July 2024 Uranus conjunct Mars Revolutionary Decisions and Action Time

There’s really positive revolution offered to each of us now. But we have to realize that good and needed Revolution comes to us at this particular time with some pretty fraught disorientating energies as well.

We need to be wise and careful and cultivate our ambition.

Forewarned as to the detail and the timetable is forearmed!

Hard times can make strong ones of us!

See the video:

Mars and Uranus join up in the heavens around 14th July. This has great revolution potential for you – but is a violent energy.

How will you handle this?

What preparation do you need to start doing now to make the wonderful right decision for you. For areas of your life. For your future?

What insight development work do you need to use now to build up to these crucial decisions?

Sometimes it is deep psychological issues that need to be sorted in your life. Stuff from your unconscious or your Shadow that can even run the show.

Sometimes it can involve a deep awareness of your life scripts and purpose and karmas, if you are to make the right choice.

Other times, it can be a need for changing your current life patterns and day-to-day management of your life.

The peak date for this Revolution energy is 14th July. Use this run-up time to get very clear in your mind:

What are your key goals?

What changes need to be made?

What are your needed steps to achieve those changes?

How must you handle them in relation to the other people in your life?

How will you handle this growing revolution energy going forward in your life?

The Mars-Uranus energy is tension. It is a struggle for survival. It paves the way for a test of nerves.

It can bring sudden violent events.

It can gift us sudden application of energy.

It is the urge for Freedom.

It can bring unusual achievement through extraordinary effort.

It offers the birth of Courage.

Do do the needed preparation and deep delving and decisive decision making to benefit from this transit.

This Uranus Mars Video and blog post is actually the first of a number of upcoming video and blog posts I am doing about the huge energies of July 2024.

You can see the monthly July page on my Starwheel Astrology website for the charts and ephemeris in both Vedic and Western astrology: https://starwheelastrology.com/july-2024/

So look out also for my four other upcoming July 2024 videos and posts about other huge July energies that we need to know about and handle. These are:

There’s the super-strong but very different from Uranus energies of Saturn. Saturn is Lord of Karma. Saturn’s energies are carved very deeply in July now. Watch out for my upcoming video and blog on Saturn energies now.


Neptune is strong now in Pisces: planet of our better vision (or delusion). And Lilith is opposition Neptune!


Pluto key to our Power and our Buried Power issues is strong now.


Chiron square the Sun.

Here’s the Mars-Uranus time-table plus two immense add-ons:

So basically the Mars Uranus energy grows in the following four ways. It’s a warrior energy of revolution:



The Revolutionary conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus that started this whole scene off was actually on 18th April at 27 Vedic Aries.

Next, Jupiter entered Taurus on 1st May.

Next, Uranus entered Taurus on 20th June.

Now, in July, Uranus transits from 1 deg to 2 deg Taurus all month (that’s 25 – 26 deg Taurus in the Western Tropical Zodiac).



Mars, the warrior planet of action, starts July at 22 Vedic Aries.

On 12th July Mars enters Taurus

By 14th July Mars exactly conjuncts Uranus the planet of revolution. The action energy combination of Mars and Uranus for Revolution is immense!

But there’s the huge twists to the tale:


There’s Fixed Star Algol:

This is the first twist to the tail – And it’s a huge twist to the tale:

The Fixed star Algol is exactly conjunct the new Uranus-Mars conjunction of Warrior energy Revolution.

Algol is the head of the Gorgon Medusa. In ancient Star Lore wisdom, Algol causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, disruption, anger, outrage, mob violence. It is described as the ‘most evil star in the Heavens’.

But absolutely do note that the Vedic and Hindu spiritual paths, like Tibetan Buddhism are TANTRIC.

And the Tantric perception is that it is not only through the ‘nice and the beautiful’ that we humans will find spiritual growth – it is also by us facing TERRIBLE faces of the Divine as well.

Death and Rebirth can connect us to the Divine.

Shedding skins and rebirthing can connect us to the Divine.

So the key point is that, when purified, this Algol energy can be a gateway for us to connect to the Divine.

By facing the difficulties in our life now, and by creating a strategy for appropriate Revolution now, we will each connect better and better and more with the Divine, and more so embody the Divine.


And there’s the Fixed Star Capulus: the second twist to the tale:
Capulus is also conjunct the Mars-Uranus conjunction.

Capulus energy is male, sexual or aggressive, even brutal, the conquering hero skilled in hunting and war and single minded.

We can also tune in to the positive side of Capulus energy and behave in the needed and successful skillful, directed noble warrior way.

Just as a special end-note, the Mars-Uranus conjunction becomes exact on 14th July, but note that on the 16th July the Moon is at 2 deg Scorpio, exactly opposition the Mars-Uranus conjunction.

So on the days around 16th July we will need to be very aware of the Moon’s transit and its effect on our minds and emotions, and manage our minds and our attitudes and our actions with even more awareness and care.

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