Jupiter in Aquarius 2021

Jupiter enters Aquarius on 6th April 2021.

Jupiter leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on 6th April 2021, but Jupiter re-enters Capricorn for a couple of months, from 14th September to 20th November when Jupiter re-enters Aquarius to establish himself there and to transit forward in that sign.

Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius and Dhanistha Nakshatra is absolutely a time when we should listen out for spiritual realisations.

The energy is now going to be more philosophical and intellectual. Watch out for knowledge and discoveries.

The vibration is more humanitarian and kind. Jupiter will be aspecting so these signs will be immediately boosted Leo, Gemini and Libra by Jupiter’s expansive blessing energy.

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Jupiter is transiting Dhanistha Nakshatra at this time. Dhanistha is ruled by Mars and its symbol is the drum of Shiva, or the flute of Krishna.  Lord Krishna’s flute repre­sents the ego that has emptied itself, for the inside of the flute consists of space only.  Thus, the ego creates room for the divine energy (the game of Krishna) to flow through it.  The ego thus becomes an empty shell that can be filled with cosmic energy.

Jupiter enters Shatabishak Nakshatra on May 22nd Shatabishak means ‘100 Healers’ – we have to heal ourselves before we can really become the Healer of Others.

However, do be aware that Jupiter’s dignity has been very bad in Capricorn, but note that his dignity does not get much better in Aquarius. Jupiter’s dignity is rated at 1 point all the period he transits Aquarius, and when he returns to Capricorn, note that his dignity drops to -3 again: check out the graph! Importantly, make special steps to boost your connection to Divine Jupiter at this time.

Listen out for Inspirations. Boost the connection of Jupiter to your life.

I do feel that the mid-September Jupiter return to the sign of Capricorn is likely to be the hinge point for the current-arising of Recession.

Recession has been already evident in early phases due to coronavirus – a Recession which, as far as the Jupiter influence is concerned, will be a repeat the Celtic Tiger and World Recession which occurred one Jupiter orbit ago: in 2008.

That economic downturn was the longest since World War II. Jupiter last entered Vedic Capricorn 10.12.2008 – this was energy for the bubble to burst.

But returning to this time, Jupiter was supporting Saturn while Jupiter was transiting the sign of Capricorn with Saturn was transiting Capricorn, too (and of course, Saturn continues in Capricorn until 17.1.2023).

And do note that by the way, that although Jupiter supported Saturn while he was in Capricorn, Saturn did not really support Jupiter in return. Saturn significantly drained Jupiter – see the Rashi Avasthas – though Saturn did bring stability.

But as Jupiter now enters Aquarius for a few months, that support to Saturn will be absent. There will be areas of recession and some stock market decline and crashes (though some gains).

There will be quite major lack of confidence in the Economies of different countries. Taxes must rise. Fuel prices must rise. People will feel the need to earn in the way that is right for them, bringing a more spiritual connection to money for many.

Jupiter and Saturn were in exact conjunction on 21st December 2020. Previously Jupiter was dominant, but the time of Saturn is now dominant, reinforcing Saturnian qualities of restriction, discipline and consolidation.

I have really felt that I have had to tie up every loose end for months now. Life has slowed down. But if we obey Shani’s demands, then he rewards us with Golden Reaping.

Significantly for politics, at the time of the transition from March to April, Jupiter trines Donald Trump’s Sun, giving him luck and success. And promoting his launch of an alternative social platform to Twitter.

There will be a big breakthrough time now for Kamala Harris too.  Around April 13th Jupiter aspects Kamala Harris’ powerful, assertive (and fated) Ascendant conjunct Rahu her position will become empowered.

And here’s soem imporant stuff for how the planets will be relating to each other in the energies they send, and that we will experience.

Jupiter will be receiving an aspect from Mars in Taurus at the start of April, until Mars moves into Gemini on 14th April.

And Jupiter and Mars will both connect well when Mars moves into Gemini.

Jupiter is transiting Dhanishta Nakshatra, and Dhanishta’s ruling planet is Mars. This is all positive. Jupiter is transiting a Mars-ruled Nakshatra while Mars transits a Jupiter-ruled Nakshatra.

From mid-May, Mars is in a six-month Parivatana Yoga with Jupiter. This is because Mars will have entered Punarvasu ruled by Jupiter, whereas Jupiter transits Dhanistha ruled by Mars.

Watch out for the manifestations of these Mars-Jupiter connections and cherish them.

They will be good for putting plans and inspirations into action.


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