July Astrology Pt 3 Saturn and the Nodes of the Moon

This is your Pt. 3 July 2023 video and Blog which tells you about the July energies of Saturn, Lord of Karma and also the energies of the Nodes of the Moon.

Strong and fated energies are running.


Saturn Transit in July:

I do feel that many of us will be most affected by the energy of Saturn.

Saturn turned Retrograde on 17th June at 13 deg Vedic Aquarius.

And he only gets to 11 deg Aquarius by the end of July.

Saturn’s motion is virtually standstill.

So Saturn carves the demands of his energy and nature deeply.

We are all – each of us – being called to tie up loose ends,

to dot the ‘I’s and cross the ‘t’s in July

– or we will suffer consequences.

But if we respond to Saturn’s nature we will experience some golden reaping and grounded joy in correct achievements and results.

You will feel Saturn’s imperative especially strongly if you have natal planet in Vedic Aquarius or Leo (but not only those signs are key-affected of course).

Check out what House (= life area) is Aquarius and Leo in your birth chart (and the signs that Saturn aspects now). That will define the life area most affected.

At this time of July 2023, with Saturn transiting Aquarius, if you have your natal Moon in Vedic Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, you are in Sade Sate.

Sade Sate is the seven-and-a-half year period when Saturn transits through the sign before the sign of the natal Moon, the sign of the natal Moon and the sign following the sign of the natal Moon.

Contact me for a reading to fully understand the nature of the karma demand and mundane incidents Saturn is creating for you over this seven and a half year period.

Contact me for a Reading also if Saturn is transiting your 8th House from natal Ascendant or Moon – you need to be careful informed and aware and dedicated to embracing change and management of the difficult energies.

Contact me for a Reading, especially, if Saturn is transiting your 22 Drekkana from your natal Ascendant or Moon (the first third of your 8th House). This transit is dangerous with unavoidable need-to-know events in your life and consciousness.  

So, what is the Sade Sate period like?

It is like going down into a pit, cut off from God’s grace so that we can see and learn the limitations of our own unaided personality and incarnation.

The turning point when Saturn ceases to go down into the pit and starts to rise up out of it is when Saturn actually transits across the Moon in your birth chart.

You will be needing to let certain things die now in your life in order to re-organize your psyche, your beliefs and your associations and lifestyle, in order to be more immediately connected to the divine.

The more pride and fixity or illusion about themselves a person has during Sade Sate, the more they suffer. You will need to deal with turbulence or depression of the mind, for example thorough healing modalities. Before the exact transit, there will be risk of false complacency.

Sade Sate is always typically a period of such things as ill-health, separations, confusion, blocks and problems, separations and deaths.

Basically Sade Sate is a period the first half of which is like going down into a pit. As we go down, we feel we are cut off from God’s grace, with the divine purpose that we have to stand in the light of our own merits and develop more enlightened consciousness through spiritual practice especially meditation.

The Divine intention of this is so that we can see how inadequate our own merits are, how much we need the divine in our lives. The ideal response is to shed parts of our egoic sense of self and our life circumstance that separate us from God.

This means that there is a big turning point half way. Then we start to arise out of the pit.

The suffering or negative circumstances we encounter during Sade Sate have the Divine aim to get you on course: i.e. more closely adhering to your individual dharma and developing more enlightened consciousness. The individual dharma is the path that you incarnated to tread.

The Divine purpose is to get you to develop more enlightened consciousness, also patience, fortitude, diligence, ethics, etc. the aim is to motivate us to connect to God and your True Self and your true purpose, to develop inner calm, content, self-control, circumspection, sense of duty, to overcome what at the egoic level are the delusions of inhibitions, fluctuating moods, inferiority complex, melancholy, obstinacy, unstableness of character, illness (due to mental suffering), lack of self-confidence and fear of exposure.

The period of Sade Sate, more especially the first half, is often accompanied by some sort of big separation or a death in the circle, a move of house, a vale of tears, a period of restriction and lack of confidence, feeling a failure or lack of success. There will be unanticipated problems, maybe loss of position, maybe heavy loses, sickness, etc. The second half is more like the ‘hard road up’: the hard road up to better spirituality and success.

