as if in a showy parade. If we are a priest, our teaching is just a matter of form and legalism.

Vision Journey: Let’s do a vision journey to meet Jupiter.

And now let’s study Jupiter in western and Vedic Astrology. A major theme of my astrology is the need to combine both western and Vedic Astrology  for the fullest declaration. It’s a principle offered in all my worldwide readings and courses. see: www.starwheelastrology.com

So: what’s the difference between western and Vedic astrology? Well, remember that Vedic astrology depicts our incarnational destiny and uses the Sidereal Zodiac, but western astrology depicts how we experience things psychologically and uses the tropical zodiac.

Jupiter is Brihaspati in Vedic Astrology: Jupiter is Guru divine energy. Jupiter is the Great Benefic, also called ‘Guru’. Jupiter is expansion of consciousness and also expansion of material things. Jupiter is divine grace, philosophic knowledge, happiness and joy. He is the indicator for children, spirituality, luck, fortune, affluence and creativity, faith in life, long-distance travel, optimism, and speculation. Jupiter shows us the way to health.

But Negatively placed in the chart, Brihaspati can be too materialistic, over-optimistic, over-expansive, exceeding resources, and too full of himself and self-indulgent.
And Jupiter is traditionally regarded as the indicator of the woman’s husband (though Mars can be indicative of the man in her passionate relationships).
Jupiter rules the Vedic signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is most Exalted at 5 Cancer and is most deeply Fallen at 5 Capricorn. Jupiter is Mulatrikona 0 – 10 Sagittarius.
Jupiter functions best in Cancer and his best House is the first.
Jupiter’s friends are Sun, Moon and Mars.
Mercury and Venus are enemies to Jupiter.
Saturn is neutral to Jupiter

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