June Full Moon Vast Visionary Energies and the Claws of the Scorpio Stars

All success in understanding the Vast Visionary Energies of the June 14th Full Moon and the Claws of the Scorpio Stars.

Here is a deeply learned and helpful presentation of these important to know energies: a two-part video plus this blog post – and there’s also a follow-up video coming up next, suggesting possible vision work to connect with and grow from these important to know and work with Full Moon energies.

Pt. 1: //youtu.be/IQo_LhBIyow

Pt. 2: //youtu.be/ifc7HEnm9dI

June Full Moon Suggested Vision Work outline: //youtu.be/6Kfbk9bboPk

So, the Full Moon of 14th June is at 29 deg Scorpio in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac. This is 23 deg Sagittarius in the Western Tropical Zodiac.
The Sun is opposite at 29 Vedic Taurus (23 Western Sagittarius).

You can see the charts in Western and Vedic Astrology on my June 2022 page of my Starwheel Astrology website.

This Full Moon is at 12.52 pm here in Ireland and 7:52 a.m. EDT.

This is a Full Moon which is square Neptune in Pisces (and you need to understand that). And it is also a Full Moon which comes following the still-settling vastly demanding energy changes of the Nodes of the Moon shifting into the Libra-Aries sign axis – with the huge, vast demands of that – demands which will persist for eighteen months.

And it is so important to be aware that this Full Moon also forms amid the gathering tense major destruction (but with possible healing potential) energies of the Rahu-Uranus-Mars conjunction which becomes glaringly exact on August 1st – all three at 24 deg Aries.

Above all you need to understand the unusual energies being delivered to us which arise from the fact that this June Full Moon is deep in the immaterial, unsupportive Gandanta Zone. Gandanta Zones are the transition point from Water to Fire signs (there are three of them) – transition points where the supportiveness of this world is revealed as immaterial. So, this Full Moon forms in the very difficult last degree of Scorpio known as Abhukta Mula – and this has huge implications when energetically experienced by all of us as a lunation (especially if you have Moon or other planets in Abhukta Mula).

So, in summary, you particularly need to understand this Full Moon, especially if you have planets in Libra or Aries (the new location of the transiting nodal axis), as well as in Scorpio-Taurus as it’s in the last degree of Scorpio in which this Moon forms – and also if you have planets in Pisces, as Neptune in Pisces is square the Full Moon axis.

And of course, as with every lunation, we all of us – each of us – need to identify the destabilizing energies of every Full Moon. We do need to perceive them more clearly, and we do need use the opportunity to work with them to direct our lives and manage our consciousness.

Note that as usual for each lunation, I offer a follow-on separate video suggesting ways of doing vision work to manage the energies of this Full Moon.

Let’s now go into the detail of this Full Moon’s energies which it is so important and useful and helpful for us to understand.

And I would add it’s so useful to do vision work with New and Full Moons, and this sort of detail that I offer about each lunation, really offer keys to deeper, vaster, more powerful and transformative vision work that can be so healing and empowering for each of us.

Full Moon in Gandanta Zone

So, in more detail, the first important thing to note about this Full Moon is that it is in the Gandanta zone at the end of Vedic Scorpio.

The three Gandanta Zones are zones of immateriality, where this world, Maha Maya, is experienced more and more deeply to be unsupportive – and this has a huge effect on our consciousness and on our lives – especially if we have natal planets in one of the three Gandanta Zones.

It was hearing about the Vedic Astrology declaration meaning of my natal Moon which is in the Pisces Gandanta zone at 19 deg 56 Pisces, which means that Mother will not be there for him so he must learn to mother himself as a life task – it was reading this that converted me to adding Vedic Astrology to my Western Astrology 28 years ago. It is actually the governing karma of my life – and the important thing to note is that Western Astrology knows nothing of the Gandanta Zones and what they do to us!

But you do need both astrologies, and for that reason, all my Readings and Courses combine both Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology, as well as the utter vastness of Vedic Astrology.

So, the important thing to know is that the three Gandanta zones (two degrees either side of the transition from a Water to a Fire sign in the Vedic Sidereal zodiac) are not at all strong, nor supportive for worldly matters. They dissolve and destroy and render immaterial or ‘weak’.

But note: from this realization, spiritual insight can grow.

There is huge potential from this knowledge and awareness, if we can learn to use it to achieve connection to the divine reality. This is simply because from the Gandanta Zones this world of Maha Maya can be seen more and more so to actually be unreal.

