Jupiter enters Hasta Nakshatra 14th April 2017 – Understand the present Jupiter Transit

Michael ConneelyOn 14th April 2017, Jupiter enters Hasta Nakshatra or Hasta Lunar sign as it is known in Vedic astrology. And i would say this brings a special caution that Vata impulses should not be allowed to reign over-free, but that Hasta’s true capacity for inspiration should be tapped in to to support Jupiter to bring you inspiraiton and genuine success.

By the 5th February 2017, transiting Jupiter had reached 29 degrees Vedic sign of Virgo, but on this day, he turned Retrograde, and Jupiter has been retrograding ever since.

Now, note that 29 degrees of the Vedic sign of Virgo, is actually in the very creative Mars-ruled 14th Nakshatra of Chitra. Chitra’s ruling deity is Vishvakarma, the Heavenly Architect. Chitra is the 14th in the wonderful and powerfully declarative 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of vedic astrology called the Nakshatras.

But on the 14th April 2017, Jupiter has retrograded to 23 degrees Vedic Virgo and so he actually retrogrades out of Chitra Nakshatra and enters into Hasta Nakshatra. Hasta is the 13th Nakshatra. And Jupiter will continue to be retrograde until 9th June 2017 when he finally turns direct at 19 degrees of the Vedic sign of Virgo. And thereafter, Jupiter continues to be direct, moving forwards again through vedic sign of Virgo and finally entering Vedic Libra on 12th September.

So, what change in the energies will we feel from 14th April, when Jupiter leaves Chitra and enters Hasta?

Well, Chitra is very temperamental and creative. Chitra’s power animal is the female tiger (and you really should NOT upset one of these!!!)

But Hasta on the other hand is ruled by the moon. It’s power animal is the female buffalo, and it is in the very airy Mercury-ruled energy of Virgo. Don’t let the buffalo run too erratically! Its Ayurvedic Dosha is Vata. Its gunas orientation is Tamas, Tamas and Rajas. Because Hasta is ruled by the Moon, the mind energy is moody and fluctuating, reflecting the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. Although they can Mercurially appear confident and in control, they are actually vulnerable, insecure and in conflict, always questioning themselves, and far too flexible about the truth, even to the point of cheating. Hasta can be the hand of the conjurer; let him now be the hand of the guru!

I feel we will lose the wonderful creative building energy that I certainly felt when Jupiter was in Chitra. Instead, I feel there will be much more of a wordy energy. And I feel there’s a danger with Jupiter in Hasta that some people will try to control others through wordiness and even sleight of hand. So, I feel the call when Jupiter is in Hastā from 14th April to 4th August when Jupiter re-enters Chitra again, having reached 23 deg Vedic Virgo is to avoid getting lost in wordiness and to check out is constructive work continuing to be done!!!!

Let’s face it, the true call of Jupiter is Guru. He is a refraction of the divine. So, we must take care that the inspiration of words in Hasta will only be used to genuinely communicate the energies and inspiration of true divine power and wisdom. Monitor and check out these communication and wisdom issues when Jupiter is transiting through Hasta. If Hastas, themselves, can avoid being drained by words, they will achieve expansiveness and reap the rewards of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square that is transiting in the heaven. They will express genuine inspired expansion and not get lost in words. It will be a wonderfully successful time for them, and for all of us who share the Jupiter in Hasta present inspiration with this awareness. Could be a good time for a job interview or designing a website.

Just to add a footnote about how the transit of Jupiter is reflected using the tropical zodiac of western astrology: Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac. But, in terms of the Western tropical zodiac, the Jupiter transit sequence is as follows:

5th February :    Jupiter turns retrograde at 23 degrees Western Libra.
14th April :          Jupiter leaves Chitra and enters Hasta Nakshatra at 17 degrees western Libra.
9th June :           Jupiter turns direct at 13 degrees Western Libra.
2th September : Jupiter enters vedic Libra, which is 24 deg western Libra.
– For details of the uses of the western and vedic zodiacs see my blog post.

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