Jupiter and Venus aligned to Galactic Centre

Jupiter transits Vedic Sagittarius from 5.11.2019 to 30th March 2020.
Venus transits Vedic Sagittarius from 21.11.2019 to 14th December 2019.
And part of this time they transit across the Galactic Centre!

Jupiter is the Great Benefic: If we re open to receive it, his energy gives us Blessing, Expansion, Guru – and Purpose.
Venus is the Lesser Benefic: If we are open to receive it, Venus gives us love, pleasure, sexuality, marriage, wealth and beauty. Venus is also The Preceptor of Demons: his energy is to heal darkness by niceness, pleasant wards and the example of beauty.
So, the lightning energy of Galactic Centre infuses both Jupiter and Venus’ energy around the beginning of December.

Galactic Centre is in the area around 3 deg Vedic Sagittarius (that’s 27 Western Sagittarius). It’s in Mula Nakshatra, which is ruled by Nritti the Goddess of Death and Destruction.
And the energy source also encompasses and infuses the space of several degrees either side of the 3 deg point in Vedic Sagittarius.
Galactic Centre is also the heart of the Milky Way – it’s an immense ‘black hole’, emitting huge, powerful cosmic energies.
Galactic Centre is Vishnu Nabhi, the Navel of Lord Vishnu. It is anciently seen as the Font of Light for the galaxy.

Jupiter and Venus have been transiting there (they were exact at 3 Sagittarius on 23rd November).
Jupiter is still aligned with Galactic Centre at the start of December. He’s at 5 deg Vedic Sagittarius on Dec 1st, in Mula Nakshatra.

So, this is where Jupiter and Venus are now receiving transformation, renewal and empowerment, increasing their blessing and inspiration. This is where they re being ENERGISED!
And this can really transform us, if we make the effort to be aware and respond. Remember we have to make the effort to be on the ball and embrace inspiration and opportunity. Remember, negatively, Venus and Jupiter together can be a rather lazy energy.
So, important task: Check out and even enumerate what inspiration has been coming through to you since the 5th November when Jupiter first entered Vedic Sagittarius, and since 21st November when Venus entered Vedic Sagittarius.

And this is the all-important next step: Heed the Wisdom of your Inner Voice.
Don’t disregard your guidance!
The inspiration coming your way may be metaphysical, occult or it may be to do with what pleases you or about love, or it may be practical.
Do look out for it.

Remember, in Vedic astrology, each planet is a God: it has a Divine Nature. It is a face of the Divine (we humans of course experience this through filters of sign, house and aspect).
So, with Venus then Jupiter transiting aligned to Galactic Centre, and with the two of them transiting Vedic Sagittarius in December, our Faith can be renewed.
We will receive from the Greater benefic, Lord Brihaspati: Jupiter, greater hope and wisdom, grace and sense of purpose. renewal of faith and good fortune and blessing.
This will combine with the essence of Venus as the Lesser benefic (The preceptor of Demons) Venus, Lord Sukra: pleasure, peace and harmony. As Preceptor of Demons, Venus’ energy is to subdue dark forces by kindness and beauty and gentleness.

Remember also that when these two planets were transiting up to four degrees either side of the zero crossing point of 0 Sagittarius, they were in the immaterial but potentially inspirational Gandanta zone.
There are three Gandanta Zones: the three water to fire sign transition points in Vedic astrology.
These are so very powerful in making this world insubstantial and unavailable for any planet there, especially in the actual degree either side of the 0 point crossing between the two signs.
In fact, what put me on to Vedic Astrology in the first place, was that it declares that any planet deep in one of the Gandanta Zones is very cut off from worldly support. My Moon is there. It means that mother will not be there for you to have Moon I the Gandanta. Western astrology knows nothing of this. So that is why I realised that I must add Vedic Astrology to the vast amount of western evolutionary and psychodynamic astrology that I already knew.

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