June New Moon Huge Energies Delve Deep Get Clear Direction for Success

The New Moon of June 6th is ideal for you defining your goal and way forward, exercising your will and bringing your spiritual awareness to powerfully manage the goals that are truly right and needed for You now. Bring about the collapse of the old in your life where some of the old needs to go!

Befriend you real power now. Delve where you need to into your unconscious and your shadow. Feel the spiritual enlargement you will gain when you do this! Feel Renewed. Feel empowered. Embrace the path of reconstructing your self. Review. Take control. Make intentions.

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Sun conjunct Jupiter brings you charisma and confidence. Treasure this. Express this.

Venus conjunct Jupiter embraces Love for its physical and its spiritual possibilities – as well as artisticness if you are inclined that way.

Embrace a new direction or a more successful doing of the direction you are on now.

Make a big step forward achieving your RIGHT goals.

The New Moon’s energies are complex with a number of very powerful facets. We do need to be aware of these.

Be aware that this New Moon’s energies are very multi-facetted and will activate several different parts of our self and our life path.

For example:

Mars is in Vedic Aries, so watch out for RAGE!

Saturn is super-strong and powerful so be karmically diligent. Practical. Determined. Creative. Consistent. Orientated to gains.

To see the Vedic and Western charts for the June New Moon and Full Moon and the ephemeris of planet positions in June, see my Starwheel Astrology June monthly page:

Now as very important guidance, we mustn’t be driven by the sensationalism and buzz words that are always around.

What we each really will benefit from is honouring the need to authentically go deeper and be aware and be truly honest with ourselves at this time,

Otherwise we will miss the wonderful opportunity.

Otherwise, we will miss the wonderful chance to grow spiritually and to manifest in the world.

So, at the time of this New Moon, we each do need to do attunement to the energies.

We each do need to do genuine, informed awareness development work.

And in this genuine way, we can then do powerful directed vision work – and do the so needed Intention-Setting – setting the intention that really can authentically change you and your life.

It is so important for you to also be aware of what House = ‘Life Area’ the Vedic sign of Taurus is in your chart, in your life. This is because that is the life area you are being called to bring to blossom and manifest now. Taurus is materialistic, practical and creative. Care for your Body.

Jupiter and Uranus are both in Taurus for a year, so if your sign of Taurus is damaged, e.g. by Venus the ruler of Taurus being conjunct Saturn in your birth chart, get a Reading from me and we will share how to heal this – so as to manifest your success and feel real happiness.

Basically the key facts about this New Moon are as follows. And as I said, do be aware that this New Moon’s energies are very multi-facetted and will activate several different parts of our self and our life path, and we need to have a grasp of this:

The New Moon has Sun, Moon and Venus all at 22 deg in the practical materialistic earth sign of Vedic Taurus (with six planets in total in the whole sign of Taurus, see below).

(This is 16 Western Gemini).

Be aware that Taurus includes the potential to manifest material gains. Plan to grow that side of your life.


Be aware that there are actually six planets transiting in Vedic Taurus. These are: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus.


Be aware that there is a very strongly powerful Grand Trine consisting of Ketu, Pluto and Jupiter:

Ketu South Node is transiting in the Healer sign of Virgo.

Pluto, the planet of our often-buried power is transiting in Vedic sign of Capricorn. Pluto is strong now due to its slow motion. This is Journey to the Abyss time to liberate your power:

Jupiter, the planet of Blessing, enlargement and connection to the Divine is transiting in Vedic sign of Taurus

So we do need to be aware that Ketu, Pluto and Jupiter are all in a super-powerful Grand Trine to one another.

Grand Trines can bring us great blessing – but it’s not automatic. We have to develop the awareness and we have to do the needed work!

Ketu in Grand Trine – Bring needed Healing into your life now. What sort(s) of healing energy and healing methods and products are truly needed and truly effective for your now? It is so wonderful to see so many people embracing new healing strategies during the Ketu in Virgo transit.

