Jupiter has gone Retrograde: Take responsibility to create your inner sense of Blessing

Jupiter 2Jupiter has gone Retrograde
Important news for people with Moon in Sagittarius, as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and they are already in Sade Sate
Someone following my Vedic Astrology Course raised the issue of when planets become stationary during transits, and I replied to her comment saying that transiting planets could have direct, stationary or retrograde motion. There is deep material and spiritual meaning in each category. Importantly the slower the motion of a planet the more powerful its effect in our lives. A current aspect of this is that Jupiter has just turned retrograde at the very end of sidereal Cancer, and will remain so until April 2015, when it will become stationery and then will go direct again.
When a planet is retrograde, we are called to focus on its energy in a deliberate and inner way: introspection. Jupiter manifests his effects often in an indirect or devious way: so as to ensure opportunity for our spiritual learning. We have to pay more especial attention to the role of that planet in our consciousness, relationships and in our life.
As a special feature, in a woman’s chart: Jupiter is the indicator for Husband. Jupiter is also the indicator for children generally and eldest son in particular.
Jupiter defines our principles and philosophies and the things that inspire us. When he goes retrograde we reflect on our current teachings, inspirations and where they are taking us. Jupiter themes also refer to the hope and optimism we have for the future. So now there’s the risk of giving way to pessimism and disappointment. And Jupiter is also Guru: our teachers: are they right for us? In the ultimate sense, the impetus is for us to take responsibility and to ensure we promote our inner teacher, our inner expansion: our inner source of blessing.
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