This earthly realm is of course important, because here we burn our negative karmas from our past life, and here in this world we seek to grow further our previous talents from past life.

But the true reality lies beyond this realm.

In Buddhism the definition of this true reality is Nirvana. In Hinduism, it is the God Realm: the Gods are Faces of the Ultimate Divine.

It is Lord Shiva dancing creation in and out of being, stamping his foot down on Apasmara the demon of ignorance as he dances with his snake and fire and drum beat of creation.

It is Lord Vishnu lying back in ecstasy dreaming the universe in and out of being.

Or it is the playing of Lord Vishnu’s flute.

Or it is  the death and rebirth loving power of Ma Kali – or of Goddess of Death and Destruction: Niritti.

So, the three Gandanta zones lie in the transition points from water to fire signs. They are the last 2 degrees at the very end of water sign and the first 2 degrees at the start of the following Fires sign. But note that the closer a planet is to the actual transition zero-point between the water and the fire sign, the stronger the realization there is of the unsupportive or unreal nature of this world. The three Gandanta zones are the transition points from Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo, and Scorpio to Sagittarius. The Scorpio-Sagittarius transition is known as Abhukta Mula.

It is not easy in worldly terms to have a natal planet there. But Abhukta Mula could be said to be the ‘worst’.

There is a strong enduring Vedic tradition that this is a terrible place for a girl to be born with her natal Moon there in Abhukta Mula, because this means that Mother is in some way just not there for the girl, and this causes terrible problems for the girl’s later marriage and mothering.

So this is what is the energy of this Full Moon 0f June 14th!!! I have been doing Vedic Astrology Readings and teaching for 25 years, and I have found this teaching about Abhukta Mula to be true (in addition to the Pisces Gandanta where I have my natal Moon). This truth has had the vastest effect on my own life – from my upbringing of orphanage and adoption, so I know it to be true – and I share this with others.

So, this June 14th Full Moon is at 29 deg 15 Scorpio and so if we attune, it quite deeply can reveal to us the true reality that lies beyond the unsupportive experience of this world.

And of course, we must remember that, always, a Full Moon is a time of strong emotional swings and feelings.

Full Moon in Jyestha Nakshatra

The second thing to be aware of is that this Full Moon is in Jyestha Nakshatra. Jyestha Nakshatra has an energy of superiority, but there is also the Jyestha nemesis. And these are an important addition to our awareness at the time of this Full Moon.

Jyestha can be a difficult nakshatra because of its associations with abandonment and betrayal. Jyestha is associated with the star Antares, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, marking the ancient cardinal directions. Royal Stars can give great gifts, but there is a nemesis to overcome first.

Note that often that nemesis is within us even it if appears to be represented by something external. And note that Jyestha can have the attribute of success if the person goes through the cleansing or cathartic life and death transformative experience.

Jyestha Nakshatra is at the end of Scorpio where the stinger is: The Claws of the Scorpion. And, yes, Jyestha is a Nakshatra of betrayal, jealousy, hardships and abandonment. However, it is also has the attribute of success – success that comes after a cleansing or cathartic ‘life and death’ transformative experience.

Jyestha is the nakshatra before Mula, the root, the Galactic Center. The Nakshatras are an evolutionary process of unfolding.

The Sun represents the unfolding of consciousness at the universal level and the unfolding of self-realization at the personal level. The Sun in Jyestha asks us to examine our relationship with power and betrayal and look within to see what role the ego has played in the related hardships we’ve endured.

Moon in Jyestha, however, (as here in this Full Moon), is a troubled, ‘unsure what to do’ energy (and this troubled mind can get them involved in inappropriate sexual relationships). But this is a Moon learning about spirituality and becoming more able to adapt to the greater spiritual force.

The ruler of Jyeshta is Mercury and Jyeshta represents the struggle of the mind to adapt to the new reality of life.

There’s the angst of Jyeshta connected to the mother or the relationship with the mother, that influences the whole life. Mercury is always the first Dasha (Vedic Predictive Period) for any Jyestha Moon person, and the end of Mercury dasha always carries negativity or karmic poisons within and to face these issues in childhood is usually difficult.

The Moon placed in the last degrees of Jyeshta, in Gandanta (as is the case with this Full Moon), is in a very difficult position. Here the storms of transformation are intense and life will transform at a very young age as the dasha changes from Mercury to Ketu almost immediately after birth. It is with these energies that we must connect and solve and grow with at the time of this Full Moon.

Remember: Jyestha gives us the Shakti Power to rise and conquer through courage and effort.

