July 2020 Starwheel Astrology Newsletter

Welcome to this July 2020 Astrology and Healing Newsletter, which gives you vast expert detail about the Western and Vedic Astrology of July 2020.

See the charts for July 2020 and the ephemeris of planet movements this month on my Starwheel Astrology page for July 2020: //www.starwheelastrology.com/2020-july.html
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July 2020 overall summary:

What is the spiritual message for you? for your way of thinking? for your way of living in the world? for the Healing you need to do? for the empowerment you now need to bring in? This is the key question to focus on as you hear the very good perception and description of the energies that is offered in this July prediction, which does rightly describe a little bit of a lull in the storm, but also rightly describes its place in a year of crisis, confrontation, aggression and social unrest – and with a needed new social reset as a possibility.

And see the Pt. 2 Video here

July is in some ways, the lull in the storm. Use this time wisely and carefully. Take stock of what the coronavirus lockdown and the eclipses so far and the aggressive shift of rahu into Mrigashira Nakshatra and the divisive Kal Sarpa Yoga in the heavens have all meant to you so far. Focus on understanding who you are and what is your ideal lifestyle (your ideal ashram). Get a picture of your best strategy for the future, and chart what that route forward would look like: what it would be in practice.

With so many retrograde planets, this part of 2020 is a time for ending, for consolidating, for doing what was left undone. Saturn Retrograde is most powerful being in his own sign: Vedic Capricorn: Take careful attention of what the Lord of Karma demands for your now. Can be death and rebirth.

Overall, 2020 is a year of divisive energies, with two of its six eclipses being in exactly the same degree and date as the eclipses of 9/11 in 2012. These are the eclipses of 21.6.2020 and 14.12.2020.

Use your talents to take us higher and do not feed the negativity that already exists so widely.
The transit of Rahu out of Ardra (which ended the signature for coronavirus, though leaving immense residue), with Rahu entering into Mars-ruled Mrigashira Nakshatra, brought a lot of mental and societal unrest, especially in USA, a country which thirsts in blindness and division for huge needed social/spiritual reset, but it is a country that, nevertheless, is also heading for serious crisis up to and especially following the Presidential election on 3rd  November, a crisis that will also be due to the effect of the subsequent 14th December eclipse on the stability of Donald Trump’s mind, and his behaviour. See my blog and video on this:
And see the charts relating to this: //www.starwheelastrology.com/2020-july.html

Following the eclipse of 21st June, there is the possibility, NOW, of emerging anew, but this does require your use of the isolation of coronavirus lockdown to become clearer, as to your spiritual identity and life purpose and ideal way of life.

There’s the great need not to forget what we learned during the lockdown – and to build on it. Please do not forget!

Kal Sarpa Yoga is around most of 2020, as it also figured in 2019. This is a preposterous divisive energy with all/most of  the Vedic planets to one side of the nodal axis, and it also figures in the charts of Donald trump President of the USA and Boris Johnson Prime minister of UK, so this chart shape will cause such a lot of mental divisiveness, protest and violence.

There’s a lot of retrograde planets at this end of the year. The heaviest one is that Saturn Retrograde is from 11th May to 29th September. This shows it’s time to consolidate. One phase of your life may be coming to an end and a new phase starting. wisdom comes when we develop awareness of the scripts that are/were running in our lives. This can feel like a time of resistance to needed change, of difficulty letting go, of strengthening your will, and a time for serious tying up of loose ends: patience, discipline – and golden reaping if we obey Saturn’s demands.
Note that Saturn controls the scene after Jupiter’s predominance gave way when he entered his debilitation in Capricorn. The last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment occurred in this part of the heavens in the years 1284-1285. This is a very major energy.

And underneath it all, Saturn sets the tone for the immediate future as well, because the July New Moon on 20th July is exactly opposed by Saturn: Saturn is opposition the Sun and Moon, exactly!

But in the forefront is agitation and violence.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 5th July at 05.44 (in Ireland) is very violent:
Sun is at 19 Gemini in Ardra, Moon at 19 Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha.
Note that Chiron and Mars are square the nodal axis of the Eclipse (10 and 15 deg Vedic Pisces respectively in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

Have a look at the chart for this eclipse on my July Astrology page: //www.starwheelastrology.com/2020-july.html
See my separate Blog and Video about this July 5th Eclipse: https://blog.starwheelastrology.com/lunar-eclipse-5th-july-2020-will-be-pretty-violent/

Mercury is generally not in a good state in July, being retrograde part of the month and aspecting Mars, so do cultivate sweet speech and sound communication.

