Journey to the Loving Heart of Your Relationship

The Couples Workshop ‘Journey to the Loving Heart of Your Relationship’ is on Sunday 12th February at the Happiness Centre, Ilkley. Get outside insight, care, skill and support.  Receive and learn fast depth-acting healing techniques.

Here is what one attender shared about the last Starwheel Workshop:
‘I would like to say that the workshop was really well run and useful to me in my life at the moment. I also liked working with other people because I had to trust them as the workshop encouraged me to open up. The first part of the workshop concentrated on analysing my astrological chart. I found that this pinpointed accurately where I am in my life at the moment, even expressing certain feelings that I could not. The afternoon session focussed on learning some healing techniques. This was handled with great skill and compassion and I felt that it was safe for me to express feelings that I usually hide. I came away with some healing techniques that will be useful for me. The result of attending the workshop has meant that I feel better about myself and that I have been living in the present, rather than weighed down by internal doubts and fears.’

For more details and to book you can contact Maggie Pashley or Michael Conneely at or email, mob: 077-992-96821.