July Astrology Pt 6 Pluto square the Nodal Axis Come into Your Own Power

Pluto squares the Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, in July 2023.

Don’t ignore this!

This brings a special importance to Pluto energy and understanding. It focuses especially on the issue of how you relate to your own Power.

But there’s also Past Life awareness implications.

Ketu South Node is about your Past Lives and residues from that affecting your personality and the things that will happen to you and the things you must do and the growth steps you must make in this life.

And Rahu North Node declares your evolutionary journey forward in this life, your destined life-path and purpose.

When Pluto is square the Nodes of the Moon, you will be called to come into your proper power to understand the detail how your past life scripts are manifesting and what must be healed – including ancestral issues

And also when Pluto is square the Nodes of the Moon, you are called to come into your proper power to adequately and fully walk your destined path forward.

Who am I? is core

What is my identity?

What baggage do I carry?

Who must I become in this life?

What healing must I do to release negative residues – plus the things they made us do wrong in this life?

This tranit is a huge opportunity.

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Here’s some detail of the Pluto transit in July:

Pluto has been retrograde since 3rd May 2023.

In July 2023, Pluto retrogrades from 5 Capricorn in July entering 4 Capricorn on 20th July and ending July at that degree.

Pluto ends his Retrograde and stations and turns direct on October 10th at 3 Capricorn.

And Pluto squares the Nodes of the Moon at this time.

Hidden power, transformation and rebirth are the key impetuses for us to develop awareness about and heal ourselves and grow therefrom.

Reclaim your power.

Heal your traumas.

Eliminate the sense you may have been living in of impotence and powerlessness.

Get rid of negative associations.

Find space for introspection and development of self-awareness. Look deeper into your Shadow: raise the power that is there, but eliminate the evil.

Now is the time to develop awareness of ways in which you are toxic and relinquish those ways.

Such ways are brooding anger and hatred, dwelling on revenge.

Be aware of the negative Pluto manifestations such as control, power-over dramas.

Make this a positive Death and Rebirth time – with clear vision and ethical penetration of awareness.

You might want to do a Journey to the Abyss. These can be so healing and empowering.
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Do the process to delve into your Shadow, to journey to your Abyss, and to release suppressed dimensions of your psyche. Bring these to the surface for integration into your conscious expression of your Self. Break from your past. It’s the Journey to the Abyss of Persephone. It’s the Journey to the Abyss of Ishtar and Inanna.

Overcome your Fears.

And note that if you have planets in the first half of Libra or the second half of Virgo, the current Ketu through Libra and into Virgo will grow your fears and can leave you lying awake in Fear.

The Nodal square to Pluto will bring a Fated dimension to your task of healing your fears, and raising your shadow material to the light.

Past Life issues could very well need to surface.

Do a Past Life Journey.

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This Pluto square the Nodes energy is a call to decide what you really value in your life. It can make you decide to change your career!

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