Pluto and Jupiter in Sagittarius will, if negatively experienced, lead to righteous, fundamentalism, but positive thus is coming into great power, and they are Vargottoma most of July 2020, which enhances their potential for spiritual awareness, even though it must be noted that Jupiter being retrograde will have the effect of weakening our connection to Jupiter’s divine qualities of Guru, blessing, enlargement and purpose.

Neptune seems to get forgotten amid the social unrest, but I did a blog and video about the strong Neptune vision I have witnessed in students on my courses this year. Neptune is in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra, and PurvaBhadra is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter works well with Neptune for inspiration, and Jupiter is transiting sextile Neptune on July 27th (also February 20th and October 12th). Add to this the Ketu transit through Ketu ruled Mula Nakshatra into the Jyestha Mula Gandanta (exact 29th September, but pretty major from around 5th August to 31st October. And the effects of the Jupiter station at 3 Capricorn (occurred 14th May) if you have a planet in that area, and there’s a lot of inspiration around too!

Transits in July 2020:

N.B. the degrees and signs shown are Vedic Sidereal Zodiac using Lahiri Ayanamsha, but please do see to my July 2020 astrology information page:
to see the full ephemeris in both Western and Vedic Astrology, the chart for the July 5th Eclipse, the dates of all the 2020 eclipses plus the start and end dates of all the retrogrades. .

Sun transits from start of July at 16 Gemini, entering Vedic Cancer on 16th July, and ending the month at 13 Cancer.
Sun is in Ardra Nakshatra at the start of July, entering Punarvasu on July 6th, entering Pushyami Nakshatra on 13th July.
Sun opposes Jupiter/Pluto exact on 15th July: Sun 29 Gemini, Punarvasu Nakshatra; Jupiter/Pluto at 29 Sagittarius, UttarAshadha Nakshatra.
Sun is opposite Saturn on 21st July: Sun at 4 Cancer, Pushyami Nakshatra; Saturn at 4 Capricorn, UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

Full Moon 5th July – see Full Moon Lunar Eclipse separate video and Blog.

New Moon 20th July – see above.

Mercury starts July retrograde at 15 Vedic Gemini, retrograding until  12th July at 11 Gemini, and then ending July at 26 Gemini. Mercury is in Ardra Nakshatra at the start of July.
Mercury is heightened by being in Gemini, it is Retrograde and also square Mars exact on July 8th.
Mercury is square Mars again at the end of July, too (exact on 26th July.
What a Mercury of anger and confusion, wound – and if you can get it right: healing too, for Mercury is square Chiron too at the start of July (exact 3rd July).
Cultivate sweet speech.
Take care of communications and record keeping.
2020 will be a year to remember!

Mercury Retrograde periods in 2020 are:
February 17 – March 10 (18° – 4° Aquarius)
June 18 – July 12 (20° – 11° Gemini)
October 14 – November 4 (17° – 1° Libra)

Venus transits from 12 to 28 deg Vedic Taurus.
Taurus is Venus’ own sign, and Venus starts July in Rohini Nakshatra where Venus is strong.
Venus is vargottama 6th to 12th July Vargottoma (= in same sign is the Navamsha chart as the rashi chart).
Venus is square Neptune (exact on 27th July) so there could be an energy of intuition and beauty, but beware the illusionary side of Neptune energy in Venus matters.
Venus enters Vedic Gemini on 31st July, when of course Venus is fast closing to exact conjunction with Rahu at 2 deg Gemini.

