July 2023 Astrology Energies Pt 1 Introduction:

Phew! I feel that the energies we will have to negotiate in July 2023 are very muddling, but with some very clear calls to action and strong possibilities.

July 2023 Astrology Energies Pt 1 Introduction:

July 2023 Astrology Energies Pt 1 Introduction contd:

With Rahu North Node, Uranus and Jupiter all in Vedic Aries it’s action-packed call to achieve and assert, valuing freedom and revolution. And Ketu South Node transiting Libra is a huge call for past life healing and rebirthing our life direction if you have planets there.

Bit’s so important to be aware that Venus, Mars and Sun are caught up in muddling energy changes which will affect our sense of Self/identity, our need to keep a focused direction and energy of implementation, and especially our crucial need to preserve and maximize loving relationship. Tenderness and vulnerability are keynotes.

Positively-speaking Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces can open doors to insight-creation, and intuitions.

And above all, Pluto square the Nodes and the Chiron retrograde transit call us to heal what we might not have acknowledged even needed healing. Come into your power. Heal your wounds.

The way I personally am planning to handle July is to avoid scatter, to be determined to manifest chosen goals, and to do sound work to centre my mind and keep embodied and connected to who I am: so in my case overtone chanting and African drumming, both of which make me feel so much more centred and less tense.  

So, here is my overall summary of the planet movements and energies for July 2023. Below is a brief summary of the movements of the planets in July, what we might feel and what effect these energies will have on our consciousness and our life.

For the fuller detail of the key energies of these transits, please look out for the follow-up parts 2 – 6 of my July newsletter which will be upcoming over the next few days. These are as follows:

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Full Moon July 3rd Attune to this edgy power and succeed in your project

Oh, and by the way, for the astrology charts (both Western and Vedic i.e. Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs) of the July New and Full Moon and the Ephemeris of the planet movements in July, please see the July 2023 monthly page on my StarWheelAstrology website: https://starwheelastrology.com/july-2023/

OK, here’s the detailed July 2023 Astrology Energies Summary:

Sun transits from 15 Gemini to 15 Cancer during July.

Basically Sun in Vedic Gemini is mentalistic and knowledge gathering, but can be over-loquacious, rather scattered and even nervous.

But when the Sun transits into Vedic Cancer, it’s a transition from Air to Water occurring. The mind will be less mentalistic but can be moody, so guard about that and especially connect to what your intuition is offering.

Mercury transits from 15 Gemini entering Cancer 8.7.23. then Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo 26.7.23 (passing through the Gandanta), ending July at 9 Leo.

When Mercury is so close to the Sun in Gemini, Mercury is combusted, so not good for communications and posts, travel, trade and commerce, etc.

And Cancer is not a good setting for mentalistic Mercury, so we will need to make special conscious effort to keep our communications clear.

Mercury in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta can be very open to spiritual insights.

Then we have Mercury in Leo, and a more self-reliant energy of Intelligent Action, bright-mindedness, good recall and more confident and inspiring speaking or writing, planning and organisation.

Venus transits from 26 Cancer to Leo.

Venus energies will be in such a mess.

Venus enters Leo on July 7th (passing through the Cancer – Leo Gandanta – and Gandanta Venus can be very unreal about the nature of the love relationship, and fo the personality of the lover)

But Venus turns retrograde 23.7.23 at 4 Leo, and Venus ends July at 3 Leo
Looking ahead, Venus will actually return to Cancer (i.e. going through the Gandanta again) on August 7th.
And Venus is retrograde from July 23 till Sept 4th!

By transiting into Leo for all July, Venus joins Mars which is also in Leo.

So what with Venus joining Mars, receiving an apposition aspect from Saturn, with Venus retrograding and Venus having Gandanta energy at time, we really have to be careful of our love relationship.

See the next paragraph about Mars, where the double-edged Venus-Mars combination is analysed.

The important summary is: be really careful to maintain love relationship. Be very aware.

Venus retrogrades only once every eighteen months or so, and it impacts us hugely when it does so. The fundamental call is for each of us to review the reality of our love relationship. But the key reality must be to be very loving and sharing with our loved one at this time. There can be sudden changes of heart and of what we value. Ideally it’s self-reflection, sharing and deepening of love and value.

