Jupiter Astrology in December 2020

Jupiter Astrology in December 2020

Jupiter entered Vedic sign of Capricorn on November 20th, and thus has little strength, as Capricorn is ruled by the inimical energy of Saturn, and so Jupiter qualities of blessing, sense of purpose, guru connection and expansion will be weakened and damaged and Recession will come – as it did last time when Jupiter was in Vedic Capricorn in 2008.

With Jupiter so very weakened, his essence of blessing and enlargement will be reduced to almost nothing.

In my Readings, I combine both Western Psychodynamic Astrology with Vedic Astrology.

As an example of the vastness of the wisdom of Vedic Astrology, let’s use a couple of the unique techniques of Vedic Astrology to show the devastation done to our reception of the divine Jupiter energies, due to the fact that he is now transiting in the Vedic Sidereal sign of Capricorn:

Firstly, see the dignity graph of Planetary Strength for 1st December 2020:

Secondly see the Shodasha Vargas Table for 1.12.2020:

Thirdly, worse than that, he will seek to boost Saturn, but Saturn will take and take and take, and Jupiter will be left a shell.
See the Rashi Avasthas Table for 1.12.2020:

Jupiter has been transiting through Vedic Sagittarius for a year up to now (although he did dip into Vedic Capricorn for a bit earlier). This was expansionary and blessing, although the energy of Jupiter in his own sign Sagittarius fed the fanaticism that fuelled the divisiveness in the USA.

Understanding this transit on a personal level is important:
What House in your birth chart is Vedic Sagittarius?
What gifts did Jupiter bring?

Sagittarius is my 6th House of Health and Healing, and just as Jupiter was leaving for the next sign, I had magnificent health improvement. I was phoned by the surgery to say that Type 2 Diabetes which I had developed, was massively reduced, such that I could halve my medication. This was due to a diet which made me also lose weight.
I also discovered the wonders keto of beef broth which so increased my vitality and well-being.
This was the success that Jupiter’s transit of Sagittarius delivered for me.
What did he deliver for you?

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