This is the courage and effort needed to conquer the ego the ego or false self. Then in the following nakshatra, Mula, we destroy the lower forces of the ego at their root.

But first in Jyestha, we must go into the depths of our True Self and learn how or where our ego betrays us.

Sun in Taurus in Mrigashira Nakshatra

The Sun of this Full Moon is in Mrigashira Nakshatra. Mrigashira is ruled by Mars. It’s an energy that is over-suspicious and hyper-restless to the point of burn-out, but if they do the spiritual work, they can find the ‘Soma’ they are really seeking

Full Moon square Neptune

The crucially important thing to also note about this Full Moon, is that it is square to Neptune. Neptune is square the Sun-Moon opposition of this Full Moon. What energy will this create?

Well, Neptune is in Pisces (at 1 deg Pisces in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra). Coupled with the Moon in the Gandanta, we are in a liminal zone!!!!!

Positively this Neptune-Moon energy combination can create an energy of vision as to how to achieve our goals. This is super-important to be aware of. We need to connect to our subconscious phenomena, and sustain a refined sense of feeling. We need to grow and nurture our Inner Vision and Imagination. Foster your Inspiration. Far-reaching wishes. Intensely vivid dream experiences.

But negatively, our negative unconscious can take over. Our delusions can prevail. Delusion will give us false expression of blocked unacknowledged fears and negative emotions.

perception. Fancies. Illusions. Lack of stability. Lies. Low-grade spiritualism or mediumism. Peculiar disposition. Strange notions. Crisis caused by laziness.

Star Energies

This Moon is at the end of Scorpio is within the stars of the ‘Claws of the Scorpion’, as I have already mentioned.

Specifically, this Full Moon is conjunct the star Lesath – an energy of danger and poison, accidents and catastrophes.

This Full Moon is also conjunct star RasAlhague which can be a toxic energy and misfortune – but out of these experiences and states of consciousness can come higher influences.

The Nodes have changed Signs

See my crucial videos and blogs series about what it means for each of us to have the Nodes transiting through Aries and Libra and the planets we have in Aries and Libra. This is big. It is a must-know for each of us!
See my Blogs and videos on Rahu transiting Aries, Ketu transiting Libra, Rahu transiting your planets in Aries, Ketu transiting your planets in Libra, the Nodes transition through the Nakshatras that lie within Aries and Libra.

Chiron is conjunct Mars

This is such an important energy to understand, especially if you have it natally.

What is this energy?

It’s a wounding by the masculine principle in our life.
Now is a good time, definitely, to focus in your vision work or awareness whether you are affected by this component of the Full Moon.

On the one hand, Chiron Mars aspects can indicate powerful creative energy which is wild and ruthless – merciless and caring nothing for others’ feelings – even violent. The berserker, the warrior, the Amazon. You perhaps need to discover what you truly want and go for it (or get swept along on a tide of meaningless activity).

This energy can be the woman who is over-identified with what she can achieve,  she is compelled to compete with men, or conversely she is wounded by devaluing her own ability to achieve, or she may attract men who show the negative side of Mars: brutality or violence (or conversely effeminacy).

But on the other hand, when it manifests the other way round, this energy when in our natal charts.

Or this energy could be the man who feels his masculinity is somehow wounded. There’s usually issues of failed fathering. Perhaps his childhood banished some vital energy to the unconscious (for it to emerge later: nasty and brutish, denied and obsessional).

He might mask his sensitivity by acting macho. OR he might seem docile, cultivated and refined and attract to himself a powerful woman (she then receives from him unconscious hostility, denied violence and deception).

He will have to build from scratch his masculine identity and power psychotherapeutic work; men’s’ work – a long and difficult path!

Do get a Reading from me if you have natal Chiron conjunct Mars.

Jupiter is Unaspected

Jupiter is at 11 deg Pisces, and if you look at the Western chart you will clearly see that Jupiter is Unaspected – it shows no aspect lines connecting it to any of the other planets of the chart for this Full Moon.

When a planet is Unaspected. It means that we usually loose, or cannot connect with, the energies of that planet. And we all need Jupiter!!!

But it also does mean that when activated by progression or transit, we are swamped with the sudden activation of our Unaspected planet – for good or ill results in our consciousness or out life.

So do check your consciousness and awareness at this time to check if you are getting pessimistic or weak and if you are lacking the expansiveness and guru-connection and sense of purpose that is the blessing of Jupiter.

Saturn is Retrograde and square the Nodal Axis

Saturn retrogrades at 1 deg Vedic Aquarius.