Mars starts July at 0 Leo (in the Gandanta).
Whilst Mars is in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta, this will be over-emotional and insecure, worried
and fearful, frustrated and irritable. Indeed note that Mars transiting Cancer over the last two years has been debilitation of the Mars energy. Recognize that. Evaluate how have you felt in your energies, then prepare to rise as the Hero now! Do the needed work to be in your body and sustain your needed objectives and strategies.

But once Mars passes out of the Gandanta and i.e. passes 2 deg Leo, the Leo self-esteem and motivation will feel good.

There will be lots of problematic energies eddying round Mars and pitting themselves against Mars, but harness that Mars in Leo energy. Treasure that.

Mars ends July at 18 Leo

In fact, Mars transits Leo until August 18th.

This will be good for connecting to your Warrior Self.
But also watch out that that energy in itself does not get too dramatic, imperious and over action-packed.

So, with Mars in Sun-ruled Leo throughout July (plus the fiery energies in Aries), the July energies will become fiery and action-packed,
This is especially as Leo is a Fire sign and Rahu, Jupiter and Uranus are also in a Fire sign, namely Aries.

Venus too is transiting Leo, so the Venus-Mars combination energy will be steamy and passionate and desirous, but not necessarily happily loving. Take care to rectify that.

And do be aware of two key factor to do with Mars:
1. Mars starts July conjunct Venus and Lilith (Mars at 0 deg Vedic Leo, Venus at 26 Vedic Cancer and Lilith at 25 Vedic Cancer). Lilith is our shadow and all that is stuffed into that – including our Wild Side.

2. Closing and getting exact July 20th Mars moves into opposition with Saturn. The Mars – Saturn combination is great frustration and anger. It is initiative versus blocks.

See my upcoming July newsletter pt. 5 for more detail and understanding on these two big very important-to-understand energies affecting Mars.

Jupiter transits 15 to 19 Aries in July

The perfected energy of Jupiter is Blessings and expansion and sense of purpose.
So check out what House (life area) Aries is in your Vedic birth chart and seek to cultivate the pure form of the Jupiter energy and awareness of it.

This involves the need to be aware that Jupiter is conjunct Rahu North Node of the Moon (at 6 Aries at the start of July), which can be so very over-ambitious, very Ra-Ra-Ra, and so destructive or bullying.

Also be aware that Jupiter is transiting opposition Libra, and thus Jupiter is adding insights to the huge effect of the Ketu South Node Transit through Libra – insights that could enhance you awareness and handling of your Past Life issues or Ketu’s cutting spiritual realizations about your need for a realignment/change of your life direction.

See pt. 3 of my July Astrology newsletter all about understanding and managing the Jupiter energies.

Saturn retrogrades 12 to 11 Aquarius in July

There is a big call to tie up all your loose ends now.

See Pt 2 of my July Astrology Newsletter all about the Saturn energy.

And do note also that throughout July, Mars in Leo is increasing exactly in transiting opposition Saturn in Aquarius – and this is exact on July 20th.

The Mars – Saturn combination is great frustration and anger. It is initiative versus blocks. Do be aware of this possibility and manage your focus and application on your key tasks and you your key life priorities. Expect to feel frustrated and blocked. Be aware.

Don’t let it throw you.

Uranus transits 27 to 28 Aries in July.

Note that Uranus, Jupiter and Rahu are all in Aries.

What does this energy mean for you?

I suggest that it’s a call for increase in your freedom of expression and key imperative of bringing needed revolution into your life.

Manage this with sense of purpose and being open to enlightenment.

Neptune retrogrades at 3 Pisces in July.

Neptune is Retrograde from June 30th to December 6th.

Positively Neptune in Pisces is visionary and mystical and open to valuable insights and supportive of psychics. It’s good for Shamanic journeying, vision work and Tarot.

Though beware the shadow side of Neptune: confusions, misunderstandings or even deceptions at this time. Neptune energy can create drain.

Neptune is transiting in PurvaBhadra nakshatra which is the serpent path to transcendence, but it can be rebirth through the destructive storm. Be prepared to handle such energies positively.

Pluto has been retrograde since 3rd May.

