Jupiter and Ketu (South Node) transit Conjunct now: Inspiration Time!

Be alert to the inspiration offered YOU now as Jupiter and Ketu South Node transits ever closer in the Heavens. What special Inspirations are coming to you now???

A truly unworldly inspiration can come to us from this transiting Jupiter Ketu conjunction. Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, has the nature that rejects the material world and destroys it, but for purpose of our spiritual gain. Jupiter is the planet with the divine nature of Blessing, Guru, enlargement, expansion, spiritual purpose and religion.

The Jupiter-Ketu transiting Conjunction becomes exact on 5th January 2020. Look at the chart. Check out how it relates to your natal chart.

Here’s the Chart:
































Their transiting conjunction very much needs to be seen and understood in terms of crucial other energies that are being gifted to us to raise our consciousness at this time, see the following, for example:

The Saturn Ketu conjunction that has been tensely demanding that we heal some out of balance area of our life all through 2019.
Jupiter and then the Sun just transited aligned to Galactic Centre
There’s the now strongly arising demand of the Saturn Pluto conjunction.
The Eclipse of December 26th 2019.

Jupiter is religion and Higher Learning.
Ketu rejects religion, but for the divine purpose, if we can rise to it, of going into higher consciousness than the organised religions allow.

At this time, we are all reeling from the prolonged tension through 2019, of the Saturn Pluto conjunction, and out of this hard experience, now we have to successfully respond to the highest spiritual possibility of the Saturn Pluto conjunction. See my Blog where I advise that our needed best use of this energy is for each of us to carry his or her Holy Grail forward now, where Saturn is our chosen strategy to go forward to solve the tension and create great new life, where Saturn is the structure and the Container. And where Pluto is the divine energy of our personal Transformation (which may well require a death and rebirth experience).

Please do note that Jupiter is in a challenges state for a couple of years due to the other planets he will contact in his transit journey through Vedic Sagittarius, and then due to his transit through the sign of his debilitation which is Vedic Capricorn.

But please do note now and respond to your best now, to a truly unworldly inspiration can come to us from this transiting Jupiter Ketu conjunction.

And the energy of this conjunction is also very good for bringing us astrology inspiration.

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Jupiter and Ketu (South Node) transit Conjunct: Inspiration Time!
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