July 2015 Monthly Astrology Prediction by Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

My name is Michael Conneely and I offer Astrology Readings and Courses that uniquely combine Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology.

My readings and courses also apply the wonderful perception of astrology: Perception can lead to healing and empowerment techniques.

My astrology readings website is www.starwheelastrology.com and my astrology courses websites are www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com and www.mastervedicastrologycourse.com

And if you want to know the planets’ positions in July 2015 in both western and Vedic Astrology, go to the ephemeris tables in my Master Vedic Astrology website: http://www.mastervedicastrology.com/astrology-report-july-2015.html this way you can see how the planets in the heavens now are relating to the planets in your birth chart.

Overall, I feel July will bring us all to be open to huge change! But let me pick out what I feel are the most important influences in July 2015. My first choice is based on my personal experience: Jupiter entering the Vedic sign of Leo on July 14th. Maybe this is interesting insight for you too? It’s a major year-long transit.

Below this you can also read about seven other fascinating and important-to-know influences in July 2015:
1. Saturn moving very slowly
2. Tension or Warrior Energy from Mars and the Sun conjunct and combust in July
3. Expansive blessing innovative energy entering your life from a Grand Trine in Fire formed by Moon trine Uranus trine the Jupiter-Venus conjunction.
4. Moon Phase: The Full and New Moons in July 2015
5. Neptune is Retrograde
6. Chiron is Retrograde
7. Is Saturn transiting your natal Moon: Sade Sate?

Jupiter 3Jupiter moves into Vedic Leo:
Well, first and foremost I would say that the transit of Jupiter on July 14th from the Vedic sign of Cancer into the Vedic sign of Leo will have big implications for everyone, see below.
In my case, Vedic Cancer is my Ascendant or Lagna or 1st House. And to have Jupiter transiting through your rising sign is generally very good and expansive.

But as many of you will know, Vedic astrology not only uses its sure and powerful 12-sign sidereal zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc), it also uses an awesomely powerful and magical and ancient 27-sign Lunar Zodiac: the 27 Nakshatras. These 27 signs provide almost magical gateways to deeper understanding of the blessings and challenges that are coming to us in the various areas of our life.

Nakshatras analysis is so enlightening, and I invite you to join my relevant Vedic Astrology course: either my basic course: Master Vedic Astrology or if you already know enough Vedic Astrology, you could join my advanced Nakshatras Course: www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com.

In my case, Jupiter has recently been in the Nakshatra at the end of the Vedic sign of Cancer: Ashlesha Nakshatra.

Now, one of the ultimately powerful means of analysing the Nakshatras is the ‘Nadi Nakshatra’ sequence. And in Nadi Nakshatras, Ashlesha is the 10th Nakshatra from my natal Moon, and the 10th Nakshatra is to do with career.

The fact is that this method of Vedic Astrology has proved awesomely correct. Jupiter has been transiting through my 10th Nakshatra and my career has indeed really flowered. While Jupiter was in Ashlesha Nakshatra, I had so much to do that I could not keep up with it!

At the same time I was also bringing in new extensions to my astrology, linking it to healing modalities, setting up webinars, and I have brought in new extensions to my runes and ogham courses. And not just that, I am also writing a visionary novel on the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish: the Tuatha de Danaan.

So: what happens next? What happens when Jupiter enters the next Vedic sign of Leo? Jupiter will be there for the next year!

Well on my case, Leo is my second house, and this should be associated with increase in income. If you would like to find out what the transit of Jupiter into Leo will mean for you, get in touch and enrol for a reading. Join one of my astrology courses. Jupiter provides expansion and growth, but also wisdom and spiritual knowledge and he is the Great Benefic, the most benefic planet of the nine planets in the Vedic birth chart because he gives positive results. But he can ‘over-give’ or even give an excess of challenging expansions. Ideally, Jupiter removes darkness and ignorance. He aligns us with the spiritual realm and positive facets of our Mind and emotions which are most fully connected with the all-pervasive divine intelligence. If we have a negative or Fallen Jupiter in our birth chart, instead there can be ungrounded glitzy or foolish over-expansiveness, or laziness: lethargy, missed opportunities, and lack of nourishment in your life. You need to learn to assess the exact standing of Jupiter in your own personal and individual birth chart: join my course or ask me for a Reading. See my Blog post on the subject of your year ahead with Jupiter in Leo: http://wp.me/p179Ad-tU

Express your ideas! Now! It’s important to realise that Leo, the sign Jupiter will be transiting though in the coming year, is ruled by the Sun. You need to examine, understand and transform your Sun during this year. Positively the Sun in our birth chart is our Divine Spark. In the same way that the Sun sheds light, on the Higher Realm he sends us truth, satya, clarity, focus and removal of darkness. And the Sun represents our soul, father, position, power, authority, respect, our sense of self-worth, our trust and connection to ourself, our sense of our egoic self (it’s need to be worked on as well as its essential unreality; our Ahamkaras) – the qualities we need to be able to fulfill our Dharma and manifest our Incarnational Life Purpose this time.