In July 2023, Pluto retrogrades from 5 Capricorn in July entering 4 Capricorn on 20th July and ending July at that degree.

Pluto ends his Retrograde and stations and turns direct on October 10th at 3 Capricorn.

And most importantly note that Pluto squares the Nodes of the Moon in July.

See my Part 5 July Astrology Newsletter for more detail all about this vast and important Pluto squares the Nodes of the Moon transit.

Hidden power, transformation and rebirth are the key impetuses for us to develop awareness about and heal ourselves and grow therefrom – now.

Realize that Pluto square the Nodes and the Chiron retrograde transit all call us to heal what we might not have acknowledged even needed healing – now.

Come into your power.

Heal your wounds.

You may find it insightful and healing and empowering to do on of my Journey to the Abyss. These can be so healing and empowering. Go to: https://starwheelastrology.com/journey-in-to-the-abyss/

Chiron starts July at 25 Pisces ending the month at 26 Pisces.

Check out if this Chiron transit affects sign/house or planet in your chart which carry energies of woundedness in your life and your consciousness. This is really important to do. Get a Reading from me. I am finding it so valuable to carry over analysis of the Chiron wound effect into Vedic Astrology analysis, including seeing where Chiron falls in the Varga charts of Vedic Astrology. These are the Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology, each of which says something super-special about a particular area of our life.

Chiron Retrograde is a call to look within and take stock of: what are our wounds? How do they affect us? How can we heal them? And often we then also become the Healer of others. For example a person with Chiron conjunct Mercury in the birth chart, who was seen as not very good a student at school, can have a Chiron Healing energy (e.g. Chiron transiting opposition natal Chiron and then go on to become a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

Lilith starts July at 25 Vedic Cancer ending the month at 28 Cancer. Lilith is thus conjunct Venus closely and also conjunct Mars – and therefore Lilith, Venus and Mars are square Uranus!

See my July Astrology Pt 5 Venus Mars and Lilith for the explanation of this most important to know about energy. It’s got hidden intensities and raging and self-protectiveness.

Nodes of the Moon:
Rahu North Node
Transits 6 to 4 Aries – in Ashwini Nakshatra.

Ashwini’s energy is the Healer.

But it is a special sort of Healer, like the ambulance man who speeds to the site of the accident and offers immediate healing.

Be aware of the fact that the Ashwini power animal is Stallions streaking across the skies of Dawn.

Be aware that an energy will run of impulse and taking initiative.

Look out for brilliant ideas.

Embrace revolution.

(But don’t go overboard – Ashwinis are famed for rushing into things and then regretting it. They are famed for driven overloading themselves and damaging their lives and relationships thereby. Beware Ashwini driven, immediate, ‘must have – I want!!!’ rahu amplifies and is driven!!!

Rahu ends his Aries transit and enters Pisces, Revati Nakshatra, on 30th October, going through the Aries-Pisces Gandanta to do so (2 Aries to 28 Pisces)

Ketu South Node transits 6 to 4 Libra – in Chitra Nakshatra. This will be a hard time for those with planets here.

Past Life issues will arise to be dealt with if you have planets in this area.

Chitra’s task is to polish up the pearl of one’s special talent to make it shine more and more in life. Ketu will violently combine with Chitra’s ruler Mars and will scythe away at our darknesses and our over-materiality aiming to enhance our spiritual awareness thereby.

The ruler of Chitra is Vishvakarma the Heavenly Architect. Try to make sure the edifices you are seeking to build are spiritual.

Ketu is heading for a terribly sharp Ketu-Mars conjunction at 1 deg Libra on 5th October. Be careful around that time.

Ketu enters Virgo on 30.10.23.

And note that if you have planets in the first half of Libra or the second half of Virgo, Ketu’s transit will grow your fears and can leave you lying awake in Fear. You’ll need to deal with this!


Moon starts July at 17 Scorpio

Full Moon 3.7.23: Sun at 16 Gemini Ardra, Moon at 16 Sagittarius PurvaAshadha

New Moon 17.7.23: 0 deg Cancer, Punarvasu

See my upcoming videos and blog posts on these July Full and New Moons.

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Full Moon July 3rd Attune to this edgy power and succeed in your project

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