July Astrology Pt 2 Why you need Western and Vedic Astrology for full insight

As I was preparing for the videos and accompanying Blogs for my July 2023 Astrology and Healing Newsletter, I was filled again with the realization that adequate full and deep authentic astrological statement absolutely needs the combination of both Vedic and also Western Astrology.

So I thought I’d share just four brief examples to show why it is I so feel that one needs both Western and Vedic Astrology for fullness of declaration and to avoid wrong statements:

I was so feeling the energies of the present transit of Jupiter square my Ascendant at this time, declared by Western Astrology – but that transit is outside Vedic Astrology rules.

The Vedic Astrology aspectation formula does not include this.


I am so hugely feeling the transit of Ketu South Node over my Destiny Point (Bhrigu Bindu) which is conjunct  Mercury in Vedic Astrology – but Western Astrology knows nothing of our Destiny Point.

The accuracy of the declaration of my Destiny point is huge and crucial to know, for example to know how to navigate it and express it most fully at this time that Ketu is transiting conjunct it!


I am so feeling the Mars energy transiting in a Gandanta Zone now (Cancer to Leo).

Gandanta Zones are zones of immateriality and lack of Supportedness from worldly dimensions.

There are three Gandanta Zones in Vedic Astrology, where water sign ends and dissolves – and from the Dissolution: the following Fire sign flares – tiny at first  and then stronger.

It is absolutely key to know about it if you have a Gandanta planet in your birth chart.

But Western Astrology knows not how to identify the Gandanta Zones nor what the absolutely vast karmic effect planet placement has there!


And I just wanted to you know about a really crucial project I’ve been undertaking over the past year or so:

I have been taking the western astrology planets of Chiron and Lilith into the vastness of Vedic Astrology.

Indeed I have been studying at great lengths, including taking Chiron and Lilith also into the Divisional charts of Vedic Astrology.

The Divisional Charts, or Varga Charts as they are called are derived from the Vedic birth chart, and each Varga chart says something so special and unique and crucial to know about our destiny and personality.

 I can tell you that the wonders and insights derived from doing this are so very crucial for each of us to know.

It is so needed and enlightening to know how the truths of Chiron our Existential wound and Lilith our Shadow/Unconscious/Wild side are revealed with in the fate and destiny declaration of Vedic Astrology.

So please note that all my Readings and Courses always include the needed combination of Eastern and Western Astrology, including:

  • The vast outer planets and healing dimensions of Chiron and Lilith from Western Astrology
  • With the immense karma, fate and destiny need to know accuracies of Vedic Astrology.

The insight result is spectacular!

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