Pluto in Grand Trine – Delve into your Shadow and buried powers. Do your Needed Death and Rebirth work, your Journey to the Abyss. Come into the power you were meant to have.

Jupiter in Grand Trine – Bring a more spiritual awareness now. Attune to openings for blessing. Plan and be open to authentic strategies that will enlarge your expression fo your true self AND bring the practical wealth and rewards that Jupiter’s current sign Taurus can manifest.


As I said above, Mars is in Vedic Aries, so watch out for RAGE! (given that Pluto is square Mars).

And Pluto is square Mars at this time!!!

Positively, this really could get you being action-man or action-woman and in your proper power.

Be aware of and manifest the warrior energy of Mars inside you for you to express and work hard and achieve your needed correct goals and your express your wonderful potential, now!

And Pluto is trine Mercury – a good time for finding out what your empowered speech is like!


We also need to be aware that Saturn is square Sun, Moon and Venus, orb 2 deg.

Saturn, super strong in Aquarius the sign it rules, has a huge impact on Taurus the sign it aspects.

So we must honour Saturn’s energy of Lord of Karma and be diligent and hard-working.

Because this conjunction is now receiving this 4th House square aspect from Saturn orb 2 deg, it is very important to attune to the spiritual dimensions of what you are doing.

Do watch out for your energies feeling very drained as Sun moves into exact square to Saturn by June 9th.


Vedic Scorpio is massively activated by this New Moon.

Be super-aware that the SIX PLANETS in Taurus, plus Saturn super-strong in Aquarius, both of these are in a powerful aspect to Scorpio.

The Fixed Signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius are all massively activated by this New Moon: the Fixed Signs in your life are about to undergo some needed change!

What life area (House) is Scorpio in your Vedic chart?

Be aware of the death and rebirth energy, and the occult energy that is Scorpio.


It’s actually very important to be aware that Sun has a special and wonderful relationship with Venus on the day before and still on the day of this New Moon.

This is because when Sun and Venus are in the same degree (Cazimi) the Sun can shine on you with the full energy of Venus as well. Go for it.

Also it is so important to be aware that Venus going behind the Sun equates to the Journey to the Abyss of the Mesopotamian Goddesses Ishtar and Innana, where their Journey gave them vast additional power, and equate to Venus being evening star, then going behind the Sun, then being Morning Star, where Ishtar (Innana) thus became Goddess of Love as well as Goddess of the Earth because of the Journey to the Abyss that they did.


Jupiter hugely boosts the Sun, also Moon, Mercury and Venus, thus bringing expansion and blessing to your life in the life-areas of these four planets.

Four final but important-to-know details:


Be aware that the Nakshatra that Sun, Moon and Venus occupy is Rohini Nakshatra, and it is noted for its lavish, elegant, indulgent presence. It’s down-side is a self-pleasing energy. Often it’s too materialistic rather than spiritually open. The power animal is the make serpent.

Moon is super-strong in Taurus and also super-strong in Rohini Nakshatra because Rohini is ruled by Moon.


Be aware that the part of Taurus where this conjunction of Sun, Moon, Venus is, is called Rohini Bedha in ancient Vedic wisdom. It can be quite a dangerous energy and it calls you to be serious in your focus, and orientated on your spiritual destiny. Refuse to be self-indulgent or lazy: That’s important now!


Note that in terms of Star Energies, Sun, Moon and Venus are all conjunct the Fixed Star Rigel.
This energy can be bold, unruly or hasty, even a case of imposing your will. But used positively it boosts you ambition and luck. Beware the potential of Moon conjunct Rigel for worry or disappointment: watch out for that happening in your mind and emotions! The energy of Rigel can help you make and achieve the right step forward.


Black Moon Lilith is in a close opposition to Neptune. You may feel impelled to delve into your shadow and your unconscious to improve your awareness and understanding of your behaviour patterns – including your wounded patterns that now need bringing to the light and healing. Do you know what these are?

So I hope this information will be helpful to you. And I wish you all Blessings, happiness and success for the wonderful potential in this multiple June activation of the sign of Taurus.

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