Mars transits from 8 to 3 degrees Vedic Pisces in July, and in fact Mars spends much of the remainder of 2020 in Vedic Pisces.
Mars is Square to the nodes of the eclipse of 21.6.20, and so the aggression is intense, and Mars is conjunct Chiron.
Mars starts July in Pisces, in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra, entering Revati Nakshatra on 13th July.
Note that Mars transits Vedic Pisces for a lot of the remaining year of 2020. UttaraBhadra Nakshatra is ruled by Saturn, and so Mars will be affected by Saturn’s strength and retrograde nature at this time. The two don’t easily get on. So be prepared to have to deal with blocks and frustrations.
Mars transits Vedic Pisces from June 18 to august 16, entering Vedic Aries on 17th August. So, prepare for violent extremes next month.
But on Sep 9th Mars, then retrogrades at 4 deg Aries, and actually re-enters Vedic Pisces on October 4th, turning direct at 21 Pisces on November 14th and then re-entering Vedic Aries on 24th December.

Jupiter Retrogrades from 29 to 26 deg Vedic Sagittarius.
Jupiter is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra
Jupiter and Pluto start July Vargottoma (= in same sign is the Navamsha chart as the rashi chart). Jupiter is vargottama until 25th July, and Pluto is vargottama all month.
Jupiter stationed on 14th May 2020 at 3 deg Capricorn. If you have a planet at this degree, or within 3 deg orb, this will bring you great Jupiter qualities of luck, enlargement and purpose. And this also affects 3 deg all the earth signs (Cap, Tau, Virg) because of Jupiter’s 5th House aspect.
On July 28th, this month, Jupiter at 26 Sagittarius casts a trine aspect to 26 Leo, and at the same time: Neptune casts an opposition aspect to 26 Leo from 26 Aquarius. If you have planets around 26 Leo this will be powerfully spiritual and visionary and can be filmic. Or, yes, sadly one has to say: can be illusionary instead. It’s up to you!
Jupiter moves back into Capricorn 20.11.20

Saturn retrogrades from 5 to 23 deg Vedic Capricorn.
Saturn is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

Uranus is at 15 – 16 deg Vedic Aries.
Uranus is in Bharani Nakshatra.

Neptune Retrogrades at 26 deg Vedic Aquarius. Neptune is in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra. See my blog and video about the dangers of possibly losing your vision and intuitive insights as Neptune Retrogrades. Hang on to the beauty and the truth! Hang on to the crucial truth in metaphors and myths. Do not let in Drain. Still give the needed priority to the subtle and the mystical. The supernatural, divine and artistic. Make special steps to understand your Neptune transits. They can go on for a very long time, and bring in vast life changes – and Neptune obviously also has his dangers of glamours and illusions, lies and secrets. Illness and weakness. Confusion and disillusionment.

Pluto retrogrades at 29 deg Vedic Sagittarius, staying in the same degree all month. Pluto is in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra. Pluto is Capricorn is basically smashing all structures which disempower us and offering us the energy of empowerment.
But during Pluto’s drop-back into Sagittarius: negatively there’s the risk of fundamentalism, amplified by Jupiter being there too.
And also, there’s a vaster than vast energy of aggrandisement.
Who and what will arise?
What will be their motives?
Pluto’s drop-back into Sagittarius is partly deconstruction of all the old spiritual falsities, so that the re-set of society brought by Pluto’s return to transiting in Vedic Capricorn can actually take place.
Jupiter and Pluto remain in near-conjunction throughout 2020, peaking April 5th, June 30th and November 13th. And one thing we will see from this is: THE DESIRE FOR POWER. PLUTOCRACY.
Pluto is Lord of death, rebirth and evolution. The Pluto myths with their huge essential truths, are all about our need at times to have a Journey to the Underworld.
Undertake a guided and supported Journey to the Abyss: https://www.starwheelastrology.com/journey-to-the-abyss-pluto.html

Chiron is stationery to retrograde at 15 deg Vedic Pisces, actually turning retrograde on July 11th.
Chiron is in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

Rahu North Node retrogrades from 4 to 2 deg Vedic Gemini. This is Mrigashira Nakshatra pada 4, which is ruled by Mars.

Ketu South Node retrogrades from 4 to 2 deg Vedic Sagittarius. This is Mula Nakshatra pada 1, which is ruled by Ketu.
This is aligned to Galactic Centre, the exact alignment centre being 6 deg Vedic Sagittarius.
Ket is entering the Gandanta zone which runs from Vedic Sagittarius to Vedic Sagittarius (can be felt <+/- 3 either side of the zero point). This is Jyestha to Mula Nakshatras. The Gandanta zones are the immaterial transition points where a water sign dissolves into void across which flickers the first flare of a fire sign.

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