But there’s an interesting transition time as Jupiter crosses from Cancer to Leo in mid-July. The transition point between Vedic Cancer and Vedic Leo is one of the three Gandanta zones in the Vedic zodiac: the transition point from a water sign to a fire sign. These are turbulent zones where this world is not really there for us; they are in a sense potential gateways to the more real spiritual realm, but usually through very hard experiences and hard learning if you have a planet in a Gandanta zone in your Vedic birth chart. So expect some turbulence and wobbles just around July 14th when Jupiter changes sign and crosses the Cancer-Leo Gandanta Zone. Indeed, when any planet reaches the end of a sign or enters as sign, this is a difficult time for the planet to stabilise its influence in our lives, but in the case of a Gandanta Zone Crossing, the potential turbulence could be more. All the Cancer stuff around Mother, Home and stability of Mind will be challenged. Hold you course. It will pass. Mantra chanting is very good to stabilise the mind.

And most importantly, now is the time to take stock of all you learned and developed during the year while Jupiter was in Cancer. Tie up loose ends. Maximise your learning!!! Make your final learnings. Take stock. Look within your body. What do you feel about the changes the past year brought? Where in your body do you feel them? Are healing and empowerment modalities a good thing to have now? See: http://www.starwheelastrology.com/healing-modalities.html

And please do also be aware that although Jupiter moves very fast towards the end of Leo, he turns retrograde on January 7th 2016, staying retrograde until May 9th, 2016, and during that time, and especially from May 2015 Rahu and other planets enter Leo bringing all sorts of shadow material and even connection to dark spiritual paths for us to purify and do very clear purposeful work with. In some ways, Jupiter and Rahu’s energies can undermine each other. Jupiter may purify Rahu but Rahu poison’s Jupiter’s purity. Saturn will be casting an aspect on Leo from where he is transiting in Scorpio as well at this time! Huge energies will whirl in our lives: strength, power, challenge and torsion.

saturn cronos 4Saturn moving very slowly: tie up karmic loose ends.

Personally, I myself so much feel the weight of Saturn slowing everything down. Saturn will be moving slower and slower as July progresses, finally coming to a standstill in early August, and his motion all through August will be infinitesimally slow too, so expect to have to tie up karmic lose ends. Expect to have to sort out the structures in your life. For more on this see my Blog Post: http://wp.me/p179Ad-tI

In fact Saturn is actually stand-stilling on my natal Mars, and I have indeed have a death in the family, which can be indicated by this transit, although of course you have to apply the whole ‘Death Gestalt’ to predict on matters of death. The first Vedic Astrology course I did was the Astrology of Death with the late Richard Houck.

Mars 4Tension or Warrior Energy from Mars and the Sun conjunct in July:

Mars conjunct Sun: In western astrology the month of July 2015 starts off with ‘Mars conjunct Sun’ in Cancer.
Mars and Sun is an irritable combination and Cancer makes it steamy. But the higher meaning is to bring out Courage and Direction and disciplined focussed assertion of your proper goals.
There’s quite a fated dimension of expression to be looked for in this because the Sun – Mars conjunction is actually in T-square (90 deg) aspect to the Nodal Axis: North Node of the Moon at 5 Libra, South Node of the Moon at 5 Aries.

In terms of the rules of Vedic Astrology note that Mars has actually been conjunct the Sun from around mid-May 2015 (and especially mid-June) – how did you do with this warrior energy then???

Note that Mars is Combust the Sun all July so either your will feel tension and lack of motivation, or you will swing the other way and do burnout. It’s good to be aware of this potential and bring conscious awareness into you life to avoid this.
Vishnu-KrishnaGrand Trine in Fire formed by Moon trine Uranus trine the Jupiter-Venus conjunction – an expansive blessing innovative energy entering your life:

There’s also a very blessing and innovative energy to start of July 2015:

Moon is at 24 Sagittarius; Jupiter and Venus are at 21 deg Leo; Uranus is at 20 Aries. It’s a Grand Trine in Fire!

