June 2024 Astrology Pt 1 Great Opportunity but tortuous Pressures

June 2024 starts with tortuous diverting pressures and confusions that we must succeed in managing.

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To see the charts for the New and Full Moons and the Ephemeris of planets positions in June in both Vedic and also Western Astrology, go to my Starwheeel Astrology June month page: https://starwheelastrology.com/june-2024/

But we also need to bear in mind that there was a great conjunction of ‘Thank the Lord Success’ and Revolution on 20th April. This was with Jupiter and Uranus both at 27 Aries.

Then Jupiter and Uranus, the planets of great success and expansion/blessing and Revolution, moved from Aries to Taurus:

Jupiter entered Taurus on May 1st.  

Uranus enters Taurus on June 1st.

But we need to realize that, at first, in June our minds will be pulled all over the place.

This is because from June 1st to 13th there are six planets all messed up with each other in Taurus. Some of them fighting each other. I explain the method used to predict planet relationships, below, later in this post.

So, on June 1st the month starts with five planets in Taurus:

Uranus is at 0 deg Taurus

Jupiter is at 7 deg Taurus

Mercury is at 2 deg Taurus

Venus is at 16 deg Taurus

Sun is at 17 deg Taurus.

Then at the date of the New Moon on 6th June, the sixth planet, Moon, giving New Moon at 22 Taurus, Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are all in Rohini Nakshatra which is ruled by the Moon and placed within the sign of Taurus which is ruled by Venus.

This makes six planets in Vedic Taurus – but only up to 7th June, because Moon enters Gemini on 7th June, Venus moves to Gemini on 13th June, then Mercury moves to Gemini on 14th June, then Sun moves to Gemini on 15th June.

So, by the 15th June the plethora departs – and just Uranus and Jupiter are left in Taurus to work their revolution and magic in your life.

So: What is their magic? Do you know? Have you tried to define it? Have you tried to maximize and express it? Have you benefitted from it?

Manage your mind. Pace your self. Don’t overload your diary. Focus on the great benefit being offered to you by the Revolutionary combination of Jupiter and Uranus.

Are you actually open to receiving it? OR are you blocked in some way from receiving it??? Again, I give examples of how we might be blocked from benefitting to this Revolution energy below, later in this post.

But before I mention astrological techniques such as planet relationships and understanding of blocks where we have them, I want to ask you to make a very special attempt to define where you want and need to bring Revolution in your life. This is a very auspicious time. Don’t waste it.

Obviously, we take into account what House/Life area Taurus is in our birth chart, but each of us does need to put time aside to do a journey to ask ourselves in what life area do we need to bring in Revolution and Expansion? What might the steps look like? Please don’t miss out on this. Tarot can be useful. Monitor your Dreams. Make a Review of your progress at least once a week. The energy is all about New Ideas. New ways of doing your work. Innovation! New Projects!

Mars moves into Aries on June 1st. Mars is super strong in Aries, the sign he rules. Be aware of this. Do exercises to increase your strength, to increase your confidence. He moves into Taurus on 12th July.

And remember that around the time of the New Moon of 6.6.24, it is of course an imperative time for Intention Setting as to how you need to run issues in your life until the next New Moon. This is so crucial. Do Lunation Work!

Pluto is super-strong because he is in very low motion. He moves retrograde from 7 Capricorn 42 to 7 Capricorn 11 in June. I must tell you I have had several people enroll for an astrology reading with me accompanied by a Journey to the Abyss. Journey to the Abyss was well known to the Greeks and the Babylonians for example. And the key point is that when any of us goes into the depths of our personality with the intention of liberating our buried power, then we will increase our power, increase our expression of our power. Journeys to the Abyss are drawn from the myths of Persephone, Ishtar and Innan. Each of them went into their darkness, but each of them came through that shining with vastly new power.

Get in touch with me for a Reading combined with a Journey to the Abyss.

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Saturn at 24 Vedic Aquarius casts a square aspect on the 6th June New Moon stellium of Moon, Sun, Venus at 22 Taurus. This will offer you stability, discipline and hard work. Go for it! Get in touch with me for a Reading.

Both Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus cast an aspect on the sign of Vedic Scorpio. Here Lord Shani, Lord of Karma, offers death and rebirth stabilizing energy of needed change. Go for it! Get in touch with me for a Reading.

Lilith Black Moon at 5 Virgo gives an opposition aspect to Neptune at 5 Pisces. What an opportunity this is for vision-work and journeying to delve into the hidden matter stuffed down into your unconscious and your shadow if you have natal planets in the Virgo Pisces axis. Get in touch with me for a Reading.

The final super-important point for the first third of June and beyond indeed until May 2025, is that with Ketu transiting Virgo we are all of us being offered opportunities for Healing Method revolutions. The accounts I could give you of these are wonderful. It can be so needed to get outside the box of State Medicines.

Also Past Life and Ancestral issues will arise for you to heal if you have planets in Virgo.

I said earlier that I would mention the techniques of assessing how your planets treat each other. I use and teach Rashi Avasthas = How Your Planets treat each Other. Get a Reading with me. Join my wonderful Astrology Course:

All my courses focus on the astrology of two people: you and me. This is to ensure needed authenticity. All of them combine both Vedic with our Western Astrology. This is to ensure needed fullness of declaration about our karmas and life purpose and our personality.

The Rashi Avasthas – How Your Planets Treat Each Other for the New Moon of 6th June, which I just mentioned, shows extreme frustration, fighting and tension. For example:

Saturn trashes the Sun from a strength score of 363 strength points to – 8 points!

Venus trashes the Sun from a strength score of 363 strength points to -57 points.

Sun trashes Mercy from 386 strength points to only  22 strength points.

This technique is so worth knowing about. Get a Reading from me. Enroll on my Course.

Also bear in mind that the Moon and Venus are Combust due to their proximity to the Sun. combustion brings a lot of frustration. But we won’t go in for that – will we???

I also said earlier that I would mention how you might know if in your case you are blocked from benefitting from Taurus gains.

This will occur if you have a Cancer Ascendant where Taurus your 11th house of gains is ‘Bhadaka’ and so you carry karmic blocks to value and gains.

It will also happen if for example, Venus the ruler of Tarus is debilitated in the sign of Virgo in your birth chart, or if Venus is conjunct Saturn for example. Do get an astrology Reading from me if you have these blocks, and need to know ways of liberating yourself from them:

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Don’t miss out!

So basically I have covered June 2024 Astrology up to the New Moon of 6.6.24, and strands of the month’s astrology beyond that. Do look out for my upcoming videos and blog posts about the New Moon of 6. 6.24 and also the Full Moon of 22.6.24, where I will share with you more detailed astrology about how the rest of June can unfold for you, and how to maximize your Revolution Opportunity and Gains.

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