So, Saturn at 1 deg Aquarius squares the Nodal axis at 26 Aries-Libra this aspect has got power!

Check out what effect in your life the Saturn Retrograde is having. Are you tying up loose ends? Become properly ware of Limits, Limitation, responsibilities, now.

Check out what life area Aquarius, where Saturn is now transiting, is in your Vedic Chart. That life area especially will be affected.

Prepare for the fact that Saturn is going to re-enter Capricorn – what life area/House is Capricorn for you??

Saturn transited Vedic Capricorn from 24.1.2020.

Saturn only briefly entered Aquarius – for two and a half months, from 29.4.2022 to 12.7.2022, turning Retrograde 15.6.22.

Saturn does not become fully placed in Vedic Aquarius until 17.1.2023.

Do make space in your connection to this Full Moon to check out the demands of Saturn in your individual life. Saturn is square the Nodal axis now. Identify them. Understand them. Check if you are responding to Lord Shani, Saturn, Lord of Karma in the way that is right!!! This is a time to be responsible and disciplined.

this is a time to check you have developed the right strategy forward.

This is a time to dot the I’s and cross the t’s.

If we obey Saturn’s demands, we achieve Golden Reaping.

If we fail to understand them or flout them, we suffer.

So, all success in understanding the big energies of the June 14th Full Moon. This blog and the associated two-part video form a deeply learned and helpful presentation of these important to know energies – and there’s a further video suggesting possible vision work with these Full Moon energies is coming up next. The outline for the vision work is at the foot of this Blog Post – see below.

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Full Moon June Vision Work Outline

This is just a suggested outline for you to adapt to do vision work to connect to the energies of the 14th June Full Moon, and to heal and strengthen yourself, and raise your perception and your spiritual will – and clarify your aims and objectives, now.

Obviously, feel free to adapt my suggested outline as feels right for you.

Here is my suggested vision work outline to fully connect with the energies of the June Full Moon and heal and spiritual empower and chart our best course forward:

See the Full Moon of 14th June in the Heavens

Sun opposite Moon

Moon at 29 Vedic Scorpio at the end of Jyestha Nakshatra

Sun opposite at 29 Vedic Taurus in Mrigashira Nakshatra

Focus on the Moon, the Full Moon

Do you feel the dissolving energies surrounding the Moon from the Gandanta zone at the end of water sigh Scorpio?

Do you feel the immateriality?

Do you feel the unsupportiveness of this world?

What feelings do you get from that?
Your feelings might be anger and pride or hurt or fear.

What do you feel faced with the Void in which this Moon hangs?

Now, see that the Moon hangs amid the constellation: The Claws of the Scorpion –

See the star Lesath – an energy of danger and poison, accidents and catastrophes. It is conjunct this Full Moon.

See the star RasAlhague. It can be a toxic energy and misfortune. It is conjunct this Full Moon.

Feel the claws’ bite from the stars in the void, just as the ancient priests of Egypt, Persia and Mesopotamia and Greece felt the energies of each star.

How do you feel?

See: this world dissolves more and more.

What do you see now in the Void?

What do you feel at what you see?

Now, holding your earlier sight of Sun opposite Full Moon, see the square aspect to Neptune.

See that Neptune is at 90 degrees to this June Sun Moon opposition.

What do you feel, see, hear as you focus on Neptune?

Neptune at 1 deg Vedic Pisces.

Focus on connection to Neptune energies.

How are you left feeling as you look at the right-angled triangle formed by Sun and Moon – and Neptune T-square these.

Open your vision eyes. What do you see?

Now sense also that you additionally stand amidst the energies of the Nodes of the Moon transiting in the heavens: their energy of fate and destiny.

Ketu South Node where we come in from past life. Rahu opposite Ketu: rahu the direction of our life purpose and our destiny

Ketu South Node transits Libra bringing critical tensions to Libra, but if we work with these, we can raise the spiritual level of our relating.

Rahu North Node transits Aries, compelling us to assertion – which has to be used lovingly and wisely and also for our success.

And square the Nodes rides the slow stern presence of Saturn

What calls to discipline, direction, strategy and hard work do you hear Saturn making to you?

What calls do you hear from Saturn energy?

As we end, see Mars handing in the heavens next to Chiron. The Mars energy is wounded.

Do you feel this by trying to be too Mars-like, or are you too weak?
Focus within your self, within your consciousness, within your body – and do work to correct your wounded Mars.

Then, connect to the blessing and sense of purpose of Jupiter energy and make your resolutions based on what you have felt and seen in this vision session.

Conclude your vision session