If you have planets in your birth chart aspected by the Uranus trine Jupiter/Venus aspect in the heavens, look for that ‘Thank the Lord’ opening. Treasure this opportunity because the conjunction is still in orb at the end of July.

The Jupiter-Venus conjunction, which is part of this Grand Trine, is with us for some time. In some ways this is a planetary war. See my Blog Post about what this will mean: http://wp.me/p179Ad-tQ.

Moon Phase diagramMoon Phase: The Full and New Moons in July 2015

Here are the Moon Phases this month (Western astrology, Tropical Zodiac. Times are UK):

F               2.7.2015    02.20                 9 Capricorn 56

N             16.7.2015    01.25                 23 Cancer 14

F              31.7.2015    10.43                 7 Aquarius 56

Goodness! The Sun of the Full Moon of 2nd July  is Conjunct Mars (god of war) and the Moon is Conjunct Pluto (our shadow). Goodness, the Full Moon herself is in uncompromising, want-to-be-victorious PurvaAshada Nakshatra. See my Blog Post: http://wp.me/p179Ad-tm These people are also in Sade Sate, so there’s a great need to be open to examine the effect on other people around them at this time.

The New Moon on July 15th is on the 23rd degree of Cancer. The New Moon is Square Uranus (tension, revolution, uniqueness) and Trine Saturn (structure).  Mercury and Mars are Conjunct and this conjunction is opposition Pluto.  Very heavy forces. 

The Full Moon on 31st July is at 7 deg Leo/Aquarius. And at this time  the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction Squares Saturn (barriers) calling us to bring grounding and structure to all the force and the desire.

NeptuneNeptune is Retrograde

See my Blog Post. I have experienced this as a very important transit: http://wp.me/p179Ad-tM

Chiron the Wounded Healer
Chiron the Wounded Healer

Chiron is Retrograde

Again, understanding this and embracing the healing being offered to you is very important if Chiron is aspecting the planets in your birth chart now. Chiron Healing can change our life! See: http://wp.me/p179Ad-tG

Sani SaturnSaturn Transit:

Last but by very much no means least: transiting Saturn, Lord Sani, Lord of Karma, is transiting through Vedic and Western Scorpio in July. It is useful to be aware of three facets:

a. Ashtama Shani: it is a very tough time for those with Moon in their birth chart in Vedic Aries (between 24 western Aries and 24 western Taurus).

This is because they are going through the difficult and dark time known in Vedic Astrology as Ashtama Shani: Saturn going through the 8th House from their natal Moon from 3rd November 2014 to October 2017.

b. Saturn transiting Vedic Scorpio: Indeed there’s a challenging tough energy for everyone between these dates. This is because Saturn is calling us to feel and therefore to transform all our deepest most difficult scripts of negative emotions and fixed scripts especially in relationships. This is because Saturn is transiting the Vedic Sign of Scorpio between these dates. In the western signs, Vedic Scorpio is 24 Scorpio to 24 Sagittarius.

c. Sade Sate: And the other people who really do have to hear and understand that they must expect a difficult time are those with their natal Moon in Vedic Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius.

In the western astrology, these signs are 24 Libra to 24 Scorpio, 24 Scorpio to 24 Sagittarius and 24 Sagittarius to 24 Capricorn.
This is because these people will be experiencing the Vedic predictive phenomenon of Sade Sate. Sade Sate is the seven and a half year period when Saturn transits through the Vedic sign before your natal Moon’s sign, through your natal Moon’s Sign, and then through the sign after your natal Moon.

It can be very tough and dark, but if understood correctly it is a great opportunity for needed healing.
The experience is one of being cut off from God’s grace so as to experience your own merits such as they are – and the level thereof.

It is a time of losing friends and associations that are not right for you and having to face the consequences of your own pride and illusion. It is a time of separations and loss as you go down into a pit. There can be a big move of house.

Reaching the bottom of the pit is when transiting Saturn actually crosses over your birth Moon – which is the centre of the Sade Sate period.

We are not the same person after Sade Sate. It is so helpful if you know that you are in it and what the message is and what the timing of the dates is.

P.S. Venus turns Retrograde on the 25th at zero degrees of Virgo. During her 43 day Retrograde cycle we will have the opportunity to review our emotional life, our love relationships.

P.P.S. Goodness: From 3rd to 19th July, Pluto first opposes the Sun (3rd – 9th), then Mars (11th – 19th) and then simultaneously opposes Mercury (14th – 17th). We could hide in the bunker, or we could bravely and steadily face the transformation and healing and empowerment being offered.

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