July Astrology Pt 5 Venus Mars and Lilith Boiling Pot hit by Saturn and Uranus

We all of us need to understand the boiling pot of huge energies that are created by the Venus, Mars Lilith conjunction at the start of July – plus the huge inputs from disciplinarian Saturn and revolutionary Uranus into the boiling pot.

It could be said to be mind-bending. It could feel so messy and weakening or diverting. But actually it can be understood, and thus managed for our successful happy life journey through July.

Let’s look first at the centre of the extraordinary boiling pot: Lilith-Mars-Venus.

On 1st July, Lilith is at 25 Vedic Cancer

conjunct Venus at 26 Vedic Cancer (Venus enters Leo on 7th and goes retrograde on 24th)

conjunct Mars at 0 deg Leo.

  • and Venus and Mars are in close conjunction until July 10th.

It’s lovely that Mars has gone into Fire Sign Leo after his water-sign drenched long transit in Cancer, though he will have to get out of the Gandanta zone of the Cancer-Leo transition point first to be full the Mars in Leo Action Man.

And the other challenge is that Venus and Mars are a steamy desirous fraught energy, that is more about fraught passionate desire than love.

Then there’s the question: what does Lilith add into this Venus-Mars mix – and how do we manage that and even benefit from it?

Well, Lilith is our shadow material, including what vast and powerful fraught energies were denied and stuffed down into our shadow.

Including also what guilts and socially unacceptable things were stuffed down into our shadow.

And above all, Lilith is also our ‘Wild Side’ – knowledge of that was often denied or forbidden.
We all need to know who our Wild Side is, if we are to come to the fullness of ourself, if we are to be free and authentic, as we each need to be, and of course we need to learn to express our Wild Side ethically.

So I think you can see from this description, that there are a lot of frustrated energies around that could make us irritable or angry, and indeed could make us be destructive of love and divert/mess up the Mars in Leo Action Man – from the start of July.

You see:
Lilith in Cancer is like the fiercely possessive momma: possessive and triggered, but protective.

Lilith conjunct Mars is angry demand for freedom, rage trigged by suppression and striking out on your own path.

Lilith conjunct Venus is the anti-subservience campaign in intense relationship demand.

– That’s a quick-guide to the energy input from Lilith into the Mars-Venus conjunction.

So, I would say the task is:

To be aware that the energies of July are weird and driven, be very focused, manage mind and emotions and bodily-held wounds/residues. (I’m using overtone chanting and drumming, but that’s just what suits me).


Prioritize loving relationship by handling any incidents with agreed sharing: Tenderness and Vulnerability are key.

Take loving steps to relate and share and discuss in a loving way, which will counter the destructive dimensions of this boiling energy pot.


Value and support the Mars in Leo Hero guy!

But we ALSO need to KNOW that there’s an amazing four more energy inputs affecting the Mars/Venus/Lilith Boiling Pot of Energies. We really do need to know are there affecting our minds and feelings and behaviours. It’s almost mind-bending. But we have to manage it for our highest good:

In order of power of impact these four are:

Stern demanding Lord of Karma Saturn in Aquarius opposes Mars and Venus in Leo. This becomes exact on July 20th.

The Mars – Saturn combination is great frustration and anger.

It is initiative versus blocks.

The keynote is to cultivate patience.


Revolutionary Uranus in Aries squares fiery Mars and Venus in Leo (Uranus at 28 Aries exactly square Lilith at 28 Cancer on 30th July). We do need to find and manifest correct revolution in our lives.

Mars is also under trine (5th House) aspect from driven though over-expansionary Rahu North Node in Aries at this time, especially July 5th to 18th.


Note also that Gandanta is a very important to know about fourth additional factor: that Venus and Mars are moving through the Cancer-Leo Gandanta zone (Gandanta energy is two degrees either side of that zero point). The three Gandanta zones are zones of immateriality that do odd things to planets in them, but dealing with the strangenesses can create spiritual awareness and growth.

So we all need to be careful and aware. And people with planets in the signs that Venus and Mars occupy and rule, should be extra aware, and they should manage their consciousness and give priority to relationship care and loving sharing at this time.

Tenderness and vulnerability are the key words.

The New Mars in Leo Guy:

It’s so very important to realize that once Mars passes out of the Gandanta (i.e. passes 2 deg Leo), Mars will be expressing a new dimension so different from the long-running tedious Mars in Cancer energy that we have been experiencing.

The new Mars is the Leo Mars of self-esteem and motivation – and he will feel good.

But we must be aware throughout that there will be lots of problematic energies eddying round Mars and pitting themselves against Mars, BUT don’t let these throw your concentration, awareness and purpose.

So, make a commitment now to harness that Mars in Leo energy. To treasure that.

In fact, Mars transits Leo from June 30th until August 18th.

This period will be so good for connecting to your Warrior Self.

For getting work done.

For being decisive.

For being dynamic.
But also watch out that that energy in itself does not get too dramatic, imperious and over action-packed.

The Aries-Leo Fire Signs Effect in July: It is also so necessary for each of us to realize that with Mars in Sun-ruled Leo throughout July (plus the fiery energies in Aries), the July energies will become fiery and action-packed.
And furthermore we must each of us realize that this fire will not only be because Mars is in Leo and Leo is a Fire sign, but also because Rahu, Jupiter and Uranus are also in a Fire sign, namely Aries.

Venus too is transiting Leo, so the Venus-Mars combination energy will be steamy and passionate and desirous, but not necessarily happily loving. Take care to rectify that. Agree with your partner how to handle it. Commit to Tenderness and Vulnerability.

Handling Saturn opposition Mars:

As l said Saturn is in opposition Mars increasingly so up to July 20th.

So, key guidelines for managing Saturn opposition Mars are:

Yes, express revolution and new adventure BUT also embrace order in bringing in the New You.

Yes, express passion, BUT also practice discipline.

Order meets adventure, discipline meets passion.

Yes embrace Mars in Leo’s flair and sense of self and assertion of that,

BUT also honour the demand Saturn makes on you for discipline – at the same time.

Realize that on the one hand, we have confident Mars in Leo strutting, but on the other hand then we have Saturn in Aquarius in august presence that cannot be denied: Saturn, the Lord of Karma.

Handling Uranus square Mars:

Mars and Uranus are initiative and needed newness.

But we have to mange that with awareness: Saturn in Aquarius brings a sense of structure and responsibility and discipline.

Mars Uranus also brings irritability and anxiety and difficult incidents.

So we must realize that at this time we have to honour both sides of the Saturn – Mars equation, both sides of the Saturn Uranus input.

And in addition to that, at the same time, it is essential to honour love with tenderness and Vulnerability and shared agreement.

And that in addition to all  that you must also develop awareness and expression/healing of your unconscious factors – AND: not deny your Wild Side proper expression.

Handling Uranus square Venus:

There’s also the Uranus/Venus aspect and energy combination. July 2, Uranus at 27 degrees of Aries will be in an exact square with Venus at 27 degrees of Cancer. This occurs three times: July 2, August 9, and September 29.

So don’t expect a quick fix!!!!

Venus-Uranus is impatient for quick fix.
Uranus Venus energy people can be good at gadgets and technology. But they can be too impatient about love and not nurture love in a steady way.

In the extreme, the Uranus Venus combination can point to unexpected events, sudden upsets in relationships, sudden upsets in finances.

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