Please note that the ‘bottom of the pit’ may comprise just one aspectation of the natal Moon by transiting Saturn, or there may be three aspectations: where Saturn goes across the natal Moon, back again and then forward again over it (the whole turning point therefore lasting in this sort of case for about nine months). And it is generally the case that this bottom of the pit time when Saturn actually transits conjunct your natal Moon is the toughest part of all, of Sade Sate.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Your experience of Sade Sate will actually depend on your having good astrological perception of the time scale of the period, but above all: also having transformative and healing tools, and techniques for the management of Mind. How you fare will depend partly on destiny factors, but partly also on the ‘level of your consciousness’ and your management of your life-scripts.

Note also that Saturn’s Transits through the Nakshatras either side of your Moon are a more accurately timed definition of your Sade Sate period than Saturn’s transits through signs – though both have validity.

The Nakshatras are the supremely useful 27 sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.


The Nodes of the Moon Transit in July

Ketu and Rahu: South Node and North Node:

Ketu South Node is transiting Libra until 30th October.

Ketu (always retrograde) is calling all of us to focus and respond to our relationship issues at this time, since he entered Libra on 12th April 2022.

It was this energy that motivated me to set up my LoveStarDating international Dating site – for those on a spiritual pathway who are seeking love. It’s supported by a wonderful panel of Astrologers and Healers.

Specifically watch out very carefully if Ketu is transiting one of your natal planets in Libra. Huge demands to understand and respond to Past Life issues will arise.

Ketu’s energy can be horrifically sharp, so be careful – and respond to the spiritual insights and openings and opportunities for Healing.

Basically Ketu cuts away that which should no longer be part of us and part of our life path in this life – and he cuts for spiritual purpose, and so we can be reborn as a result of the Ketu cutting!

The Ketu Sun can become powerful, via extreme purification processes.

Check out what House (=Life Area) Libra is in your Vedic natal chart. That will define the life area most affected.

Of course, if Ketu is transiting your natal Ketu then you are having your all-important Nodal Return: your re-encounter with your Past Life issues and your fate and destiny demand for this life – get a Reading from me to handle this optimally.

And if Ketu is transiting your Destiny Point (Bhrigu Bindu) the results can be sharp and nasty, but ultimately you are called to open to and use the insights and maximize them.

Get in touch with me for a Reading and I will analyze the nature of your Destiny Point and explain and suggest channels of awareness and healing.

I’m so aware of the potential accuracy of the Destiny Point’s (Bhrigu Bindu) meaning because Ketu is transiting mine now (conjunct Mercury) and it’s so obviously true, and so obviously crucial to know and implement and work with.

You need to know about your Destiny Point’s (Bhrigu Bindu). Get a Reading form me that includes it.

Rahu North Node is transiting Aries until 30th October.

This is powerful driven energy. Are you up to understanding and responding to it and managing it properly?

It’s driven and ambitious, so needs to be purified and handled with awareness.

Check out what House (=Life Area) Libra is in your Vedic natal chart. That will define the life area most affected.

Rahu North Node (always retrograde) is transiting Aries until 30th October.

Rahu is in Ashwini Nakshatra, now, who’s energy includes encompassing healing: so – look out for possible ambitious drive for Healing in your life.
As Rahu enters the first two degrees of Aries from 23rd September (and then crosses into the last two degrees of Pisces) it will be transiting through that Gandanta zone.

A Gandanta Zone (there are three) is a zone of immateriality and lack of Supportedness from worldly dimensions.
As I said, there are three Gandantas Zones in Vedic Astrology, where water sign ends and dissolves and from it. But because the Nodes Retrograde, Rahu will be going through the collapse of Fire into dissolution as it passes 2 deg Aries and nears 0 deg Aries.

And then into the dissolution of Water into the Void as Rahu goes from 30 Pisces to 28 Pisces.

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