July New Moon offers Spiritual Growth amid Clashing Energies

The July New Moon is amid a clashing seeming impossible and deeply confusing mix of two huge contradictory energies:

The growing violent revolution energies call of the Mars/Uranus/Algol conjunction


The implacable call to ground and manifest our karmic life purposes now – Saturn having turned Retrograde on 30th June).

But – It is surprising what we can do!

And it’s all drenched with the need to negotiate the conjunction of Neptune Retrograde conjunct fixed star Scheat.

The two Fixed Stars Algol and Scheat are activated at this time – the two most terrible star energies in the heavens.

And – The New Moon is Square the Nodal Axis, so working with it can really help our Karmic unfoldment.

See the video:

So how can we make sense of it?
Well, we can!

By the way, you can see the charts for July and this New Moon on my Starwheel Astrology July month page: https://starwheelastrology.com/july-2024/

Now, actually, the nature of the Nakshatra this New Moon falls in does have the potential to help us. The New Moon is at 20 Vedic Gemini in Punarvasu Nakshatra.

Punarvasu is an unsettled restless questioning energy, but it seeks spiritual solutions and thus it can carry away the storm clouds of the preceding Nakshatra: Ardra! Punarvasu has within it opening to the Ray of Sunlight. Renewal. Being spiritual and forgiving.

The fixed stars that are actually conjunct this New Moon itself are very exceptional: they are Sirius and Canopus.

Sirius is an energy that can confer on you honour and renown

Canopus is educational and knowledgeable and can change evil to good.

So let’s look at the three utterly huge energies surrounding this New Moon. We need to understand them. We need to work with them.

They are:

The growing Mars/Uranus/Algol Revolution conjunction.

The sternly loving Saturn Retrograde Karmic imperative call.

Retrograde Neptune conjunct the worst star in the heavens: Scheat.

– So at the time of this New Moon, three huge very different energies will dominate us. Let’s look at these:

Mars-Uranus-Algol: Mars is at 25 warrior Vedic Aries now, closing on Uranus: an utter immensity of Revolution energy that will conjunct exact at 2 Taurus on 15.7.24 – and it’s conjunct the terrible fixed star Algol – a disastrous energy.

You have got to know this and be careful and plan what you do – and what you DON’T do in July.

You have got to identify what Revolution you need in your personality and your life – and bring it in.

Algol is the Head of the Gorgon Medusa. With snakes instead of hair, everyone who looked at her was turned to stone. An energy of misfortune and violence. You don’t want that! Passion that can inspire or destroy. So let us ride the fear we might be feeling and be inspired to handle the upcoming energies with passion and success and spiritual awareness.

Saturn is Retrograde since 30th June at 25 Aquarius, on of the signs that Saturn rules. He is so strong. He demands we identify what karmas we came to work with in this incarnation, and that we both recognize them and work to fulfill them now. What are your Saturn karmas in this life? Get a reading from me.

I am having Saturn retrograding opposition my natal Saturn now. The call is stupendous, and remember, yes Saturn has just gone forward, and now he is turning back again over the same patch of the heavens, but he will go forward again for a third time – all three movements of Saturn activating what that are of the heavens – and the areas of our charts that Saturn is aspecting  a total of three times! Since the retrograde turn of Saturn just now, I’d like to share tat I feel I have been blessed and gifted by one really deep karmic imperative in my life. I hope you are similarly blessed!

Neptune is Retrograde at 5 Pisces and conjunct the dreadful star Scheat. Scheat and Algol are the most catastrophic of star energies and they have each have a conjunction activation from a planet now. Scheat energy causes misfortune and drowning. Worry, loss, accidents. But Scheat’s energy can lead us to love of truth, search for truth, successful free-thinking. Mental endeavor.

And fo course Neptune’s energies negatively are illusion and delusion, but positively they are wonderful intuition.

I have always found that a useful answer to the questions and energy challenges of a New Moon is to do vision work and intention setting. Of course this includes looking ahead to the Full Moon on 21st July with Moon at 4 Capricorn and Sun at 4 Cancer, and then on to the next New Moon beyond that on 4th August.

People have their own methods. But I really respond to checking out what I am feeling at this time then drawing a tarot card and a rune, then doing a shamanic journey.

The card I drew was Death.

So the questions I ask starting my journey include:

What needs to die in my life now? including habits, life patterns, behaviours, relationship scripts.


What Revolution needs to come into my life now? Including value issues and relationship scripts.

I feel so much clearer since I did the journey.

In fact the Tarot Card I drew was The Banshee (it was a Celtic based pack that I used this time). The Banshee is the Death spirit of ancient Irish spirituality. I deeply remember seeing the film when I was a little kid in 1959: Derby O’Gill and the Little People. It included the implacable scene of the dreadful coming of the Banshee, the bringer of death, coming to collect a person who would die. I couldn’t sleep that night. I had to have the light on.

I really do recommend that you check out what House (=life area) is the sign of Taurus in your Vedic Birth chart. Get a Reading from me of the issues of that House at this time of the coming Mars-Uranus-Algol conjunction and also Saturn Retrograde now.

So, all Blessings to you at this time of ferocious clashing utterly different energies. Rise up now after applying your Vision. Develop your Perceptions. Implement them. make this a growth time of success!

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