July Astrology Pt 4 Jupiter – We do have to be careful to cultivate a pure, divine energy of Jupiter

The perfected energy of Jupiter is Blessings and expansion and sense of purpose.

So check out what House (life area) Aries is in your Vedic birth chart and seek to cultivate this pure form of the Jupiter energy and awareness of it.

So if Aries is your 10th House of career, for example: cultivate expansive and spiritual dimensions in your work. But beware over-ambition and destructive over-doing of career.

We do have to be careful to cultivate a pure, divine energy of Jupiter. We have to learn what that is.

You see, at present, in July 2023, Jupiter is conjunct Rahu North Node of the Moon (Jupiter at 14 Aries, Rahu at 6 Aries at the start of July). And Jupiter conjunct Rahu can be so very over-ambitious, very Ra-Ra-Ra, and so destructive or bullying.

And Jupiter transiting Aries which is ruled by Mars can be just too over the top and we can drain ourselves and swamp others.

Check out, also, what aspects Jupiter is casting to other parts of your chart.

So, for example, if Jupiter is transiting square your natal Ascendant (Ascendant is how we project ourself into the world), you would need to cultivate awareness of a number of Jupitarian issues, and cultivate purification of how you project into the world.

And quite possibly the over-revving energy of Jupiter could be well-dealt with by for example sound healing at this time to calm you into your body and purify residues in your karmic/energy body that would otherwise be over-driven.

So in the case of the sample transit: Jupiter square your ascendant, my advice would be:

Realize that you need to cultivate your awareness and adjust your concepts about yourself, your life path, and how you assert in order to ensure the proper nature of the success you are striving to be aligned with.

You may have opportunities springing forth, but get side-tracked or over-expansive or even lazy and self-congratulatory and so fail to manifest the fullness of the success the energies of now are aligning you for. Really important. Check this out!

You may be trying to go too far too fast. Your ambition to upgrade and maximize too many parts of your life may lead to you making bad decisions.

Bigger and Faster does not mean Better!

Excess could undermine your spiritual proper way of being and living and asserting in the world.

I would also recommend that you put a lot of energies into relationships at this time (Jupiter is in opposition to the sign of Libra which is about relationships) and in doing so, you can better understand where changes need to be made.

Jupiter is transiting opposition Libra, now, thus adding insights to the effect of the Ketu South Node’s Transit through Libra –

Ketu’s transit through Libra offers relationship tension and gifts – each of which can be handled in a way that will lead to Relationship Healing.

Tenderness and vulnerability are called for.

And Ketu’s transit through Libra offers insights that could enhance your awareness and handling of your Past Life issues or more strongly, Ketu’s cutting spiritual realizations are about your need for a realignment/change of your life direction.

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